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such a good thing does not antworten

> 274 pen: a reward and evaluation of tickets to see me as you struggle to (thank Luoshuang Quan "," Lingling ", thank you for your support!)" A silver beast was killed, the end of the race nobody can get involved! "black unicorn looked at the last one silver beast in the North sent two elders of his men were killed, silver heart out, announced the end of the race! At the same time, the red loyalty to a move unfamiliar Fan of Knives cut the collapse of the old man's black emperor City fire evil array, the Oriental Yong and old man from the altar Zhenfei go! Red Zhong to hit Liangbing street knife, beheaded him and the altar in the middle of the Black Wolf Army and fought figurines, empty your way out, he quickly and rushed to the altar! Rushed to the altar, red Zhong black wolf scouts no longer ignore his own shadow disappear from the altar Chuan Songzhen on! Oriental Yong clutching his chest, chest pain like to keep our noses to breath breath, but to suffocate in general, he insisted to stand up and saw red Zhong through Chuan Songzhen the case, could not help in a hurry! See the red Meier, she just by the two injuries are Wei animal husbandry, giving, Wei, animal husbandry Oriental bronze Yong Xi damage the book, he also injured, red Meier quickly chase, two red beam of light puff to play in the body of the guard, animal husbandry, Wei, animal husbandry injury plus injury, face sè pale hideous horrible! Oriental Yong roared: "red Meier, fast chase red loyalty, and he ran the bronze went to the Colosseum!" Red Meier meal, she understands the meaning of Oriental Yong said, because the bronze Colosseum Heroine Chek Cher there, Although mysterious Weng in, but they do not trust! Red Meier gave Wei, animal husbandry, and turned to the altar flying. www! QUAnbeN! another day, COmjīng wucheng, cases see Guardian, animal husbandry were injured, and red Meier turned directly to the back of Buddhism left him,Air Jordan After Game, this is a good opportunity to attack, he nodded his finger in the air , a green sè of character drew out, and then go to the red Meier shè of! A breath to take these green character comes out, red back Meier could not help give birth to a cold sweat ... a Black Light from the air cut down, hit the green character, terrifying green symbol is black light chop were appalling, turned into a little star! All surprised, looked up, surprised to find black unicorn looked coldly below the Kirin mouth bang out cold words: "I said, not be allowed to hands!" Black unicorn said, it seems to jīng wucheng days were punished another channel black light shè to, jīng Wu City days were felt powerless to resist, but for the fear of death and the treasure of life, he wanted to run away, you want to fight back, but he thought just from the black light hit him in the body, the time was so fast he did not have the opportunity to action! Wu jīng City days were the body through a big hole, he fall down from the sky! Wei, animal husbandry stared at the face of grief, yelling: "Dominic ...... another Wu jīng City Fearless exclaimed:" Elder! "But this but cried out in days were lost consciousness, like dead from the sky zìyóu falling body down! Black unicorn turned his head to see to Black Wolf Army and fought figurines warfare together, directly shè the next two black light, sweeping away the past, all still in the bucket frame black wolf army and Chi figurines chop in half! Oriental Yong Chi figurines touches does not matter, they crushed body back to Oriental Yong Huang tower repair,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, and Black Wolf Army life lost forever! Everyone to wake up from the shock, Oriental Yong old man said: "You also chase out!" "No, your safety is more important," the old man refused to. "Nothing here who can not move me fast, the back can not lose!" Oriental Yong firm said. Old man so determined to see Oriental Yong, had to listen up away! Fearless of Wu jīng City to see Eastern Yong around two days were gone, eyes light up,Nike Air Jordan 4, but seen in mid air black unicorn, I think he just said, there is still one spike days were strength, not help scalp chills, not action! Nishihara Ge elders and Huangqi elders, the elders of the Northern School as the glances they see one silver heart Oriental Yong number reached more than eight hundred pieces, and they add up to only three factions over five hundred pieces, red Zhong has withdrawn more than two hundred pieces jīng Wu City three elders, and they are dead and another injured, leaving only an angel is now very clear, Oriental Yong is the most advantageous! The large Presbyterian natural to strive to maximize the interests of the three factions eyes on the TV after made a commitment to the Oriental Yong shown! Gas elders of the Northern School was the first to go past the door disciples silver heart gave Oriental Yong, behind Ge elders and the Huangqi elders followed the galactic center to the East Yong, Wen Qi elders said: "Oriental master, we get the galactic center to send in the East Master, hope we subglottic disciples to the mausoleum trials, to get your help to take care of! "Oriental Yong nodded his head, such a good thing does not accept a fool, and cross- their three factions, will not let Eastern Yong's father by the three factions of trouble! Oriental Yong smile and said: "Thank you, I will remember you for your support!" Three factions elders face floating laugh empty! Suddenly At this time, the silver Colosseum giant doors open, climbed out of the large number of silver ant, the Colosseum on silver beast to death dragged into a giant door, suddenly cleared, clean! Black unicorn commanding voice came from the sky, "the outcome is already clear, Yang chūn City has the powers of the tomb managers, I have the obligation of conservation managers in the tomb!" Oriental Yong Hey smile, North Piven gas The elders of Oriental Yong Congratulations: "Master Dongfang Hershey!" "Congratulations Oriental Master!" Ge elders and Elder Huang Qi Kung Road. With hi! "Oriental Yong Road. In this case, the altar Chuansong Zhen flash, the old man re-entered, followed by Yang E, red Cher, Yang Chen Ling, Oriental Yong quickly to greet them, and asked: "how do you come in, followed by nothing? "the old man replied:" Chek Zhong rushed out to just want out of the tomb, see the bronze Colosseum, no more stay, sent directly go to chase red Meier and mysterious Weng! "Fang Yongsong East a deep breath, and then think of the red loyalty in such a hurry is going to do? Thought, could not think, shook his head, not to think about him, see Yang E, smiled and said: "Sister, you see me you struggle to what?" Heroine smiled at Oriental Yong Gang To down he then asked what, the side of Yang Chen Ling unhappy said: Yong brother how accounting for me, you call my aunt for my sister, I do not want to small a and ya a do? huh? "Oriental Yong leng , smiled and said: "be unto every man you call my brother, I called her sister became Oh!" Heroine patted Oriental Yong's clothes, and asked: "What did you injured, physically all right it? "" Nothing! "Oriental Yong replied. Yang Chen Ling asked: "You fight for my aunt what?" Oriental Yong mysterious smile, pointing around the Road: "This treasure house!" <

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