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17.05.2013 09:58
can let a person produce a kind antworten

The ninety-third chapter on a rise in the Li Lao's words, let just as one falls down down voice gradually disappeared, some people's respect for Li Lao,Nike Jordan Take Flight, while others do not want to let their own suffering from glaucoma. No matter how, this is stone square tour, is a good news, though he knew this woolen material in the state, but some fly beside you fail, you fail, don't cut out such words, which made him a little upset, he helpless smile, if oneself down a knife or white crystal, estimate even Li Lao all pressure not deafening sound bet down, this is the excitement of crust. Cut down, sigh, scorn eyes, estimation can make people mad, and cut up, the deafening cheers, envy of others, can let a person produce a kind of superiority of the strong, this is the charm of the wager stone. "I may not be glaucoma, the wool is not jade, don't let's wait and see." Li Lao often stand in the square to swim there, let some shrewd Li Ziyang can not endure, they laughed at. The tour smiled, did not contradict, words are false, only use the fact to explain everything, he will be cutting machine to the side, put on a clean machine, half a piece of woolen alignment left, is looking to wipe the stone. "I depend, this waste wool, also need to rub it, little brother, directly in the middle of a knife, fast and convenient, if it is white crystal, you rub until next year, also not jade." See the tour action,Air Jordan 1 Sale, the spectator is some to can not stand. This his Niang but five thousand pieces of wool, but also has a cutting knife, equal to waste like existence, this boy also wipe the stone. "People want to rub on the rub, you shit, it's five thousand dollars to buy wool, be careful what." Wang Hao eyes a stare, stand directly in the understanding of stone, a mean face, face bad those who watched a tattler, five thousand but he has accumulated many years of pocket money, the large square filling the tycoon, about to take out, let Wang Hao very flesh aches, early know what wear, small ion is really big ah, tens of millions of the rich. This tour to ignore all battle,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, had picked up the brush picker started down just cut the wound clean white crystal, we have white debris from wiping machine located towards the surrounding shoot out, though, but the solution stone side or the station was full of people, want to witness this woolen material exactly will rise. "Hum, five thousand block, scared to death of me, the wool is too expensive." Li Ziyang head, a look of disdain, but only in the side and said their gossip, not active to challenge Wang Hao, this guy if anger, a slap in the face to his fan fly out. Wang Hao squeezed his fist, he got the Li Ziyang for a long time, don't mind him loose bones. "Small brothers, stop, don't rub, don't rub, I seem to see a green appear." Suddenly, is the tour is very calm rubbed wool, suddenly a loud cry in the ear, it almost did not take the tour scared will wipe out machine. Heard the people's words, in the side sit Li Laomeng pushed through the crowd, rushed to the understanding of stone, "boss, do you have any water here, take a bowl."

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