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17.05.2013 09:51
at twelve in the morning to go antworten

The seventy-sixth chapter jade exhibition opened yesterday is Tianhai Jade Association, also experienced a wonderful treasure hunt, today saw Chu old friends, the archaeology of master Wei Lao, but also as the Convention and exhibition center doors for nothing, wants to enter into, Liu far can not help some silly eye. This was before the ordinary, they cannot even find a job the swim, Chu Lao put his invitation to him, that the tour can act on the Chu Lao identity,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, fully representative of Chu Lao, many people want to get this honor, but also can afford. But in his shop one hundred yuan to buy jade jade suddenly becomes the Warring States jade, it makes Liu Yuanshan some can not accept, but the facts before us, but let him have to accept. These things although there is a shadow of Chu Lao, but if the tour is not equal to the antique level, would never get Li Lao's attention, even if he is the emperor's son, no level, the older generation of these antique professionals, never put a child in the eye. "Uncle, who let you early in the morning and ran out, we even can not find, or you can go with us." Looking at Liu Yuan-Shan regret shake one's head and sigh, Wang Hao seemed to take pleasure in other people's misfortune. Liu Yuanshan helpless smile, "Oh, I went to the ghost city Taobao to go today, at twelve in the morning to go, but I didn't find any good baby, is all some pretend to play the Yu." "Ghost city, Hai has it." The tour some asked in astonishment, the tone with a deep look, from the beginning, antique, he heard the ghost city this saying, but have never seen, heard there this time around that ghost city, want to have a look at the idea of feelings. Hear the word, Wang Hao felt around a cold wind blowing, a chill, "uncle, what is a ghost, the ghost will not really." "You this life is so, let you learn some knowledge of antiques, you know to play, small to swim, to tell him about the ghost city is what, is it right? Really a ghost." Liu Yuanshan some hate iron not steel scolded. The fiery Wang Haodao didn't follow Liu Yuanshan back, his heart like Der Spiegel, know Liu Yuanshan these words are good for him. Speaking of "ghost city" dates back to the late Qing dynasty. For example, the city of Beijing, the end of the Qing Dynasty "ghost city" heyday. When the fading, the country of the death, the emperor will soon lose, and do minister. The Qing Dynasty left many precious,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, dilapidated rich, after his defeat even eating has become a problem, finally can only rely on the sale of their ancestors left that something to drag out an ignoble existence. But after all,Nike Jordan 1 Shoes, this is a * * of a thing, did these people also once mighty, where afford to lose this face. So these days of the Qing Dynasty aristocratic afraid someone recognized, just before daybreak the half-light, took the antique secretly to the street, standing in the street lanterns selling, only to escape the acquaintance also made a sale. There are also some thieves, grave robbers, the stolen things while the dark sold. Because have a secret can not be said, can only sell cheap. So the "ghost city good goods" rumors spread. Also attracted many antiques experts often in the ghost city pick leakage buy some cheap. Because.

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