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17.05.2013 10:18
is a mid-range Hibiscus species antworten

Ice waxy kind of LGZ color jade full text without advertising the 158th chapter who looked at the beautiful, Li Lao's face is somewhat complex, including emotion, a marvel, also envy, he couldn't help but see the tour one eye, don't understand this boy how there are so good luck. Water full text without advertising people lifetime all can't solve, this boy and Wang Hao in Tianhai Exhibition Center first bet stone is solved out, five thousand pieces of buy, directly to earn ten million, now the kid has the luck rises to the pole, worked out a block of ice waxy three-color jade. Although less than the glass, but the ice waxy translucent characteristic, is one of the ideal, especially ice waxy jade that resembles the transmural and non-transmural appearance, and added a bit mysterious charm to the jade. Color jade, or with three historical figures corresponding color, Liu Guan, Liu Bei is white, on behalf of the white, Guan Gong is a large red face, whether does not drink, then blushed like monkey ass like, Zhang Fei, in the television didn't see this guy smile, is a big black face, see who is not pleasing to the eye. These three colors, each representing three famous historical figures, and this LGZ color most precious substance, but only in the Bloodstone appeared several times, or three colors mixed together, can only use it a chapter, the three kinds of color as Liu closure in the psychology. In addition to Bloodstone also appeared the three colors, has never occurred in the jade, even three colors mixed in a phenomenon is very rare, only because the formation conditions of the colour of jadeite jade is very harsh, basically produce a single color is perfect, not to mention the generation three colors, but not mixed in one piece, but corresponding and Liu closure three historical figures color, these difficulties can think and. Even if is the nature with the infinite strength,Nike Jordan 6 Shoes, want to generate this LGZ color jade, is also very difficult, but for the moment, the nature has created a miracle, for nature itself, this may not be a miracle, but to live the wager stone field of people, it is really a great miracle. See the beautiful color of jade, stone shop boss Feng has become some maniac, holding the fist shaking, heart very exciting, in less than one or two days, in his shop out ice waxy kind of LGZ color jade news will be all over Southeast province Wu Yang even wager stone field, or soon will spread throughout the country after all, color jade in the country are not uncommon, but can have the black and white red, representing Liu closure three color jade,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, but never appeared. Don't say it is just a waxy types of ice, is a mid-range Hibiscus species, there will also be many people desperate for the jade and jockeying for position. If this news spread throughout the country, so he this small bet stone shop, will become a legend, at that time, his shop, I'm afraid to push the envelope,Nike Jordan New School UK, von boss stared at the beautiful colors of jadeite, face can not help to show the giggle, even stupid slobber all to flow out. He was just trying to Wu Yang in this not bet stone shop where to earn some money, but he did not.

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