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17.05.2013 09:40
in the eyes of the tour antworten

The forty-fourth chapter Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, called the daughter (three) looked at the old bottom hasn't sit, saying Chu Lao had let him make a hurried journey without stop ran out, the tour was filled with wonder, "Chu Wu the old old, this is what went." "Ha ha,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, this old boy want to drink, do not pay. How can do it, he went to buy food, you know Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet with what food is really delicious it." Speaking of food, Chu Lao look somewhat intoxicated. Tour two people all shook his head, don't understand Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet so perfect, also need to add what dish is delicious, in the eyes of the tour, Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet delicious but also tastes better than. "Ha ha, yellow wine in general older people drink more some Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, drink the best tapas is crab, crab and cool, and Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine Nuanwei, both with perfect together, for a while, you can taste the delicious world title is how to come, keep your home meal no longer a little interest." Chu Lao smiled and explained, so the best Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet enough, add a little wine, is just the icing on the cake, have enough to drink a little. The tour and Wang Hao is OK also often drink some wine, it will hear Chu Lao say can eat delicious, suddenly some expect to be eager for a fight, ready to eat a. "Chu old, a small pot of wine should not be enough for us to drink." Wang Hao looked at the blue and white small pot, said was bitter, but he drink bottle blowing before, this small pot is not one of his own people to drink. Chu Lao looked up and smiled, "so good, you should carefully taste, can have one flavor, this wine is enough." After a few minutes, Mr. Wu was carrying several bags of food came back, "Chu old, immediately on the plate, we must carefully taste the best Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet today." The dishes were soon end up, under the drink Wu veteran bag on the plate, more than 20 yellow, shiny hairy crabs were placed in three plates, each crab volume almost adult palm so big, a strange crab fragrance in the air, let a person can't help appetites, want Shuo large flowers. "Mr. Wu, such a big crab, you where to." Has been in the Wu Yang market mix, have to understand each restaurant Wang Hao some doubts, he didn't remember which restaurant to have such a large crab, and enticing aroma. The Wu Lao some pride, "that you do not know it, confidentiality,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, hey, not to mention the other, here we go." Chu Lao nodded, gestured, few people have already unsupportable directly to the hairy crab body, hand crabs began to peel the shell. Eating his yellow crab, from time to time to drink Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, tour and Wang Hao put his fingers to bite down. Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine that rich flavor completely removed crabs heavy smell, make people fully enjoy the delicious crab, crab meat in one hand, a hand holding a bowl, I drink, a few people feel comfortable my heart. "Chu old, fifty years old Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet I also drink wine, but doesn't have a bowl of fragrant and mellow, drink down the whole body warm, Chu old, how much is this >

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