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17.05.2013 10:24
he came to the three > antworten

The 174th chapter trip to Liuzhou well, anyway, the tour shook his head, picked up a piece and Tian Yupei said to Liu Yuanshan: "Liu Shu, how to sell this jade pendant." "Oh, this little swim, ah, this and Tian Yu is of medium quality, the carving is very beautiful, one of their own, to give you a cost price, you get one thousand." Liu Yuanshan thought for a moment, then said with a smile. I rely on, the tour can not live in the heart bursts of foul language, one thousand piece, Niang, enough to Guangdong jade, not to spend tens of thousands of pieces of ah, this is also expensive than by ship. It seems, he still hopes in the stall ah, at least cheaper, tour the helpless thinking, from the bag took out one thousand pieces, handed Liu mountains, "Liu Shu,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, this jade pendant I want, give you the money." "Don't lie, small tour, I never gave you something, this jade pendant as uncle to give you play." Then, Liu mountains directly by hand put money away, see the tour did not agree, he immediately pulled a face, "small swim, recognize my uncle put the money away, their own people, thousands of dollars, what." See Liu Yuanshan seemed angry, the tour with a smile, put the money in the bag. "Small swim, I heard more than a month after the Ping Chau Public disc, you also want to go to, is it, when to go, we a." The square you put away the money, Liu Yuanshan said that smile. The tour nodded, a peculiar color, exposing the surface of heart said, if a man with you, also how to escape Shu ah, walk two days and two nights on the road at high speed, too boring, "well, Liu uncle, I am ready to go, but these days start." "These days, still have a month to go, too early." Liu Yuanshan stared, asked perplexed. The tour gently walked a few steps, in Liu Yuanshan's store while shopping, he said with a smile: "I am ready to take advantage of this opportunity, to all parts of the country to go to see the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, the motherland,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, and local antique culture." He told mother and Chu Lao discuss, is to use this excuse, of course, see antique culture is one aspect, more important is to escape Shu one addiction, a look at the original beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, rather than artificially modified scenic spot. Listen to the words of Fang You,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, Liu Yuan-Shan sighed, some dying hero looks like, "Oh, this is the original, ambition, courage, if Liu Shu was just a few years younger, sure to go with you, that I a month later, boy you in Pingzhou etc.." The tour laughed and joked: "Oh, uncle Liu, you old but vigorous, now more than young people of vitality." "Go, go, when your kid to bootlick." Liu Yuanshan side with the hand driving tour, on the face but smile. Look at the time, the tour is straight out of the door, "Liu Shu, I have to do something, we are free to chat, you three, two pieces of jade cabinet that putting off is the ancient jade, take away." Liu Yuanshan said, regardless of the reaction, then gone without trace. Hear the party tour, Liu Yuanshan complexion a variable, quickly after go out, after a while, but walk back to his shop, dark way this kid how to run faster than a rabbit, wanted to think, he came to the three >

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