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17.05.2013 09:48
Oriental Yong heart sneer antworten

> 352 document (s): in fact, no more than 352 document (s): In fact, not much "you ...... you Fearless?" Zhang No asked, in surprise. Www quanBEn, com is "Oriental Yong nodded lightly," Do you believe you are in town there will be no security issues? "Fearless strength is an unattainable height for the average person, like Swordsman Marshal, the reason why people so respected, his wisdom and courage to lay the record, as well as because of his repair Fearless reasons, it can be imagined, ever know Oriental Yong age gently strength to the Fearless grade, how surprised Zhang No surprise first thought is thinking about returning to Man Star City must take it spread to the family, Oriental home a re-understanding and positioning, best to get them and Oriental family approached some second thoughts, the Oriental home before heard of grandson Fearless, but said he was sick, Is there any insider, and now the Oriental home Fearless grandson the Yang chūn City, became Yang chūn, City Marshal, Is the Oriental family want to make Oriental Yong here to Xiezhu the Yang E control Yang chūn City? After the things to think about some good and idea, Zhang No thought is reality, he felt that they have to lower the attitude, the face of to Fearless strong Oriental Yong, Zhang No not dare also with the kind of attitude and talk to him. This is the world of respect for the strong. "Oriental Marshal Fearless strong, really Congratulations" No Zhang said with a smile. Kimori my grandfather called Oriental and captain, you call me, called Marshal "" "No Zhang looked at his soldiers and Lin Peng and Li Mu-up, said:" Marshal me into the city not a servant instructed, could you let them in? "Kimori you just come to visit Yang Santo, but also directs servants what things? do you not come to visit Yang Santo, but do other things, but also with 500 soldiers? "Oriental Yong Guaishengguaiqi to asked. Zhang No cold sweat to flow out, just listen to the Oriental Yong said the words, he does not feel threatened now know that Eastern Yong Fearless, he was afraid of the East Yong misunderstood, quickly said: "Marshal misunderstood misunderstood, I see this Yang chūn of city people, better business, I Man Star City side of the businessman wants to come and do business, so let me go to the city to think what business can come Yang chūn City do good to go back and those businessmen, the money we earn hum and businessman can also bring more tax revenue to Yang chūn City the "Oriental Yong shook his head and said:" do business not Yang Santo holds the Emperor Is there Wong to do business? "Zhang No hesitated, taken aback Oriental Yong suddenly went to the city, walked, said:" It seems Kimori We came to visit, with a total said here on a never-ending, that in this case, I have something to go on advanced "ah?" No quickly catch up, said: "Marshal, I naturally it is a genuine visit, I'll go with you, labor out to pick me up "an angel came out to meet him, and suddenly his face with the sort of brilliance Oriental Yong listened back to, oh soon, efforts Nuzui:" That your soldiers? "of course listen Marshal, stay here "No" to curry favor. Oriental Yong see the achievement of purpose, no nonsense, turned and walked sunny chūn City, walked, said: "That the city" behind No followed up. Personally planned Oriental Yong Metro mén from Yang chūn City City mén, more than 10 km, it is equivalent to a distance of more than ten thousand meters, Oriental Yong Hyun gas operation to the feet, walking up light easily loose, and Zhang No soon tired out of breath, you want to stop the message, but to see the front of the Oriental Yong leisurely walk, as long as a stop, immediately opened the distance, and who can not called Oriental Yong to stop interest to break or waiting for him, so whether it had teeth and walked to the front. To mén the sun chūn City City, Zhang tired small tuǐchōu build, the tongue spit it out like a dog so panting. Oriental Yong deliberately looked back at him and asked: "Kimori you okay?" Whirring ... uh ... no ... nothing ... I'm fine ... call ...... "Zhang replied No intermittently . Oriental Yong heart smile, continue to walk to the front. And Oriental Yong was deliberately went to people on the street Although most people go to the sword decades, but the Yang city of chūn, keep a lot more than playing pre-war Yang chūn of the city there are many, so some lively street packed with people, all crammed go see dense mass of heads the Oriental Yong and Zhang, whether was surprised Oriental Yong walked in front, No slow step, quickly followed up, but the Oriental Yong squeezed out of the seat was to account for a No to squeeze two blocks, I felt his bones soon scattered, people here are packed too much, just like from all directions stiffened stone to crowd around General Zhang No do not go move quickly to find a corner stick, then gasped, Oriental Yong found him, you want to pull him away, he did not know, smile: "Marshal, I really die, people here too squeezed, my bones almost crushed you just heard the words of the city tumbled, I do not believe that, and now I finally understand your words, this city really is a more crowded burst, tumbled the word, too "Oriental Yong heart smiled, then said:" Yes ah, this city too many people, so we were to expand out ah, otherwise this city did not law living Zhang No hesitated, this topic can not go,Jordan Flight The Power Sale, he is speaking their expansion not legitimate, not let them said to be a reason. "Oh, Field Marshal, you see how walked this road?" The sheets No the paste nòng Road. Oriental Yong finally went to called several Golden Army recruits, these recruits are monks from all over conscription, the moment they patrol the street. Mr Oriental Yong see them, now he pulled the young men. Oriental Yong recruits patrol No, to squeeze Jiqu to Santo House. Even if both sides of the new soldiers guarding Zhang No, No is the way to go very difficult, almost ten seconds of one meter speed. Finally to Santo House mén mouth, Zhang No breathed a collective sigh of relief, looked down at her clothes the body Ling luàn,, if you see this in other places, other people thought he was crazy nv pull into after the devastation of the results of the room of whether and Oriental Yong finishing the clothes, and went inside. Heroine put enough posture, safely ensconced in the lobby waiting for Oriental Yong and Zhang No, these are to put on a strong look to Zhang No. No Zhang into the hall, holding hands line of a ceremony, said: "the Xiaguan ever seen Qin Princess" Oriental Yong a call, face green. Zhang No head down, did not see Yang E saw almost laughed out. Rebuke a white Oriental Yong, Yang E then look to whether Zhang. She was graceful and elegant show of hands, Qing Hui said: "You are a Man Star City Kimori, Zhang No,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, Zhang Guogong the child? Do not have much ceremony, after you call me Yang Santo" Yang Santo Zhang No touches did not think, the Heroine called Oriental Yong change just thought she liked feeling for the lord of the kind in power, why they say. "Kimori please sit down" the Oriental Yong was glad, the sheets No made a gesture, please. Oriental Yong and Zhang No in Yang E Xiashou sit down, Yang E and Zhang No hitches a ride bureaucratic, said East West is not to mention a little expansion. Zhang No fear in Oriental Yong, the Fearless, too embarrassed to expansion of the things mentioned at the beginning, so along the Yang E, then, did not talk about the little expansion. But this can be hard Oriental Yong, listening to them talking no sense, but very things of the expression of interest, the Yong to hear dizziness Oriental Oriental Yong but can not get out of here. Oriental Yong can not listen to these bureaucratic, but when playing tongue war, still very set. Yang E the bureaucratic right, playing tongue wartime, but less the Oriental Yong kind of indomitable vigor, so it was not suitable for playing tongue war. Wait Zhang No expansion Oriental Yong, Oriental Yong, do not know when he will be mentioned, had to wait here. Half an hour later, Oriental Yong Hu Hu dizziness, eye skin will soon Ke on, finally heard any mention expansion of thing. Zhang whether at the end of Heroine a topic, and then paused, to begin with Zhang Jia and Yang Chengxiang jiāo love, and then said to the friendship of the two cities, they shoot a lot of ass, not to mention it omitted a few thousand words, then whether it was transferred to the question, his face lù the concerns sè Road: "Young Santo in the city, oh no, it should be said is also the yet to come Yang chūn City, a dozen kilometers away, to see the thousands of soldiers puppet being built with 20-meter-high base city there but you Yang chūn City in repair the wall? "Heroine point nod, said : "Yes." "Oh, really Yang chūn of the city, but the 20-meter-high base city, you can imagine your walls to be repaired to 50 meters above? but I think this is wrong , you know how high you Bauhinia City fold walls, but also only 50 meters, if your walls are built to 50 meters, or fifty meters or more, I am afraid is not right? even if the emperor good heart, but lower the Minister but it will be said to the Emperor, you may rebel "Heroine did not hear the rebel tense but calm smile, said:" rebels, Kimori joking, I nv people, wants to build what Anti-built anti-what is the use, I believe that even if some minister said that the other faithful minister will I decide "I also believe that, but I'm afraid those faithful minister in those are moving nòng non the face of the evidence of the Minister of bad words "No looked Oriental Yong and Yang E a, and then said:" This is not only built high walls, also of the city widened so much to go, I have personally gone through into the north of the city mén, I have gone more than a dozen kilometers of road, new walls built up, I think your Metro I'm afraid to be larger than it is now Yang chūn of the city on a dozen times, that's enough those move nòng the evidence of the non-minister in the face of these facts, I'm afraid the emperor is not good partial Yang chūn City "Zhang Kimori much concern, you have just the city but also know that now Yang chūn, City the population of almost Yang chūn city to tumbled If we do not repair the city is expanding, I'm afraid can not meet the flow of people of the city what the facts, is called a fact, and our sun chūn City will rebel, but the mouth of those who on talking about it, rì for a long time will tell, time to prove that we are not rebels "Oriental Yong drink a cup of tea, then put down the cup, said Zhang No. "Oh, I naturally believe small Marshal faithful, not rebel, but the the Bauhinia city ministers said, more or less will bring to you the inconvenience, this is a fearful thing only afraid the Emperor Ming Yang of Santo returned to Beijing "" In fact, we also want to make the emperor we recall, you do not know, this place yang chūn City, a city of red Zhong want most, you do not know, ten days ago, million black wolf army flew here and nearly took the Yang chūn City to swallow, less a city, but fortunately we keep the emperor, but also saw the the Black Wolf Army terrible ah, so from time to want to hit them, the emperor wanted and called us to go back, I believe the emperor sent should be able to withstand the attack of the Black Wolf Army protection live positive chūn City, Oh, we really happy waiting on Zhang City keep, you're so real, will not be heard any news, or you're next Yang chūn City Kimori ah, that feeling these days, the other day I let my grandfather go to the Events, we transferred back to Beijing, uh ...... "Oriental Yong said with a smile. "No, no, I Where there is any news, I can not be the next president Yang chūn City Kimori This positive chūn city since it is the emperor kick Yang Santo, then how will send a Kimori, uh, small Marshal joking "No Zhang said quickly. "In fact, to me, is not to embarrass you, but I did not have that ability to make things difficult ah, just your Beijing, where ministers, but a fearful thing, Yang Santo and Marshal, but to worry about look, if they poured sewage that wash up on the trouble, do not say trouble, he was the first to be sick is not "Zhang No evasive topic pulled his ideal, continued. Yang E and Oriental Yong as one, know this whether there is something for the East Fangyong Shun, he said: "Yes ah, not less nausea nausea" I've got a sure way to give you this fearful thing, Once you master the ministers speech wind direction, or is more Minister to speak, then you can let Yang chūn City mastered the trend Yang chūn City "Zhang No forth his own purposes. Oriental Yong pretending to be seriously thinking about it, and asked: "Oh, then adult and you talk about how can grasp the ministers to speak Yang chūn City?" Ah "Zhang No delighted, Oriental Yong from previous been calling him Kimori it is now adult and Chang No thought Oriental Yong trusted his word, which own attitude honored. Zhang No enjoyed this respect he was pretending to be solemnly reach for the tea to suck a cleared his throat and continued: "Yang Santo father, our esteemed Yang Chengxiang adults, has a great voice in Beijing , Oriental Marshal grandfather also has a great voice,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, you two together, backing enough to Yang chūn City, but after all, they want to avoid arousing suspicion, ah, man-made one of us speak, only the emperor more skeptical, so this time, we need to have one, or a group of outsiders to persuade the emperor to speak for Yang chūn city, as a result, the emperor felt we all speak Yang chūn City, then Yang chūn city is not going to rebel, as a result, suspected small "Oriental Yong heart sneer, pretending to be surprised and asked:" Queen, you say which outsiders are willing to speak for us it? "Marshal you elders actual occurrence jiāo, we are now Lincheng, I naturally help you, that if there is a need, I can call my father, Zhang Guogong, out, speak for Yang chūn City, and I father, Zhang Guogong, jiāo good group of national companies and the Minister will respond to the meaning of my father's, this is true outsiders speak for Yang chūn City the emperor would believe 90% of the "Oh, it would first like to thank the Queen and Zhang Guogong the" Heroine smiled sense jī Road. Oriental Yong is also filled with a sense of the jī the like. No heart happy, but he immediately put on a difficulty with sè. Oriental Yong surprised, and asked: "how adult and Is there something easy to get things?" "Yes ah, I of Yang chūn city things go to my father, my father will be helping Yang chūn city, but my father jiāo good minister for national companies, some are not allowed to "Zhang No frowned. "Oh, why?" Oriental Yong asked. "You are young, do not know Bauhinia city is right and beneficial to focus on what friendship there are not necessarily able to get people to help my father with those Minister of Public jiāo of good, but they will not my father's words will be able to help Yang chūn City, ah, Lee often also need to impress them "Zhang No frowning, pretending an embarrassed look. "Oh, you mean give them interests? Then you tell them what is good, they will help Yang chūn City speak?" East Fangyong Shun asked his words. Small Marshal, we say that it is also the nephew, I was enthusiastic for the sake of you, ah, if you trust me, it let me to do, as long as you come up with a small part of the tax, I will let those nations helped of Yang chūn City, minister of public speaking "Zhang No red [luǒ to say his ultimate goal, but he like Overlord to account for other people's cheap, but have to corkscrew two nephew is so shameful ridiculous fig leaf Oriental Yong asked with a smile: "a small part of the tax that adults say, is how much?" "Oh, in fact, not much is ......" Zhang smiled and stretched out three fingers, said. b <

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