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17.05.2013 09:53
then he then roast antworten

> 367 document (s): [raw roasted seaweed] 367 document (s): [raw roasted seaweed] "I want a fire" Oriental Yong eyes looking at the sea in good faith Fenger, pleading said. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM sea Fenger heard hesitated and asked: "You are to fire to cook seaweed to eat?" Though she lives at the bottom of the sea, but the fire is not strange: "But I do not have a fire source, I do not know to go nòng fire to give you the "I have a fire, but your mother-in-law to the confiscation, I would like to invite you to your mother-in-law and then put the fire back to me," Oriental Yong said. "You have?" The sea the Fenger some asked incredulously. "Well, I'm in the land before participated in a sword years of trials, the fire spar reward those fire spar should be able to be used to light a fire, I put them in my heaven and earth ring, but I woke up, heaven and earth ring has been confiscated by your mother-in-law, I would ask you the first fire spar to your mother-in-law lent me, can you? "Oriental Yong said request. Fenger sea some hesitation: "But her mother would scold me?" Oriental Yong Li River mother-in-law between sea the Fenger natural seep mother-in-law pro, Li River mother-in-law angry Oriental Yong, stomach, Hai Feng children or first think of the Li River mother-in-law angry Oriental the brave face sè dark silently walked the mountain dòng.. Series pulled stomach twice and did not eat anything last night and sleep tied to the pillars, Oriental Yong body soft and sour frivolous footsteps, walking crooked into the mountains dòng directly lay on the floor, wait until the skin sleepy eyes could not help but hanging behind the sea Fenger came in, and then stood quietly standing next to the Oriental Yong, Dong Bang Yong endured sleepy and limp and difficult to climb up went to the stone pillars that stood sea Fenger tied him up, and then Touyi Wai went back to sleep later ... "Hey,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, Hey, Oriental Yong, you wake" ímí gooey, Oriental Yong a soft, creamy shake hands, he difficult Taiqiyanpi the look to the front of the sea Fenger, Oriental Yong subconsciously to her "affectionate" smiled, but his face sè, haggard and pale, mouth dry chún, laughing but not good sea the Fenger not know why, looking at a strong laugh Oriental Yong, heart pain this time, she remembered yesterday Oriental Yong phrase touched her heart, "thank you", but now I know their the different sea Fenger head down, quietly walked over, the East Yong solution from the pillars, Oriental Yong body a soft, fell down, sea Fenger exclamation, quickly hold on to him Oriental Yong sit down, see the sea Fenger holding white seaweed, face sè, immediately, lù intense fear sè quickly said: "Fenger, I'm not hungry, you eat" Oriental Yong the stomach has been ringing in the bone Lulu, but he said firmly out of the sea Fenger distressed and angry toot Duzui the then other hands in front of the Oriental Yong, three red spar Oriental Yong front of Oriental Yong Yi Zheng, immediately followed by the Ming Bai Haifeng children go to seep through her mother pleading, and then to fire spar firing him a warm heart to give yourself, the rise of the sea sense of Fenger the jī smile ...... nv people Allure smile can make a man with the mí man smile from the heart, and most allow nv al mí most nv touches your soul ... sea the Fenger see Oriental brave smile, mind again touched Also pale and haggard faces, but a strong laugh when he just woke up, and now smile from the heart, but it is as different as day, night and day the mud cloud Oriental Yong watching the sea Fenger blankly looked at him, he also did not go much care, quickly took the fire from her hand spar, then try offering fire inside the mysterious gas, Oriental Yong body mysterious gas seal, tried several times, he could not help have failed to call in dismay a deep breath "... how do you? ... I'd love to go to the mother-in-law to help?" sea Fenger asked. Look to the sea, Oriental Yong Fenger, suddenly eyes light up, her mother-in-law with the Li River and skills should also mysterious gas, then let her try "Fenger, you are not skills that you help me to light a fire "Oriental of Yong fire spar to the sea Fenger hands" No, no ... we teachings of our forefathers, our sea family the body can not use the mysterious fire gas, so I can not use fire spar this thing, or I "sea the Fenger some fear will die said. The Oriental Oriental Yong hear will die, was taken aback, and then think about it, fire and ice, they are living in the sea, it should not be used mysterious fire gas Yong nodded and said it does not matter this way, not own Oriental Yong ignition, but he did not want to seek to seep mother-in-law. When you are asking people, if anything to ask for help, ask for help many times, then the other will be weary of thee, so as not to allow Oriental Yong Li River mother-in-law is the case, Oriental Yong do not want to ask for her , and other key you want and then seek her as fewer, she is more likely to promised himself that he frowned, suddenly a flash, think of the simplified character when the East Yong crossing to this world to know the power system is Traditional calligraphy character. He later for drawing paper breaks, and decided to give it a try simplified character, and succeeded Oriental Yong sometimes do not have their own mysterious gas, but directly to spar powder painting, can also be painted successfully Oriental Yong think of it this time, I felt fire spar can not mysterious gas draw Simplified character, draw a fire breaks, it can be a fire, you can bake something to eat The thought here, Oriental Yong jīng God startled,Jordan After Game Shoes, excited think wait a minute you can eat a big meal, he went into action. The fire character suddenly glittered sea Fenger look east Yong painted on the ground with fire spar word, not by strange suddenly went over, Huo bang, Oriental Yong wrote on the ground, and then a small fire jumped from the operator it, "ah" sea Fenger was taken aback, and then saw fire, fear born out of the fire, she screamed Oriental Yong is pleased to really be able to draw a fire break to hear the sea Fenger cried out, but the sea Fenger startled her like know how it happened, Oriental Yong quickly comfort: "All right all right, the fire will not hurt to your dòng came the sound, and then Li River mother-in-law's voice said: "Fenger, how?" The next moment, the Li River mother-in-law appeared in the dòng, and then see the sea Fenger afraid to hide behind the Oriental Yong, in front of the Oriental Yong afloat a small fireball seep mother-in-law saw a small fireball, eyes paused fireball point of view for a while, remove the line of sight and landed on the body Oriental Oriental Yong Yong, hands, and do surrender like to explain said: "mother-in-law, no things just Fenger afraid of fire. "mother-in-law of Li River to the sea Fenger, asked incredulously:" Really? "sea Fenger embarrassed to go out, point the head. Li River mother-in-law to gentle eyes down, said: "As long as you do not touch the fire, the fire will not hurt you, do not be afraid" finished, she went out. With Li River mother-in-law, sea Fenger seems brave many serious and looked curiously, and then sat down next to the Oriental Yong the Oriental Yong took the sea Fenger seaweed, but no fork, seems dòng the outside there , but Oriental Yong can not do without cover water Dan, small fireball rose is also inseparable from water cover Dan, Oriental Yong had the cheek to sea Fenger pick up a few of them actually agreed to sea Fenger, outside took a few branches twigs general things, ask, and they know that this is the coral tree branches, Then Oriental Yong crossed seaweed, roasted up the sea Fenger sit on the sidelines looked curiously at the Oriental Yong baked for a while, she picked up a coral branches, fork Shanghai dishes, grilled, grilled side while learning to look Oriental Yong rotation spin up seaweed soon, whistling, and one dish scent drifted up from the above, the United States and the United States, Oriental Yong sucked mouth, surprised sè like to eat the delicious world of the best general sea Fenger face lù, it seems that she is issued to the first time to smell the smell of incense, and she usually eat something, she this even when they were seaweed kind of strange feeling they are most familiar, the most commonly consumed seaweed, he did not know it so that the smell of incense Oriental Yong confirm roasted seaweed really only took off from the fireball, and then with hot seaweed blowing blowing, and then tore off a small piece down into his mouth and chew chewing, sweet and delicious, there is not even eaten raw silk bitter Oriental Yong happy smile, tore a half into the mouth where, in spite of the hot to eat it, when he noticed widened his curious eyes of the sea Fenger, Oriental Yong laughed off a piece of her sea Fenger suspicious look to see roasted seaweed, looked Look East Yong, slowly mouth light bite, there is not even a hand took, it looks as if Oriental Yong feed her general but this time they are not paying attention this ambiguous action, everything seemed very natural sea the Fenger chew a few times, stared in surprise, apparently roasted seaweed than raw to be much more delicious she lifted her eyes and smiled, Oriental Yong, this moment, the distance between the two closer to many the sea the Fenger eating Oriental Yong baked seaweed, this time her hand seaweed is also Oriental Yong prompt baked, took down, and then she tore one put his mouth tear a to put Oriental Yong mouth to eat the end, the sea the Fenger not Shu nv impression hand patted the tank lù the belly, laughing call: "eat ah" Oriental Yong eat, has been observed stomach, this time has been for some time, and did not like the two previous pain, feeling happy, smiled and said: "That's the next time I bake for you eat," Well "sea Fenger happy promised. In two entertaining enjoying after dinner time when the cold seep through her mother's voice untimely rang: Fenger, tied him up pillars "the Oriental Yong face sè of a change, but no one said anything, sea Fenger and Oriental Yong close to many now hear also tied Oriental, also some difficulties, her mouth to say something, but she did not say it before, Li River mother-in-law first said: "Do not you listen to the words of the mother-in-law? "sea Fenger grumbled deflated deflated mouth, then looked apologetically Oriental Yong is a" right "Oriental Yong smile a bit, then walked next to the pillars, tied her up. The sea Fenger a mountain dòng, and then Oriental Yong heard the sound of the outside of the Li River mother-in-law: "Fenger, I want out of a trip, you have to be careful a little bit, not to rely on the human, you know?" "Well ..." This is the sound of the sea Fenger. After a child, seems to be the sea the Fenger off the Li River mother-in-law, she re-entered the Oriental Yong Shan dòng eyes but then some jǐng Oriental Yong Ti, it seems the Li River mother-in-law, then the sea Fenger has a very large the impact of Oriental Yong wry smile, do not know why, my heart particular block, then just do not want to talk to sea Fenger. They quietly maintained silence took a while, sea Fenger could not help but ask out: "Why do you not like yesterday and in the morning saw me and smiled at me?" Oriental Yong mouth of a child, and then put a of eight lù teeth smile, and then only to keep a second, received back the sea the Fenger heart tingling, seems to have lost something very important like she deflated deflated mouth, gently asked: "Why am I looking very uncomfortable, and why do not you talk to me?" Oriental Yong helpless sigh a sigh of relief, said: "You're not afraid of me, talk to me, be careful I deceived you sell "Sea Fenger naive, but not stupid, and gently asked:" Are you angry with me? "" not "" I want you to tell me the story of your land "sea Fenger said Oriental Yong a wry smile and said: "What do you want to listen to what?" Yesterday you talked about Palace bucket things, I would like to listen to them "the sea Fenger eyes sparkled sè color, like a í general Oriental Yong nodded his head, began to talk to her story to the ...... By noon, the sea Fenger Oriental Yong Xie down, and then they grilled seaweed, eat lunch, after the sea Fenger looked embarrassed Oriental Yong Yong Oriental smile, the first activities of the activities of the body, the stiff body uncomfortable for a moment, then walked back to the stone pillars, the sea Fenger tied the chains at night, Oriental Yong sea Fenger down to eat finished dinner, sea Fenger seems deliberately head down, listening to Oriental Yong speak. But not for a while,-dòng came the voice of the Li River mother-in-law: "Fenger, tied him up, and then you come to" the sea the Fenger embarrassed glance Oriental Yong, both tacit tie chains, watching the sea phoenix children want to go out, Oriental Yong eyes turn a bit, then shouted out: "mother-in-law, you grabbed my order, what are the requirements you say it, I will try to help you do the footsteps of the sea Fenger meal , looked at Oriental Yong, and then look to the outside the dòng mother-in-law mother-in-law Li River Li River sound grunted, said: "You do not want to die, give me to shut up Fenger, come" Oriental Yong heart wall, watching out to sea Fenger, thinking of Yang E, they do not know they are not very worried about their ...... wake up, body pain and sour Oriental Yong, wait until the sea Fenger took off his Oriental Yong dumped a moment arm and tuǐ made stiff body comfortable. Sea Fenger looked sheepishly Oriental Yong, then they point the fireball from the seaweed, roasted, baked sea Fenger, screw nice eyebrow máo thought a moment, and then seaweed jiāo to Oriental Yong, he can not eat, and then she jumped out of the Mountain dòng After a child, she was pulled to seep through her mother came in, and then of the Oriental Yong hands of seaweed to get past, to persuade the road: "mother-in-law, roasted seaweed can be delicious, you can also eat eat a suspected mother-in-law of Li River looked, then shook his head, "my mother-in-law, can really eat, do not believe you can see, I also eat a" sea Fenger demonstration tear a small piece to eat into his mouth. Seep mother hesitated for a moment, take in the past, including gently, then slowly chew chewing, chewing a couple of her movements paused, and then they speed up the speed chewing up the sea Fenger and Oriental Yong smiled quickly seep mother-in-law of the sea Fenger baked finished, Oriental Yong baked handed over to seep through her mother snorted, Oriental Yong helpless, transferred to sea Fenger, then he then roast. Sea Fenger then seaweed to seep through her mother, but she took his hand, and began to eat seep mother-in-law to see the sea Fenger expertly grilled seaweed, optionally also took a coral branches, fork Shanghai dishes, grilled up . Although she pretended to be casual, but it can be seen that she was pretending to be Oriental Yong is not afraid of her, really almost laughed out soon trio put sea the Fenger picking seaweed eaten whole, she had re out picking a back, this time even more than the last time to eat, Oriental Yong found that seep through her mother eat most sea Fenger yesterday already eaten fresh enthusiasm, just enough to eat her appetite, satiety Oriental Yong think this is a good atmosphere, and then smiles on the Li River mother-in-law said: "mother-in-law, I know, between you and the dragon heaven holidays?" Originally Oriental Yong think, The atmosphere is so good, seep old woman had just finished his roasted seaweed, the so-called man-eating mouth short soft Helenians, even if she did not want to say, it will not turn hostile, but do not seep seep old woman old woman, that fell on the turn, saw her face sè suddenly black down to see the eyes of the Oriental Yong, made him think she wanted to kill him "Well, cunning human cold seep mother-in-law voice grunted, and then the sea Fenger said: "He tied up" and "mother" sea Fenger deflated deflated mouth, embarrassed said. "Do not you hear my words do, I will let you be careful with this cunning human, you are too let me down, you're not looked at him asking people laughed as false, I am afraid that after we let he succeeds, he immediately forget,Air Jordan 13, and then biting the hand that feeds seep through her mother sternly rebuke Road. Listening to seep through her mother say, sea Fenger looking back Yong-an Oriental eyes went back to the the previous jǐng Ti-sè of Eastern Yong heart wall, a gas onto the brain mén does not worry to jump up and shouted: "dead old woman, you really want to do, kind of you kill me, ah, take ah cover water Dan always fun tied me" b <

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