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then hundreds of people antworten

> "You tear the paper, what does it mean?" Red Cher asked curiously. Yong touched the red of the Orient, WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Cher's head, smiled and said: "do not agree with the views of the Oriental Tiger Oriental Yong know, the south wall is the real battlefield, so to deny Oriental Tiger increase soldiers views of the North gate next time, the West Gate and North Gate playing hot, but with the intelligence behind the north gate only a dozen monks attack,Jordan Superfly Shoes, while the West Gate, there are thousands of Black Wolf Army attack half an hour later, both sides of the fighting more and more tragic, South Gate little movement, the heart of a lot of people are put up, unable to bear the torment become impatient red Cher on the ground walked up and down, and finally could not help but like a baby, Yang E: "Mom, I went to the west gate to see, a while back, ok?" Cher, there is very dangerous, how can you go? "Yang E and Yang month to stop them. Chek Cher Du Duzui, grievances and said: "But the people's mother is still fighting over there, people want to for her Mom ah" Oriental Yong white at her, she will be strange letter, but her ability to go there can help a little busy, waved and said: "Let her go, however, once you see here has happened, we must immediately went to the side, or no one to protect your Heroine mother, where damage will happen blame you "Oriental Yong behind the words is the red Cher said. "I know it, the bad guys" red Cher smiling one, on the fly, the west gates Oriental Yong arms out from a topaz, stuffed into the hands of Yang Chen Ling said: "Chen Ling, etc. what you want to protect yourself, Grab this Jianying jade, it can protect you people have seen Jianying Yang E and Yang Chen Ling jade, know that it is sent to the Oriental Yong Chung Hok Elderly, no one thought the Oriental Yong will come up with to give Yang Chen Ling, help a little surprised, but could see Oriental Yong Yang Chen Ling care, also relieved Yang Chen Ling looked affectionately Oriental Yong, sweet Xie: "courage nice brother" but she shake and shook his head, said: "But Yong brother wearing it, wait a minute if the war started, I go back to Santo House Yong brother, not to get into trouble the" Oriental Yong firmly Jianying jade plug in her hand, said: " you're holding your safety, I have more confidence, "said, and from the arms come up two copper sè of one large and one small turtle-like things, to Yang months, said:" This is a picture-Genki , as long as excitation, can protect you, the first time I used, because it would not mysterious gas trapped in the inside, and finally let the students against me, and their energy consumption light, come out, but you two mysterious air, as long as the decision in accordance with this Act can close up the "Oriental Yong told his knowledge of law must Heroine and Yang. This set of picture-Genki the last Oriental Yong, on my side, Yue Ya mean, just to spend handy Yang E gratefully looked at the Oriental Yong closing down. After ten minutes, the East Yong suddenly felt something, turned around, looked outside the old man's voice this time also the following rang, laughed and said: "Ha ha ha, the old lady waiting for you a long time, Come "dark Oriental Yong saw more than 30 shadow,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, suddenly more than thirty shadows on the Town throw something over, that something massive with a Mars shining tail, Oriental Yong surprised a moment, this is what Oriental brave contingent stared, yelled: "the gunpowder package ......" "fast, fast shè drop them, you can not let them near the" Oriental Yong archers ordered . Oriental Yong turned the ladies said: "have to be careful, Yang E, Yang Yue, Chen Ling, you have to picture-Genki go inside, empty beast beast, to be careful, do not hurt" fast archers station to the edge of the battlements, but following the old man to start a black light character array, which is a wall-like character array, is very long, as long as it seems and south walls, one liter, stand in front of the tower, gunpowder bags hit symbol on the wall, even rebound back to rebound strength is not weak, shè to those shadows, shadows are a panic, quickly scattered to escape the rumbling more than thirty packets of gunpowder explosion, dozens of fireball in night in a very prominent earth unable to withstand ground motion, Oriental Yong standing on the tower flutter flutter, cursed weight of gunpowder is large enough, if thrown into the tower, it is not blasted a large hole suddenly Oriental Yong found that the sky movement looked up, as if the countless big bird in the sky to the city where bird flying? Oriental Yong stared and shouted: "something in the sky above, careful," the mysterious Weng in Oriental Yong side, he looked up and fancy sky, whispered: "That was training pigeons birds ride above with "Oriental Yong roughly this time forget about these birds almost a hundred head above can only ride a common sense point of view, then hundreds of people come from the air, you want to airborne? But the role of hundred people? Suddenly Orient Yong to see the city by a fire, immediately think of what, almost shouting out his mother drops they want Oriental Yong throw gunpowder package down his thoughts, said Xuan Weng the face sè slightly changed. , nodded his head, agree with the idea of ​​Oriental Yong At this time, out of the three figures in the darkness outside the city, through the flame, getting closer to the gates came three hands kept fast dancing Road, a pop-up magic from their hands, fell on the body weeks, and soon the three of them formed at the foot of a light character array, purple, yellow, blue, to see the power and influence, are anti-attack the character array three down stop in the old man's black light wall in front of the array, the purple character array on the left suddenly a purple column, strike at a point on the black light wall matrix, the black light wall array while shaking and then the yellow character array also issued a yellow beam of light, just hit the same point, then blue character array, are playing on the same point, the three men take turns to attack only old man standing in the City, a somewhat ugly black, but not the image of the old man look dirty, but strange master style he said quietly, looking out three Fearless monks take turns to attack, shows his absolute confidence in the character array three per person per ten attacks, black light wall Array simply shaking badly, but there is no collapse, the dark rushing two joined the attack bang bang bang sound sounded very dense, almost Oriental Yong remembered seen in past lives to see a large machine gun This is the sound of nearly fifty per person, black light wall array whole big light up, and then violently twisted, shortly H slamming, like glass broken five rejoicing the hands of non-stop,Air Jordan Womens, the light beam at the old man, He shè <

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