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17.05.2013 10:31
calligrapher handwriting overripe in mind antworten

The 189th chapter Aiyan like life Han old slowly back to God, hear the words of Lao Yang, he heavily nodded, face unabashedly show excitement, "Yang, I study painting for nearly forty years, the Tang and Song Dynasties several big calligrapher handwriting overripe in mind, the inkstone lettering, can be said to be Mi Fei's own work, others simply cannot be copied." Heard the old Han words, color shocked Yang and Wang face even more, they and the old Han perennial in a piece of appreciation of antique, natural know Han old the most is good at painting and calligraphy works, especially the history and characteristics of famous people, their research, has arrived in Dengfeng made pole level. In South Korea the old eyes, that from the inkstone handwriting is Mi Fei,Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, so they can determine, this stone is used by Mi Fei. The expression of his face be hardly worthy of belief they thought this hidden for a long time,Kristin Coach Online, the inkstone, at most only be some scholar the hidden things, but they cannot think of, this Song Dynasty calligraphy inkstone was one of the four masters, Mi Fu all. "Who is the son Xuan, and this Zi Chan, who is the master son of Mi Fu...... This stone is what people used ah, look not to come out." Others heard Lao Yang to oneself's voice, suddenly some people very shocked, some people have a look of confusion with automatic speaking. Those very shocked people couldn't endure the inner excitement, pointing to the inkstone, loud shouting, "this is the one of the four, on par with Su Dongpo's the inkstone ah, this look is Su Dongpo's name, the inkstone was he and Su Dongpo common name, too people shocked." Some people don't know who Mi Fei is, but for those familiar with the write the Eternal Poem of Su Dongpo is very much, the inkstone owner, even on par with Su Dongpo, and that Su Dongpo had also seen the inkstone, inkstone, and therefore the common name, braking time, the antique shop are all very shocked at the old Han the hands of the inkstone. If not they also slightly self-control, the simple and honest strong pillars and stopped in them, lest they had rushed over, from the Han old hand, grabbed the inkstone,Air Jordan 12, had a good eye addiction. Li Biao stood on the side of travel around, he also heard and saw engraved on the small print ink. Before, see to reveal the inkstone, seemed to come alive for the dragon, that wonderful little gold Mans, his complexion is gray to the extreme, he drove his antique shop, often see various objects, the "scholar's four jewels" is in addition to China but have seen most of the. But also have never seen such a wonderful inkstone, it the black dragon, whole body from top to bottom gold awn, five golden claws, and that can make people such as by lightning, the eyes of all, golden color, is so amazing, this is still not enough to make him collapse. But to see Han old hands ink on a line that unrestrained steed, like flying like handwriting, his face became very pale, for Mi Fei, his antique shops very familiar with the nature, his fingers shaking, as if the absence as to oneself, "this is Mi Fei the inkstone, which turned out to be Mi Fei inkstone... >

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