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17.05.2013 10:09
not only do not appreciate antworten

The 127th chapter of Chen-style Tai Chi fifty push-ups, the tour can not help but neglect their appearance, took out his mobile phone to see time, really five o'clock already after five minutes, but he also kindly take three pieces of money to the old man's steamed stuffed bun, not only do not appreciate, but also so hard. Five minutes fifty, thanks to last night he didn't escape, otherwise today than an hour late,Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, an hour and sixty minutes, which is six hundred push-ups, I rub, even yourself into parts, also can't do six hundred ah,Nike Air Jordan 8, old head swim at moving with the wind,Air Jordan 7 UK, it is depressed bielebiezui. The Taijiquan can learn oneself also don't know, but it can do one hundred and fifty push-ups, Niang, the tour suspect that the old man is it right? There used to teach the push-up, now diverted to practicing Tai Chi, otherwise, how are people doing push-ups. Do it, do yesterday one hundred, but also to see the book in the middle of the night, don't do this a complete waste, pay no return what can the tour, helpless, had to put the bun on the river bank on the stone, then the whole person lying on the floor, began to do push-ups. With the old man taught yesterday, and his own experience, the tour feel this fifty push-ups is be nothing difficult, doing push-ups on the way, he can not help but fortunately this morning to feed the hungry, otherwise the fifty push-ups to tired he cramps may not. Is playing Taijiquan old man Yu saw the tour do push-ups do be in full swing, suddenly calm smile, shook his head smiled, slowly closed fist, and then went to the party you put steamed stone, picked up the steamed stuffed bun very impolite while eating, watching the tour do push-ups. Fifty push-ups tour was very easy, if it is usual, he even don't pant for breath, also need to rest on the ground for a while, can stand up, he's just some shortness of breath now, square you hate smile, not is fifty push-ups, for man, just a little something, if you dare give me with an ice face, letter not letter dude continue tomorrow five minutes late. Done push-ups, the tour is very proud, raised his head, suddenly some dumbfounded, who was still playing the old man, I do not know when to stop, but also took his steamed stuffed bun, eat it is called a fragrant. "Oh, sir, that's my buns." The tour some dissatisfaction, to remind the old man. The old man is nodded, also did not forget to take a bag to put into the mouth, "well, I know this is your buns." "Since my baozi, why do you eat." Seeing the old man said that, while also to the mouth mouth stuffed with steamed stuffed bun, the tour was going to endure to be broke. Don't do push-ups, the steamed stuffed bun to this old man eating tour would have no opinion, but their own way, is fifty push-ups, did he have to eat steamed stuffed bun, give the heart cruel spicy old man to eat, it is not a tour. "You, oh...... Yesterday you not eat my meal, I still eat your several steamed stuffed bun, teach you Taijiquan don't charge you fees if you eat a few steamed stuffed bun, not yet." The old man edge mouth edge of steamed stuffed bun, said some of the depressed. The tour a, a > eyes.

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