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Bao Fu foot of the antworten

> 389 document (s): [you have to die] 389 document (s): [you have to die] "nonsense!" Oriental Yong said impatiently. Www. quANBEn. Com What I do not swordfish family, Ah never is personal, not a fish, you need to come to a conclusion I am not a swordfish family? Miao small sword should not his words, his eyes somewhat complex looked Oriental Yong,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, murderous look in her eyes slowly disappeared down! Oriental Yong standing straight and her on the TV, Miao small sword I do not know what the reason, even lowered his head, eyes flashing! She held out his hand, took her throw aside silver sè seaweed woven skirt, with a touch of blood red sè slightly hesitated face sè slightly blushing, but she took it around the waist wear. Then her hands Moxiang to the other side of the two fish-scale, get hands in one hand and a cover to the fullness of his chest, and when released, scales has covered the best scenery! "Kill do not kill me, to sentence happy, then?" Oriental Yong asked. "You have, do not kill." Miao small sword flashing eyes looked a Oriental Yong, husky voice. Oriental Yong heart lament, when they could out of the use of identity ah? He turned away, a little lonely whisper of his mouth: "living death ..." and how he did not think, behind the Miao small sword listening to these words, a pain in my heart! She did not understand why they would do, but she because Oriental Yong uncomfortable and heartache! Looked at the Oriental Yong pick up clothes, put on, went five meters away from the big shells, no vividly sat down and stared stay, Miao sword heart Yi Tan, and then she began checking their own to! The results really now, she did not appear the other swordfish woman burned as strength thing, this really is of Oriental Yong is not a swordfish family relationship, it will not suck the power of a woman? Miao small sword as a the swordfish family of the Queen's point of view, she immediately thought of the physical structure of the Oriental Yong swordfish family male xìng of the different structure is not swordfish family multiply the crux of the problem? If you can find on this key issue the Swordfish family male xìng and Oriental Yong difference eliminated, and that the future is not a the Swordfish family woman will have a greater more zìyóu living space? Thought of this, to see the eyes to the East Yong Miao small sword, like looking at a treasure in general! Then she thought of the Oriental Yong can be soaked in water, no longer need to cover water Dan is really strange, even with their own together, you can have the survival instincts of the family of the sea! Is the merger of the human and swordfish family, you can get talent? Impossible, swordfish family is impossible talent to other people, swordfish family just the same family being absorbed, and the family of the sea, as if only the mermaid family in people in love for the first time, will get to each other talent, there will not be because the first time and talent ...... ...... mermaid! Miao small sword eyes suddenly widened, and some can not believe, secretly watched Oriental Yong a, and then she turned to go, it seems that so you can prevent Oriental Yong overheard like the idea of ​​her heart! Then she recalled in the heart of some of the past ............ Eastern Yong heart depressed ah, flowers arranged in their own game, this is the first time Huan [] with the woman against each other! Although he knows she has her principles and reasons, and not how much you hate her, but after all, is to kill their own natural heart again will do her any good impression! This time he re-think the Heroine their good feel it more how good they are, but also feel the need to cherish them! So a few thoughts, constantly in Oriental Yong blank mind and turn to bone chatter until his stomach rang, Oriental Yong would regain consciousness, touched the belly, and my heart has been a belief , to cherish Heroine them that he was going to take to survive, and then go back to 6! Such a belief, he jīng God also immediately clear. ** Hungry now, naturally get something to eat, can not be starved to death. Been eating before the the Miao sword rǔ crystal, Oriental Yong can find her to be, after all, now that her "there", and eat rǔ crystal can fill. Cheeky east Yong, he will not have any awkward to reach out to the Miao small sword, Oriental Yong did not know why, just do not want her to be, do not want to say a word to her. It will only eat seaweed, but now can no sea Fenger brought him, then it can only go out and look for. Oriental Yong stood up, went to the outside. Miao small sword naturally hear sounds of Oriental Yong stomach, looked at him, and now he seems to suddenly the gas jīng God changed from previous malaise become excited, but gave Miao small sword and farther away sense of distance! Then to see him stand up, Miao small sword guessed his mind, a sour heart, but the hands are readily conjure up piece of rǔ crystal to Oriental Yong throwing in the past. The Oriental Yong hesitated and looked the rǔ crystal slowly dropped to the ground, directly went to the door, away, do not care complex behind the Miao small sword of God sè! Out of the door, the first encounter is Bao Fu, she was anxiously at the door walking back and forth, and saw Oriental Yong, immediately rushed over and saw he should be able to move around in the sea, do not need to cover water Dan could not help eating surprised, but her mind in the body of the Queen of Miao small sword, immediately gave up his curiosity and asked: "Hey, you put our queen how to?" die. "Oriental Yong said snappily. Die? That is hurt! Bao Fu presumptuous to think so fierce eyes, shouted: "You dare to harm our Queen, I'll kill you!" She said, chou sword out of the back of the long bones, necessary to pixiang Oriental Yong Yong Oriental! Oriental Yong just figured out to survive, cherish Heroine they naturally can not let her kill kill, he looked at her chou long bone sword, grunted, took a skin fire character, his fist, all of a sudden the fire package, this time did not cover water Dan, fire ring in the water to and consumed quickly, but still be able to support the fight Bao Fu punch! Two of the war, touch around the swordfish saw all around with him, of course, all standing Bao Fu side, but the Oriental Yong face sè unchanged, will be determined to stare station Bao Fu! Presumptuous, retreat, Bao Fu come! "Sound cold, uh, pass out from the castle, swordfish were startled body is obvious that the Queen is very afraid, they quickly withdrew, Baofu hear the Queen summoned immediately Oriental Yong aside, quickly ran inside. Oriental Yong grunted, went to the outside. Soon now here are bare, does not seem to seaweed! Then I thought, the swordfish family of more than ten thousand people come here, of course, eat and drink near seaweed naturally not keep, so the situation is not abnormal! Oriental Yong as he touched the stomach, while looking for a long time, to find a seaweed, a not enough to eat, and then to find, no, but found few other seaweed and seaweed, looks similar, it should be no problem. Back to white sè Castle, Bao Fu has gone, Miao small sword sitting the big shell repair nail quietly, cover water Dan aside to grill, you need to cover water Dan, Oriental Yong go directly past got seaweed seaweed aside, then raised a fireball, the first seaweed put up, roasted and eaten, and then pick up the other seaweed, frowning, looked at, do not know can not eat, last too hungry, the custom is to eat grilled up! Suddenly Oriental feel Yong Miao small sword cast playful eyes, he hesitated, looked at the hands of seaweed, fling to the outside, and then provoke a seaweed, roasted, while also Note Miao small sword The God sè. But she saw throw away first, looking slightly surprised a moment, and then it becomes calm, Oriental Yong can not be seen from her eyes that seaweed is not a problem. Baked Oriental bravely sent to his mouth, Miao small sword staring at the Oriental Yong, looked him in the seagrass increasingly from the mouth, she suddenly reach out and take it over all seagrass, threw it out! Oriental Yong hesitated, then Lianyi Chen was about to speak, Miao small sword put out his hand, the palms stood a rǔ crystal, she said quietly: "to lose you." Oriental Yong stared at her for a moment, she are calm Shen Zhaoshou of, Well, this is lose,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, of course, bring a CaO, Oriental Yong hand took over, and then sit while eating up. After eating, lying down, looking at the surrounding waters, from the stay. After a while, manicure Miao small sword suddenly knife to close up, then down the shell out of the castle! Oriental Yong did not care for her alone do not know when to sleep in the past. ...... Miao small sword into the city of Sa Dingding, see Bao Fu, and then to the city in a dungeon, saw five elders, eyes down, one by one glance, but did not speak. Large Presbyterian trembling body, hands and feet were tied, but the mouth is zìyóu, shouted: "Miao small sword, you want to how do we, do not you want to abuse the oldest family elders. ? Miao small sword back and forth scoffers walking a few steps from his mouth before a hoarse voice said: "You have to die to make people like you do not have the family." five elders body startled, they had originally thought that only Guan Off they hear Miao small sword say, are aware of the serious consequences of the things that began to fear! But they did not give up when the power and prestige of the elders is still very large, how they are willing to give up! Great elders said angrily: "Miao small sword, you do not have the power to deal with us, you do not forget but we know that your life experience, you just left your mother with the golden mermaid man kinds, not swordfish family real of the tribe, so, how can when our king, so you did not even power to dispose of us! Bao Fu, you, you all look at this woman is simply not our king, you are making her grab up! "big elders of Bao Fu et al yelled. Miao small sword looked disdainfully at five elders, behind Bao Fu and should Chikae generally like not to hear! Elders met the face sè dark. Few of them in the eye glances, are aging and 62 words found, displaying all words, eyes jiao stream, and then said: "The Queen, we are also in order to smooth life, since we could not persuade you, we had to give up the proposal by the two elders , but several of our old man is not easy to go with you running around looking for, you let a few of us old man and his family over small rì sub somewhere else, we will not interfere with you! "" You have to die. "Miao small sword or repeat it again! But these words are repeated, told several people the meaning of a step deeper, Miao small sword know they are just a delaying tactic, maybe go out immediately after the rebels, even if this is not the case, if what they have deliberately spread it out , can also cause the tribe's move 1uan shake the Queen of the Miao small sword position, so, in order to do great things, they can not stay! Five elderly a vexation, thought she would not be coming to kill their own? More afraid, but the elders shouted: "Miao small sword, do so bold as to kill us, we are Presbyterian, died suddenly, how would you jiao to be to the tribe?" "I'll be in the family front of people, you executed, you will do well. Miao small sword flatly said, but this is a dull tone, but it is to tell the death of five people, which makes five elders heard cold mao stand on end. "How dare you, we will avenge your personal life, you're looking shark family, but also revenge your mermaid father's things told family people to see you can not when the Queen!" Grumpy elders shouted Road. "Four elders, your home has several sons, several grandchildren? Queen just let me arrested, we are not to count, as you told me, saved me a number! Oh, by the way,Air Jordan 13 UK, several other elders talk about it! "Bao Fu this time to stand up, the five elders said. Five elders the face sè a white, then they quickly asked: "What do you say?" My family how? "We are served, you have to how do we?" ...... Miao small the sword like did not hear in general, had been standing there. Five elders asked a long time, Miao small sword and Bao Fu did not answer them, large Presbyterian shouted: "Everybody quiet!" Dungeon sudden silence, the other four elders look great elders, elders look Miao small sword, with a sigh, the body seems to suddenly lost support, soft down, if not tied, I'm afraid even the stations are staggered! Miao small sword, he asked: "Do you want us how to do it?" "I will not let your younger beauty, does not make them suffer." Miao sword delicately lips, say a commitment! Five elders in the second, the third spoke to large elders said: "Brother, do not listen to her ..." but elders sighed, and said firmly: "Well!" That you have a few one can be trusted? "Miao small sword asked again. Large Presbyterian closed his eyes, then said bitterly: "second, third, fifth!" Point to the name of the great elders of the three elders body startled, there has been no talk of five elders Dengyuan his eyes, surprised look to the elders, after a while children, his eyes sadly, closed his eyes desperately. Two elders and three elders shouted abuse, not only curse the Miao sword, also berated elders! The great elders do not know is not learned Miao calm magic sword, even as they are inaudible, turned his head to look grumpy elders, he more calm than other elders! Great elders face a laugh than cry also ugly, and then a low voice, hoarse than Miao sword powerful, said: fourth of tomorrow thanks to you my friends ... "the fourth of just numerous locations head ! Miao small sword turned, and walked directly to the outside, Bao Fu followed out, Miao small sword voice called out: "Tomorrow let the three of them can not speak." "Yes." Bao Fu nod. Miao small sword to go two steps forward, spoke again, this time seems to be some hesitation and prevaricate, but said: "I find a woman in the family had a baby to." Bao Fu foot of the meal, surprised to see The background with Miao sword, and then thought the restrictions she saw today screen, know Queen of ideas, and uncomfortable to be a cry, and went to find a mother-family woman went. Soon, the in Sa Dingding City main castle, Bao Fu one had a baby swordfish woman brought here see Miao sword. Miao small sword did not let the Bao Fu to leave, so that they approached the two speak. The woman, who called Abalone children the Baofu relatives, she approached the sudden Dengyuan eyes, looked Miao small sword. "Spouse" "Miao small sword from Abalone children expression, you know what she saw, did not want her to guess, on their first said Abalone child was taken aback, and then look at the cold Bao Fu a, quickly bowed his head. "how do you see it? "Asked Miao small sword. Abalone child to face the queen was a little nervous, and now know the Queen ** thing, she is afraid of her but from the the Bao Fu mouth know a lot of the Queen's thing, she is the most against the spouse, and now no one thought she made her most reluctant thing! she turned around and looked at Bao Fu, originally thought Bao Fu will stand the cold, but she has turned her point a bit. Abalone children This has been courage and said: "The Queen, they hung xìng male xìng odor, we have our smell, so ..." behind the words Needless to say, Miao small sword can know Miao small sword hesitated and then carefully sniffed, really now three women have one special odor, the Bao Fu smell, and they are two different, and the smell of Miao small sword and Abalone children there are shallow concentrated. Abalone children said odor, she is someone who has, naturally familiar, she thought, then asked: "I want to know, you had the first night, what kind of , where injured, and then let your strength and power, have lost out? "Abalone children hesitated, did not expect the Queen of the Miao small sword will ask ** shy, but she was awed by the majesty of the Queen, truthfully said. <

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