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17.05.2013 10:03
she is also a family antworten

> Miao? "Yoriyoshi long startled for a moment, then asked:" Your mother does not surnamed Miao, but surnamed water, that you the Miao whom surname? "Ask them, his eyes look to the East Yong seems to want to eat him! "My name is Yong Oriental www. QUanbEN the com" Oriental Yong explained. Lai Yi-chang is really thought she married husband, but after listening to the words of the Oriental Yong puzzled look Miao small sword. Miao small sword sneer, said: "A hundred years ago, I have two closest relatives, but I lost the closest relatives, I want them alive, so I changed the water, surnamed Miao!" Yoriyoshi long thought that he could not help quickly explained: "My daughter, you listen to me explain, when I mermaid king imprisonment ..." "I told you there is no relationship!" Miao small sword interrupted him, shouted. "My daughter, I will be to you a hundred years ago, loved ones ..." Yoriyoshi long vowed said. "Are you a hundred years ago is not my family!" Miao small sword and cut him off! Yoriyoshi long hesitated, his mind thought, Miao small sword before and after, then suddenly can not believe look Miao sword, asked: "He is the younger brother or sister?" He asked, voice In tremble! Miao small the sword shaking her head, "do not know." "What is going on?" Yoriyoshi long imagine not come out, and there are complex things! "In the past, I saw them from my mother's belly caught out ......" Miao sword painfully close your eyes, but then opened his eyes full of hatred the Yoriyoshi long, shouted sternly: "These are you, you are my enemy, the murderer! "Yoriyoshi long heard here, his mind like thunder, body shaking violently, not stand unstable, he felt that the people will soon collapse in general! "... Not ... how could this ..." His lips trembled, but incoherent! He did not think that a loved one child, bore him a daughter, as well as his other flesh and blood! It would have been happy thing, but to hear his daughter said another of his flesh and blood, butcher caught out from her mother's belly, his heart almost stifled mind imagine the tragic death of her look like, they want to go, his body trembling more powerful, but he knew, less than one tenth of what he thought,Air Jordan 12, I'm afraid! He looked at the the Miao sword, opened his mouth to say what the end, they could not say anything, as only one: "I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ..." Miao small sword mocking sneer of a hum. Oriental Yong eyes flashing,nike jordan outlet, very surprised, Miao small sword and he just said mother killed by a shark, and never talking about then, one, before we know she is alive with how kind of hatred before know she xìng grid Why do they always cold, to know why so cruel shark family, she learned that her own little concerned about, moved! Miao small sword Lai Yi-chang said: "I will come to you for revenge!" Then, he took the East Yong around swim past. Lai Yi-chang, watching her daughter from him over, look them in the background, you want to retain, but found no reason to retain, and had the Oriental Yong said: "take care of her!" Oriental Yong back the Yoriyoshi long ridiculed a moment, then disappear and Miao small sword in the sight of Yoriyoshi long! Lai Yi-chang stared at her daughter disappeared in the direction of the look on his face complex changes, after a while, he to plug Chu City away, to look for his sister Lai Erh! Speaking his sister Lai Erh's Age not much bigger than the Miao small sword, his father got the crystalline. Only childhood pet sister, but made a very shocking thing, actually decided to follow an electric eel to go! Their father was also the year with in Yoriyoshi long body that is applied on her, imprison her, and then people kill the electric eel, electric eel is not that poor swordfish woman, his talent discharge are afraid, so all the family of the sea, coupled with his cultivation is not low, but to kill his people are not cheap! Lai Erh was being detained for a long time, did not like Lai Yi-chang yield, perhaps because outside there is a electric eel waiting for her, so even if the the Mermaid king how to deal with her, she insisted down! Ten years later, the electric eel even successfully broke in and rescued Lai Erh. We do not know the other mermaid like Yoriyoshi long, deliberately let go of them, but this is already a thing of the past. Erh Lai after nominally out of the mermaid family, the fatwa and face mermaid, Twenty years later, they became somewhat smooth down living in Chu City, plug! Later, Lai Yi-chang know Erh Lai and electrical two attempts in the past few decades, a variety of treasures in exchange for their well-being, but only a small part to the mermaid in front of the king, and not to send in the name of their treasures, but those who kill to grab. Most of the treasures, natural living to those who own pocket! Yoriyoshi long this time to find Erh Lai, to let her take care of her daughter! ...... Miao the small sword along the way did not speak, has been pulled Oriental bravely and the original city tour to go. Oriental Yong know this continues to hold back bad, So Oriental Yong stop down, took Miao sword hand, truthfully say: "We have revenge, but do not hate control you!" Miao the sword looked at the Oriental Yong Oriental Yong did not answer, but said dismissively: "I trust only you." Oriental Yong, a warm heart, said: "I know, I will be with you!" after you back land up. "Miao small sword and said to one, and then head to the side. Oriental Yong Yi Zheng, my heart felt heavy, ah, before he said good, so give her revenge, and that they go back to the land! But now know of her family, but also easily go back to it? Swordfish and the mermaid is a combination of alien, that he is human, she is the family of the sea, is alien? If they really back to the land, it is not the pain of her mother's copy to add to her body do? Miao small sword did not hear expected, swim never ran out, and her hand is a tight, the Oriental Yong Qianzhu, she stopped. "Revenge us out of here!" Oriental Yong said. Miao small sword paused for a moment, only said: "I do not want to leave!" Oriental Yong said with a smile: "marry a chicken with the chicken, marry a dog as a dog, you married me, of course, with me go!" Miao small sword should not be Oriental Yong, the two quietly away to the city and the original. But the atmosphere of the two, but no longer as the original dead, but there is a warm feeling! ...... Familiar and the city is almost here, the two went to the gate of the city, the body suddenly paused, jǐng Ti looked at the gate! Normal and original city or well-organized, swordfish family and other alien walked up and down, but actually has one disturbed by the smell of sea water! Yong Oriental also felt a familiar atmosphere, meet acquaintances like ships! Why is that? In his heart he thought. Oriental Yong, I can find you a familiar clear voice rang in the gate. Oriental looked Yong, a the Blue sè long-haired girl standing nearby, looked at him, eyes the joy of reunion, the illusion that there is a doubt! The Fenger sea! Oriental Yong see the sea Fenger, the heart of a happy, but then, he thought with the Li River and the sea Fenger mother-in-law! , A disturbed seep mother-in-law who is from! Goodness me, he is kidnapped by Miao small sword go, and then seep through her mother but was Miao sword Tiaohulishan of that she is now looking over, I'm afraid they will battle it out ah! Oriental Yong looked, did not see the Li River mother-in-law, Oriental Yong sea Fenger ridicule, said: "Fenger, how do you find here?" Mother-in-law took me to the sea Fenger Road . "Mother-in-law?" Oriental Yong asked. "Tower." Miao sword replied. Miao small sword sea Fenger eyes fell on the body, and then momentum like a little hen asked: "Why did you captured Oriental Yong?" The Miao sword looked at the tower, loud mouth says : "You tied him, I'm just done and you like it!" sea Fenger was in the wrong, but always felt a gas can not get out the same! Oriental Yong is sandwiched between two women, very upset, but dare not speak. "You grab Laoshen of things, but rational?" Tower came heavily hum! Is Li River mother-in-law that the voice of the turtle great-grandmother, Oriental Yong shuddered, then look to the tower, Samsam smile, say hello and said: "mother-in-law, long time no see, ah, you always body good?!" Very good Laoshen,Jordan After Game Sale, you good! "Li River mother-in-law said anti ridicule. Although the questions, but it is imperative sentence! Miao small sword scornfully looked sea Fenger not long open body, and then confidently said: "What is to grab your things, he is my husband, you said you did not care or I did not care!" Oriental Yong see Miao small sword like a victorious hen, could not help heart funny woman ah! And the sea Fenger looked shocked Miao small sword, and looked Oriental Yong, sad face so no one can see that! Oriental Yong sea Fenger Samsam smile! "I see you are shameless, he is my land when the groom got to Fenger, but you grab her groom, you say your rational?" The voice of the Li River mother-in-law passed down from above. Oriental Yong, such as by lightning in general, stay there! This seep mother-in-law, how will speak ah, she said is true is false? The East Yong look to the sea Fenger, she was the eyes with surprise, noted Oriental Yong's eyes, just shy bowed his head! The gate of the city to move around the family of the sea are naturally stopped down, but see Miao sword is their queen, are afraid to speak. Miao small sword grunted, said: "left." They quickly dispersed. Sea family which family is treated with chains groom? "Miao small sword aggressively asked back. Our own thing, do not you tube! "Seep mother figure not stand out, but the topic of conversation is not at all forgive! "We have a couple of real, we are the husband and wife, you do not say these lie!" Miao small sword contented smile. Sea Fenger heard this, the body Yi Chan, Resentment look to the East Yong. The tower on the meaning of one resentment in distributed Oriental Yong clearly felt! Both silent for a child, Li River mother-in-law turned to Oriental Yong asked: "Oriental Yong, you say what is going on?" Miao small sword and sea Fenger eyes look to the East, Oriental Yong feeling the pressure on extremely heavy! Oriental Yong ridicule, asked: "mother-in-law, you let me how to say ah?" "Well, I ask you, is really what she was saying?" The Li River mother-in-law asked sharply. The Oriental Yong took a deep breath and said: "Really." He answered frank and straightforward, Miao sword listened, eyes flashed joy sè. Sea Fenger tears directly behind. Li River mother-in-law paused and asked: "What did you promise me to take care of things Fenger, remember?" Oriental Yong hesitated and thought, it seems that it really true, but then only be understood as temporary care it, how seep mother-in-law said, became to take care of a lifetime that? Or seep mother-in-law said deliberately vindictive and Miao small sword? No matter what kind of possible Oriental Yong can only be answered truthfully. "Mother-in-law, I remember, but that is not to say when you have to go out to do?" "Do you remember like, that you have to promise me to take care of the Fenger, how to become husband and wife and her?" Li River mother-in-law aggressively asked Road. Oriental Yong embarrassed when he said: "mother-in-law, I always want to know, why do you pay attention to me into the sea? Because your attitude, Fenger and so I have a crush, but did not dare to think, ah, then I accidentally Miao small sword to grasp, but also became husband and wife in an accident, some things are not right or wrong! "This is replaced by the the Miao sword resentment look to the East Yong Fenger sea is pleasantly surprised to look Oriental Yong. "Since you said she was just an accident, then you just let's go!" Li River overbearing mother-in-law said. Oriental Yong sea Fenger smiled apologetically, and then said: "mother-in-law, you are too inconsiderate!" Presumptuous, kid! "Seep through her mother angry hum reasonable manner. Oriental Yong look to the sea and tears Fenger, said: Fenger, after you and I together, do not go, I will not go back and mother-in-law! "Sea Fenger hesitated and then to understand, and my heart Oriental Yong is disgusted with the mother-in-law, he told her to go back, naturally also the original set of chains treatment, so naturally not agreed to go back. And he let himself stay out feel good about themselves! Thought of this, sea Fenger face suddenly red, but she was embarrassed and said: "No, I would like to take care of the mother-in-law!" Oriental Yong She smiled and nodded, she say such a thing, Oriental Yong has long been expect, but he said: "Then you can always come to me!" sea Fenger joy laugh point head. Tower on the Li River mother angry and lowered his voice and said: "brats, did you say you want to teach the Fenger fire is xìng mysterious gas, the total will not forget it? Fenger, your practice results show give him a look, wrong place, let him give you guidance! "Well? How the Li River mother-in-law was going to be angry, how suddenly the topic of conversation to go to the mysterious fire gas on? But Oriental Yong or concerned about the fire and water of the sea Fenger alike, so a nod. Sea Fenger is pleased come Oriental Yong side, ignore Miao sword hostile eyes, oriental Yong said: you seen the mother-in-law came back said to me, as long as I reach the dragon-like product a heavy day, she and her I come to you, so I've been refining and refining a few days ago has finally reached the dragon-like product a heavy day, my mother-in-law took me to! "Oriental Yong shocked sè exposed sea Fenger're a genius, even so easily reached dragon-like product a heavy day! "You're smart, you make it out to show me!" Oriental Yong said happily. Sea Fenger hand, and then chanted the East Yong teach her incantation, the hands gently paddling, even can not cover water Dan, can arise in the water a fireball, let Oriental Yong admiration! Miao small sword also surprised to see the sea Fenger, she is also a family of the sea, was able to play with fire, too shocking! Then the sea Fenger drew a few simple fire breaks, were indicative of her time to the efforts and results! Oriental Yong applaud her! The sea the Fenger happy two hands Pinch to pinch! "Fenger, my mother-in-law something to go out, you temporarily stay here!" Tower on the Li River mother-in-law suddenly silent says. The three Oriental Yong Yi Zheng, sea the Fenger shouted: "mother-in-law ..." But the tower has no sound. "She was gone." Miao said the sword. She breathed a sigh of relief. And then look to the sea Fenger's eyes filled with more hostility. Her to stay, that is around more than a rival? Fenger sea and screaming a few results seep through the voice of the mother-in-law did not occur again, her tears fall. Oriental Yong quickly in the past to comfort her, but my mind was how could not guess the intention of the Li River mother-in-law, she found herself just put sea Fenger stay here? "Well, do not cry, mother-in-law out for a few days, you should come back to you!" Oriental Yong said. "Really?" Sea Fenger sobbing raised his head, asked the Oriental Yong. "Well, she had not to go out for a few days and come back, so this is also the same!" Oriental Yong said. "Oh, do not lie to me?" Sea Fenger last indefinitely asked. The East Fang Yonggang To speak Miao small sword hum: "how do you so much, ask so much!" Oriental Yong wry smile. The Fenger sea wiping tears, then turned his head, Miao small sword anti-hum: "I did not talk to you!" I did not in the past! "Miao the sword immediately Huanzui Road. "Do not listen to that!" "My husband here, you speak to my husband, I heard" I knew him first! "" I'll get! "...... Oriental Yong clutching his head are two large Cugang, this rì and could not before, ah, ah! The two women do not know how much noisy Oriental Yong, head reeling, do not know they said how much, what was said, suddenly together to the East Yong asked: "Oriental Yong, you say who? Oriental Yong but a slip of the hands, shouted: "Well, you are right, I marry it!" <

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