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17.05.2013 09:38
could not help lament antworten

> (Canvassing, men between the husband to pay the grain tax, to vote in the reading!) 023 pen - I fell in love with Yang Chen Ling Oriental Yong respectful: "Xie Wuhuang sub kindness, but my clothes were torn. , but also go back and change a good the WWW,Nike Jordan 1 Shoes, QunabEN com so next time, let me please five princes? "next time please, just the Tuokou word, not necessarily please! Even if it will please to see if there were no chance, as well as how the relationship between the two, if the Lin son's marriage did not cancel, it is also possible, if canceled, that opportunity is not big. "That's good." Zhuyong Hao Road. Two people talking all the time, Yang Chen Ling quietly in the doorway receded. "Chen Ling!" The Yang Chen Light Huanliaoyisheng, suddenly Yang Chen Ling froze body. "Wait a minute, you accompany me to the garden of cherry blossoms!" Said Yang Chen Guang. Yang Chen Ling helpless head down, slowly walked back. Because her head down, the results did not look at the front, small head hit a person. She looked up angrily, Jiaohu said: "Who is so annoying!" When she saw Oriental Yong, exclaimed: "Ah Yong brother?" Oriental Yong her brilliant smile, warm channel: "Thank you,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, Chen Ling, and you very happy! "ah?" Yang Chen Ling dumbfounded. Prior to this, the Oriental Yong Yang Chen Ling always a little emotional resistance that Yang Chen Ling is feeling out. Not because the prime minister on the political bullying him, leaving him in disgust or hostility to the granddaughter of her prime minister, but he saw such a cute girl, he not only did not like it, but some angry, always wanted to rid himself of ! Caught him peeking his Oriental Binger the bathing sè wolf behavior, so he did not do a good development is not sensible, even for my aunt very warm, but they are not cold, not hot! Yang Chen Ling sad to think so unattractive? Let's just say, just when the two meet in the door Bogut Church, he is not looking forward to see his, saw themselves also surprised accident, or even their ticket money. Well, it is oolong, but also to see how his attitude. Now he suddenly gentle enthusiastically said to myself, with their own very happy, especially his burning eyes, Yang Chen Ling felt he no longer angry, then do not bother yourself! Yang Chen Ling after surprised, immediately extremely pleased, there is a trace of happiness. Recall just two work together to understanding the original proposition and Chu, Oriental Yong protect their behavior on several occasions, and grew more and more sweet! Yong brother, too! "Yang Chen Ling watery Meimou watching Oriental Yong, white Beckham teeth nibble her lips, said:" Yong brother very kind of you, just good times stand in front of me, I like you protect my look! "the little girl comes to the back, sounds more and more gentle, more light! Oriental Yong is through the people, but also a middle-aged uncle crossing over the mental age is not ignorant youth. Occasionally do peek girl taking a bath this elegant, but the girl did not attract the heart of his uncle, Oriental Yong looked like Yang E, as mature and charming woman, always the little darling bang bang jump, male xìng hormonalresponse wearing underwear outside the pants will significantly change! So, he saw Yang Chen Ling always pestering him, will be trouble. However, just upstairs to hear the voice of Yang, Chen Guang Yang Chen Ling, a strange reaction, Oriental Yong think her fiance, his heart is blocked, uncomfortable. Feeling very strange, Oriental Yong do not know how nervous the Young chick? Yang Chen-wide attempt to save Yang chick Oriental Yong finally saw the her "fiance" the true face, turned out to be her brother, Oriental Yong heart was all tangled! Also at that time, the East Yong understand his own heart, although tired of her, but more and more care about her, she is an increasingly important position in his heart! Through the experience, and come here, know that they live only 20 years, these Oriental understand cherish. Flowers worthy to be straight off, Mo broken branches to be empty with no flowers! So, he is now the Yang Chen Ling put his heart, much better care of her! Although they do not know the other side of the psychological changes and ideas, but the mood of this moment is the same, there is a trace of joy, a hint of excitement, there is a ray of happiness! Oriental Yong smiling nod, "I first go back, and after that I'll find you." Yang Chen Ling also tap the head, then turned and looked at the Oriental Yong watching the hero,Air Jordan Outlet, with his Qingming River map, there is a servant out of the Bogut Church! Side of Yang, Chen Guang Zhu Yonghao the face sè are not very good-looking! Yang, Chen Guang the face sè can be said to be livid, bastard Oriental kid, even soak his sister in front of his face! Sister too shameless, even in the romance, but also in front of the five princes, ...... go back and be sure to take her! Zhu Yonghao is dark teeth, in addition to a special affair, he was five brothers Lin Princess which, regardless of the Fu Huang will not cancel Oriental kid with her marriage, but at least he was Oriental kid brother-in-law, Oriental The kid actually in front of the face of the future brother-in-law because of who should engage in pre-marital affair case! Yang, Chen widely noted that the five princes of the face sè know how many will stay here bad luck, and see my sister has not recovered from the state of the Amah Rock, could not help lament. "Well, Linger!" Yang Chen Guang heavy cough loudly, wake the infatuated Yang Chen Ling, then serious and said: "You told me yesterday not to accompany you to the garden of cherry-blossom viewing, just cherry-blossom viewing time, which go to 100 garden? "Chen Guang Yang finished, turned his head, Zhu Yonghao said:" Five Prince, Chen Guang also accompany Shemei to which leave! "Zhuyong Hao smiled and said to him:" Well, next time we and then find a place to drink a few glasses! "say good-bye." finish, the Yang Chen Guang took sister turned around and went out. Just recovered Yang Chen Ling, listening to his brother, stunned for a moment, yesterday I did not say to go to the garden, but then she will understand the brother excuse, but have just Yong brother lovingly scene, as if they looked. Yang Chen Ling face shy red, small hand clutching clothes, body reduced to Yang Chen Guang behind. Yang Chen Guang then carried away out, she did not resist. Until Chen Guang Yang disappeared at the door, Zhuyong Hao calm eyes appear touch of strange sè, he had in mind Oriental Yong, he had the kind of disease, even Chu Yuan four-Xuan Ping men can also get through three measures and without any damage, Is the Fu Huang to Bamei the marriage is not so simple? Out of Bogut Hall, Yang Chen widely eyes there and Zhuyong Hao eyes, looking at the direction of Oriental Yong leave, my heart a little status for the East Yong! Followed behind the pure Yang Chen Ling looked at some fear brother, gritted his teeth, like a baby: "Brother, we will soon go, do not wait until the flowers are grateful!" Yang Chen Guang recovered, hum: "Well! you would like to look at the flowers, ah, or go home with me! "Do Well, good brother, do you have the heart to take me home to go to my father and mother and uncle aunt training curse?" Yang Chen Ling shook the hand of Yang, Chen Guang. Yang, Chen Guang: "......" "Do you want me to cry for you to see?" Yang Chen Ling watery eyes threatened. Yang Chen Guang: "Ok, go, see spent!" <

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