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17.05.2013 09:45
pay attention to the body ah." antworten

The sixtieth chapter Hua Diao mineral water in the morning, tour trippy woke up, stretched out his hand and stood in front of a dark and unable to see the scene, a face of vacant, subconscious took out his mobile phone to see, all seven, how did not see her mother to call yourself. He looked at the mobile phone, then looked at the front of the dark, fierce patted his head, and then start to escape Shu, spelled a life to escape with the direction of home. Mother, was so tired yesterday, unexpectedly fell asleep in the cellar, the Simmons were too comfortable, tour helpless wry smile. At home, his mother is busy in the kitchen, and did not seem to be aware of her son all night not back, in a dark cellar sleep a night. The tour was relieved, and then out of his room, all his clothes again, then pretend nothing had happened outside,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, with the mother to say hello. Parent should a, then smiled and said: "just called you a few minutes, you haven't promised yesterday, is it right? And boil too late, pay attention to the body ah." In desperation, the tour only casually nodded, yesterday was stayed up too late, but did not read a book, to engage in underground engineering to. "Mom, I have to go with Liu Shuhe Wang Hao at city today,Air Jordan Store, you must pay attention to the body at home, in addition to a behind the altar Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine in my room door, how much to drink a little every time you eat, good for your body." The mother told the tour. Parent while he ate his meal, he said with a smile: "small swim, mom is not the child, can take care of myself, even if you don't say, every time I will drink Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, is you, Tianhai city so developed, must caution." "Mom, stop, we all don't mention it." See endless words of comfort, the tour had to crustily skin of head stop, safety first, as long as their physical contact to the land, lest anyone not a threat to his safety. Mother heard to go today, he ran into the tour room picking up things, the tour stop her, but had to sit in the living room watching TV, boring. For a while, Wang Hao's phone call came, Liu Yuanshan and his family is waiting for him at the door, the Liu Yuanshan to back and forth easily, personally drive to the. If not himself no navigation equipment, the tour don't need to sit what car, since a road Dun to is a matter of how cool, not the bumps along the way, some just take one's ease fish back into the sea. But if in Wu Yang market Dun play away, out of the Wu Yang, the tour became a headless flies, don't know where to go, the next year to the sea city. To get this thing, then you really reached the sky,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, the fish swimming. Now the gray air flow also is not very adequate, if fled to the wilderness no gas, in addition to the aura around objects and not available for absorption of land, so he can sleep in the field, this is the one thing tangled to swim, the total can not carry a few big jar. Mother all the way to the door, watched the tour by car away, Liu mountains have a brand-new Honda, although the appearance is domineering, but is 4489 yuan. Wang Hao, this is very small.

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