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17.05.2013 10:13
do I now in the automotive school antworten

The tour took mobile phone away from the ears, then on the phone and shouted, "stop, stop stop these useless, I has nothing to do with you, have what thing, now say, don't say, I just hang up." "No, little man, you should have heard of it, all I have is my mom to confiscate, do I now in the automotive school,Air Jordan Spizike UK, penniless, can support point." Wang Hao cried and said, the tone was full of grievances. The tour some helpless, this boy even to repair schools, nor peace, in order not to hear his awful voice, the tour directly said: "the account number to me, ten thousand should be enough." "Hey, you brother, enough is enough, you brother you are spirit ah, in order to thank you brother's loosen one's purse strings generously, especially with a secret information." Wang Haotian face, patted the tour up, finally, a face of mysterious Fang You said into the phone. Now it is enough, the best, the tour with a smile, "I what secret information is not a little interest, well, nothing, I hung up." "Hey, you brother, don't hang ah, hey hey it's relationship with your things, slowly, you listen to me, Liu Tingting was her boyfriend dumped two rich generation." Wang Hao very wretched tone. The tour shook his head, at last night to save Liu Tingting, see her cry, he guessed this may, in addition to the emotional things,Air Jordan 8 UK, perhaps even if the heavens down, also can't let x ì ng lattice and pungent peppers became tears, "she was dumped, what do I care for." On this matter, so she was tortured, trouble himself about the big tour, feel very helpless. "Hey, you brother... I heard that she was ready to avenge her boyfriend, so estimates for a while, she will call you, in addition to these, but I don't know anything, okay, you brother, thank you for your money... I'll hang up." Said Wang Hao, seemed to thought of what, s è change, fierce hangs up the phone. Wang Hao this period of loss - words, let the party you hear some cloud comes in the fog, is confused, but not clear, still do not understand. The Liu Tingting revenge her boyfriend... With their own call what, he couldn't help her beat it is without rhyme or reason. The others a meal, the tour is in some unknown so. So, he didn't want to think, called a taxi, go to the Chu home... Look at the streets of traffic flow, the tour also seem to want to buy a car, although the escape of, can ignore the land, free to go anywhere, but it's in the dark, in the shadows, he still showed a normal person should look like, can't go to Chu Lao's house... Take a taxi. To Chu home... Chu Lao at this time just Chu á ng, sat in the yard to eat deep-fried dough sticks, soybean milk drink, to see the tour... He l ù smile, "small swim, come sit down and eat a little." We swam quickly waved his hand,Nike Air Jordan, sat down beside Chu Lao, "Chu old, I ate at home, you own to eat." After the tour to see, random took the papers on the desk and began to read, Chu Lao smiled and shook his head, no persuasion, or eat.

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