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17.05.2013 09:57
we have a generation gap antworten

> 034 pen red snow reported downgrade hatred hear beau Oriental Yong asked to Yang Chen Ling is a shame significant increase in Italy. www QUaNBEN com but they feel more and more wait any longer, she bit her lips, quickly raised his head, "I have things to go first, and wait to come back!" was finished, her blush like a ripe apple, she hastened to hand over his stomach, from the side of the Oriental Yong ran past. Oriental Yong Leng Leng Yang Chen Ling looked like a gust of wind swept around, turned his head to actively look for her, has run far, quickly shouted: "Hey, Chen Ling, I go with you?" Oriental Yong side shouting, while take a step, you want to go to. But he found himself unable to move, the shoulder is too heavy. "Do not, you can not come!" Yang Chen Ling's voice from far away, long period of voice can be heard inside the shy! Oriental Yong turned away, the Yang Chen majority hand on his shoulder, he stopped Oriental Yong. "Young brother, you pull me why?" Yang Chen Guang release the hand, also hateful patted, then cool to say: "First of all, you call I Yang Gongzi like the;, preferably in front of me , do not account for my sister cheap, not bullying! "uh, I did not rogue?" Oriental Yong said, puzzled. "She was going to the latrine, you can also keep up to go, not what is the rogue?" Chen Guang Yang eyes braved the anger at the Oriental Yong. "Ah, latrine?!" Oriental Yong This time regarded understand just how her face so red! That he did not know. At this time Yang Chen Guang some regret to say it. "I'm the last one and you say, you and Chen Ling is not the outcome, you still do not imagine a good, from Chen Ling Yuan Yang, Chen Guang said. Was finished, he turned away, no longer speak and Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong was angry, he will know what he said, he and Yang chick together, there will be two difficulties,air jordan store, the prime minister's Palace and Marshal Office and himself disease. Oriental Yong told myself not to give up, since we know that he is like Chen Ling, there is no second result let him go to election! Oriental Yong also turned to look the new chūn open flowers, vibrant! Yang Chen Ling After a child, blushing back, looked at the East Yong a shame shame smile, smile chūn love, like flowers open in this garden as good-looking! Yang Chen Guang came, took her hand, or is under the command said: "Chen Ling, we should go back, nothing if and aunt went to say good-bye!" But, brother ...... "Yang Chen Ling struggling a bit, but the struggle is not open, the body has been pulled back away. Oriental Yong heart that anger, but he is still very considerate and Yang, Chen, Ling Wave, warm sound and said: "Chen Ling, go,Nike Jordan Superfly, next time I find you!" Yang Chen Ling to the East Yong waved, ah cry, just some red eyes. Yang Chen Ling to go after the flower garden door, a white figure appeared in front of the flower, red Cher's voice from far away. Yang Chen Ling should be red Cher acquainted before, she picked up the red Cher intimacy, wanted to use this excuse to stay, but Yang Chen widely seems under determination, and finally separated from the red Cher. Yang Chen Ling figure, Oriental Yong somewhat depressed mood knot and walked to the garden. "Hey, I saw you, you do not go!" Behind the red Cher propaganda here, but Oriental Yong did not want to her, and continued to walk inside. White flash, Oriental Yong quickly stopped to see the front of a red Cher, her hands crossed a small waist drum mouth, staring at the Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong surprised a moment, look back to flower door gone red Cher! Even so soon? ! Oriental Yong slightly surprised to see the front of the red Cher. Surprised Oriental Yong feel the Chek Cher tiger eyes, with a trace of hostility! He could not help take a step back, jǐng Ti Q: "Do you find me doing?" Revenge, of course! "Red Cher teeth and said. Although she looks lovely, especially now stand with a small waist, his eyes tiger, bit his lip, so the exposed side of the small eye teeth, looks chaomeng! Oriental Yong felt the chill forced to! This is a Fearless-class the demon jīng of coercion, although there is no release of strength, but the sense of momentum to suppress the Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong was surprised, quickly said: "You kids how so naive ah, you should repay, if I had not put you to the Heroine sister, you stay in my yard? You say you like to stay in my house, or like to follow your mother? "Of course her mother!" red Cher hum, "but immortal demon, but you have kept the practice I finally did not hit, how would you pay me?" you can not blame me, ah, you hit me not looking for me to communicate, we have a generation gap, thus giving rise to this error, so I can not blame a person even, since you hit me, there is a finale ...... "Oriental Yong incoherent explanation. "Well, if not with you for good." Red Cher sing loudly, a thin sound to himself, but the Oriental Yong academics is not clear. Red Cher looked up, the tiger his eyes said: "Today I want to make sure your meal, or I heart gas!" Hey, you do not mess ah, I bad to say your old master! "Oriental Yong said as he went back to take the door. "You want to run?! The" red Cher face trace of Guixiao, pretty little white flash, sprang to the East Yong! Oriental Yong did not run a few steps, suddenly fall a little something back, then realized that this is not a small thing, but extremely heavy thing! Poof tom, Oriental Yong can not stand the weight back, threw himself on the ground. "Kaka Lo ... see how you run?" Chek Cher Le Hing disaster I wish the sound coming from the back! Turned out to be the daughter of extremely heavy lying to pressure him! Oriental Yong does not want to understand that her body was so small, how so heavy, but then I thought, the demon jīng impossible not a little ability, this should be it can be done! "Good words to discuss, have something good to discuss ...... Oriental Yong raised his ashes face face, said. But the red powder Cher hand shape into a fist, facing the Oriental Yong raised his head to the punch! Poof! Oriental Yong raised his head was beaten back to the earth. Ah! Oriental Yong screams. He also discovered and she did not have to discuss, so desperately struggling, mouth shouted: "Mother,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, Come and save me ah, Yang E, your daughter to kill you!" Red Cher quickly to hold down his head, The other powder hands in front of him to cover their mouth, "You can not call, then told me bluntly," she also afraid Heroine found her playing Oriental Yong. "Oh! Mouth release ...... you bite my hand off!" Red Cher screamed. Because The Oriental Yong had seized her pink hand to cover his mouth! <

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