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17.05.2013 09:45
red Cher seems this power antworten

> 911 today, many years, ah, I remember when I was in elementary school, the first and students to discuss international events, it is like dust, how much truth buried the victims rest in peace --- --------------------- Run ah, Sim generals killed in the observatory "Black Wolf army base camp mess the soldiers side of a mad running side roared. Www. QuAnBeN. com observatory near the entrance of the camp place, Oriental Yong entered the big business, to see the height of the observatory excellent, his eyes, look at the stage of a middle-aged majesty general a volume the blade of the knife pierce the pit of the stomach, and now he was almost dying, it seems physically strong, and now also left a trace gas in the East Yong saw two This is a look at the VIP generals, and looked not far from deserters soon make a choice, Young horse chase to the deserter is generally generals, then personally hand blade the other coach, military medals will be enormous, so be sure to choose to stay to the point of death, the other coach cut his head Oriental Yong General General? Not, because the Oriental Yong and generals difference between general general care for war, Eastern Yong care to kill each other, so that they can not afford to attack military medals of Yang chūn, City? To his mother] for war, a credit on the battlefield are Oriental Yong metal cavalry troops followed the Oriental Yong kill deserters went Oriental Yong to see the direction of the right side, there is a small group of deserters, and they are wounded, but only one, let them, and then chasing Black Wolf Army Corps away but the other coach for that dying Oriental Yong is not completely mind, the back of his mind the connected separation of the silver cavalry riding a hundred surrounded ...... has escaped near Xin Yi, looked back at one of the big business, suddenly stunned stunned, how is this going the other young of the Lord, there is not even grab the black the wolf army "coach", but to chase the "deserters"? Am I wrong people grasp it? At this time, Xin saw Eastern Yong look to this group of "wounded", felt his eye fell on his body, Xin heart of a tight, his mother] will not be trying to kill group of 'wounded', right? Sim a sudden there is a feel that he is very sad reminder of the feeling that the losses more than forty thousand troops, and then counted on the meter, leaving the big camp, kill a general, is to want to exterminate the other side of the Lord, but expect myself to put the bait , the other party do not look in the eyes of their side dozen soldiers,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, a group of monsters cavalry soldiers puppet rushing, he would no doubt kill but soon, eyes Oriental Yong left him, and then to the large forces deserters chase go Sim look one by one, was relieved, but fear gave a big business, and then greeted with the wounded guards quick escape Oriental courage to recover a large camp two or three kilometers, and suddenly feel the world startled, even the air shaking violently, I heard a loud explosion coming from behind Oriental Yong body is unable to control, from his horse fell down, the elderly fox the first time in the East Yong sacked from his horse jump before, pulled his body, then the body pad to go below the old man and the mysterious Weng control your body, look good, immediately jumped up, Oriental Yong and elderly fox body dragged to fly in the sky elderly fox wow sprayed a mouthful of blood, and the mouth of the Oriental Yong overflow blood was found floating in the sky, waves of Gang Feng blowing from the direction of the Camp the East Fang Yongqiang endured uncomfortable, look to the Black Wolf Army Camp I saw a huge mushroom cloud rose from the Black Wolf Army Camp, ground a circle of light waves from the center of the mushroom cloud off, they are light waves sweep the place, are tremendous power off, turn fly, destroying Oriental Yong see also remain in the large camp did not run out of terracotta soldiers are light waves swept into shaken to pieces, and then into the light, flew in from the west Yong into the Oriental Yong Mei heart kilometer in from Camp horsemen who have been turned over into the light to fly back to the East Yong eyebrow heart; the cavalry around Oriental Yong, were all shaking more than the Black Wolf Army Camp Qin figurines soldiers, all for the first time into light, back to Oriental Yong eyebrows Oriental Yong from the communion of these terracotta soldiers mind, knowing that the explosion from the soldiers who mutiny stabbed the pit of the stomach Sim General "the observatory triggered Knowing this message, Oriental Yong back cold sweat crashed out, if you just stay in the camp who caught" Xin General ", it must be the atomic bomb blasted gas, this is simply an atomic power, want to harm yourself or the entire cavalry regiment of the atomic bomb his mother] mutiny, killed his mother] What Sim General there are false, all this is to want to own killed in the camp his mother] who want to killed me? Red and loyalty? Or Sim General? Oriental Yong did not guess red Zhong surnamed Xin, since they are a group, Oriental Yong Qiu note of the mushroom cloud slowly lifted off, the following situation can gradually be clearly seen, a 100 meters wide, four The five-meter-deep hole appears clearly in front of the Oriental Yong, Oriental Yong Yuen Weng et al could not help but inhaled air What is this,Air Jordan Store, the force of the explosion is so powerful, if this stuff is thrown into the city, that the Yang chūn City would be finished Oriental Yong look to the Black Wolf Army escape, and now they have run out of sight, Oriental Yong look to the front of the Black Wolf Army Camp, Wan Qi Oriental Yong, followed 5,000 ordinary soldiers, because they clean up the battlefield in the back, so they could not follow the Oriental Dawn into big business, but most of them have fallen to the ground, most of them injured in a wave of Oriental Yong, said: "Go back to save Yuen Weng raised their hands to prevent, said: "not from their camp and walked, I do not know there is not anything dangerous," the old man nodded Yang Ming, Yuen Weng and his lingering fear so powerful weapon, they both days were not even discovered, it is also scared and ashamed Oriental Yong also feel justified agree. Yuen Weng out two Danwan, into the mouth of Oriental Yong and elderly fox After a child, Oriental Yong do not feel very uncomfortable Oriental Yong around more than four thousand cavalry began to go to the back, around the Black Wolf Army Camp walked over, were mysterious Oriental Yong Weng old man with a fly in the sky in the past ... back in time to the Oriental Yong and 20,000 cavalry encounter, the last Oriental Yong rushed to victory Black Wolf Army Camp in Shenyang Södermalm chūn upstairs, see Eastern tiger blood boiling, Yang E female is seen Meimou luminous sight Oriental Yong won a great victory, Cao Fei soldiers with the message ran down the tower to tell to the people of the city know that the people of the city are now cheering the eyes of an Eastern tiger is on the battlefield, regular eyes, he felt, Oriental Yong is now going to attack each other's Camp, the troops must not enough, so to Heroine Santo raised troops to support Heroine Oriental courageous group of soldiers puppet, another mysterious Weng, the old man and sent her red Meier protection, even if there is a mighty force, the other side can not hurt Oriental Yong lay a finger on , so he Bing away attack each other's big business, this is a joke, but he has the strength, let him go to the clamor and the soldiers of male chūn the city, only enough defenders, followed by Oriental Yong that once damaged, Yang chūn City in danger, Oriental Yong want to return the city to sleep a quiet sleep will be a problem, so Yang E rejected the views of the Oriental Tiger conservative wait to see the Black Wolf Army camp fire Oriental Yong has not yet come into the camp, it shows a problem in the camp of the Black Wolf Army. The Oriental Tiger questioning look to see Yang E, Yang E know what he meant, that Black Wolf Army Camp may desertion from the army, now is the bargain when to send troops had nothing to lose but Yang E or do not want to, she thought the black wolf army ran, leaving something to them, it is naturally there, do not need to pull out the soldiers guarding the city to try to steal their stuff see Oriental Yong cavalry into the black wolf army camp, and soon put up a banner of Yang chūn city, Yang E and Oriental Tiger, Cao Fei et al loud Heleyisheng the then Oriental Yong gold figure as an arrow, with the cavalry through the camp, Yang E and other people's eyes with his shadow moving, and I feel more and more excited thundered loudly, Black Wolf Army Camp exploded almost fell Heroine and Yang et al, wind and thunder, and sister, and red Cher quickly help live them, so they promptly see a the yellow sè explosion cloud rose from the large camp, and numerous debris from flying out then that yellow sè explosion Hun Sen into a mushroom cloud, can see the big camp, I saw the big hole, the whole camp is a mess, everyone inhaled breath, scared not already Heroine woman is scared face sè are paper white, They can not believe that just Oriental Yong is not timely chase deserters went fast, then there will be dreadful consequences, General Oriental, quick to send troops to pick up the courage to come back "Heroine panic, she want Oriental Yong security back" ah, General Oriental, Yong brother can not detect any problem, you go fast troops Yang Chen Ling reminder, her eyes reddening up. Yang month did not speak, but the eyes look at the city, and look at Oriental Tiger THUNDERCLOUD sisters and red Cher feel Oriental Yong is all right, but it is also very anxious. Fortunately, they all see the Oriental Yong chase so far, there is no damage by explosion, or do not know these women will make anything gaffe but they were concerned about the heart of the Eastern Yong is the most authentic Oriental Tiger and Cao Fei is face sè whitish, they, as one, from each other's eyes, they could see each other's ideas and their own Black Wolf Army is giving them with yīn seeking front Oriental Yong 40,000 troops destroyed them, may really hit them by surprise, but then a large camp fire escape army, it is a yīn plan, you want to Oriental Yong and killed by the army since the inside yīn seek seek yīn, then the other will let Yang chūn city? The beginning of Oriental Yong victory, and took their camp, the natural reaction of the people of the Eastern Tiger, naturally, is to send troops out to snatch the trophy together; to the explosion Oriental Yong was killed, the Oriental Tiger will troops in the Oriental Yong to seek a little hope these two results will let of Yang chūn city forces most of them to go out, then suddenly appeared one the the Bing Libi Yang chūn of City soldiers even more bigger army, Yang chūn, City will be changing hands this result, are too terrible Oriental Tiger and Cao Fei eye contact and soon decided to fly by Cao Yang E off, Oriental Tiger to mobilize the soldiers playing jīng God, ready to defenders war Cao fly away in the past, first listening to the commandment of the Yang E, only then the idea say it again. Heroine are not satisfied, said: "The most important thing now is the safety of the Oriental Yong, even Yang chūn City tense, first ensure his safety, you quickly send troops, or I'll withdraw the two of you, this positive City chūn is "All of a sudden, this time a soldier cry:" Look at it the Black Wolf army from side to "all surprised a moment, and then look at the west within the meaning of the soldiers I call the shots, and sure enough there is a large group of Black Wolf army banner army forward quickly here to come all face sè is white, turned around and was about to loud under hard command to Cao Fei Yang E, Cao Fei channel: "Santo, I am now cavalry to send a hundred people came back to pick up the Oriental Marshal, I know Santo want to send soldiers to go more and more to protect the safety of small Marshal black wolf army, but now has to wait until build a large number of soldiers , may slow the "Heroine think Cao Fei right, but also the Cao Fei rugged look gives a sincere feeling, Yang E nodded and said:" you let the cavalry received Yong, Yuen Weng, the old man, red Meier must protect the security of the good Yong hiding in the corner of the red Meier hum twice, and then come back the fastest, wait Oriental Yong back Do not expose yourself at exposed have to talk about the good things, or hum, he put his relationship with Yang said Cao Fei while play back a soldier, soldiers go to a collection of 300 cavalry, while listening to the commandment of the Yang E, Lianlian Chen , and then a nod to Heroine, ran down the tower, and soon, the soldiers riding in a 300 out of the gate Heroine anxiously standing on the tower, next to the busy soldiers, she did not bother to Black Wolf The army near arrows shè to tower up, trebuchet and other weapons, a siege warfare broke out the red Meier jumped out from the shadows, to Heroine side, her side of the arrow and grind stone fend off and Yang E Road: "The Heroine, the Oriental Yong security, he let me come back to protect you, not safe here, we will soon go on" a few women hear the red Meier, surprise surrounded her , but was red-Meier waved his hand, said: "Do not say, hurry down Oriental Yong command" several women an Oriental Yong command, although some objections, but they will still be very honest underground the tower. Red Cher walking in the back, red Meier stare at one for his mouth-shaped: "dare to speak out, I Zousi you" red Cher on her spit spit pink tongue and made a face, and then run to the front to the red Meier wrinkled his nose, snorted or two, but she knows that her daughter will not betray her the red suddenly in front of Cher running back, stretched out a hand, his face with a smile red Meier surprised a moment, and then furious Duqi the mouth, round eyes stared at her, smelly daughter even dare aging mother to the benefits of red Cher will say, his head turned to Yang E side, the meaning of the threat However the red Meier bite the bullet, but no way, had promised her. Hum: "Well, you want to do any good?" What are the benefits of hush money, made me accounted for you cheap like ...... "red Cher laughs and says, although she make excuses for myself, but her face on more and more of laughing flowers betrayed her mood "less fee if" red Meier Pieliaopiezui, hum. Hee, I want fans Mei Heart "red Cher said carefully, very carefully finished red Meier face looked red Meier expression of a board, serious and said:" for another "hush money not buy things bargaining "red Cher seems this power law is very eager to want it, immediately retorted. Dead Cher, so how can you learn that power law, possessed by the devil, you become yin rabbit red Meier said sternly. "Mom, you much time to learn this power law?" Red Cher to face her, "but I remember someone blowing with me, you learned exercises than I was little, oh "Red Meier face embarrassed, but still insisted:" No,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, you have my protection, strength and power law step by step slowly up just fine, without venturing "red Cher quickly said: Who says there is no danger, ah, you see worldly man is a mess, if not point ability, so that a small woman how to live? "" Then you brats farther from the east Yong "red Meier rip out and smiles. "I have chosen, I would also like to protect the mother of Yang E" red Cher narrowed his eyes and said: "And have you around, even if he had learned the exercises dangerous, do Mom, you can not protect me? ' her expression look, it seems as if you can not protect me, that I ran Heroine mother over there, and say that I can not protect her daughter, I'm angry red Meier shock will, who told her such a daughter , but it could adopt an open, so she just concerns to be thrown to one side, hum: "Well, you dead girl, so small, so sāo grow up how to do his aging mother, but ready to collect the full gift money to you married "" An it, I'll get married also come back to your pension "red Cher happy smiles. "Come on, give me power law" red Meier smile a little, I saw she was worried law must, then the index finger of his right hand more than a little pink spot, red Meier only index finger outstretched, facing red Cher forehead, pink spot into the red forehead Cher Cher red close your eyes, feel a bit large numbers in mind, for a moment, her face could not help crimson <

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