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17.05.2013 09:31
Perhaps the former Earth antworten

> 259 pen: you only five years old child (thanks to "Wei Chen consumption students a reward. WWW, QUANben, cOM {} these two days the temperature is cool, no air conditioning in my house, that taste as in the oven in general, affect the state of the code word, but Wu will insist we should drink plenty of water, pay attention to the body!) how to poison you? "the voice asked again. "Do not know!" Oriental Yong innocent and poor. The voice was silent for a child, heaved a sigh of relief, said: "You too careful! ... However, you're still alive, came to see me alive, even if we have not failed!" At this time, it seems that the voice in my heart thought of an enemy into the pigeon-holing! That's good, Oriental Yong felt a! Dialogue, certainly the relationship between the Black King and the former general! "That, my amnesia, a lot of things, do not remember, can you tell me about ... our relationship?" Oriental Yong seize the opportunity and asked. The two of them is who? "The voice asked. Oriental Yong quickly said: are reliable, you can rest assured! "Seems to Oriental Yong guarantee played a role, the man said:" Five thousand years ago, I was detained here, 11 years ago, you suddenly broke into here, this I wanted to kill you, you in order to save your life, that you can let me out, so I will let you worship me under the door! "Oriental Yong listening to his simple words, feeling behind the bizarre,Nike Air Jordan, desolate, the thrills and yīn seek! Oriental Yong to see him stopped, take the initiative to ask: "So I am your apprentice, you let me out, let me out rescued go?" It is clear that the former did not take him out of here, because he is still here ! The Black King is not in it angry, not vented his anger on himself, said earlier that amnesia is not responsible for it? Black Emperor Poof laugh, said: "11 years ago was five years old child, what might save me!" Oriental Yong relieved to see a black unicorn head bowed respectfully, bent over, and asked : "That's how he called my brothers?" "It is I created the disciples, than you coach a few days late, naturally recognize your brothers!" Black King's Road, casually, talking about something shocking words! Oriental Yong suck breath, Black King with supernatural powers, do not say this ink evil unicorn has a strong ability to single finger it is now one flesh, to create their own high-tech Earth creatures are impossible! Shocked, Oriental Yong back to the topic, asked: "At that time I was five years old, then I is any reason to convince you not kill me, makes you believe that I can get you out?" If ordinary people, five years of age are in the flow snot eating maltose,Jordan 7 Shoes, but Oriental Yong predecessor is a crossing, the crossing and his mental age do not know how much, so he believes that the former will come to the the black imperial tombs tomb adventure, calm in life danger for trading and Black King! Black King continued the voice coming from the void, "You are only five years old, but you're not an ordinary person has to [years] mind, experience, and come into my, also made a lot of investigation well prepared, so once I threaten your life, you say you have a way to get me to break open the detention, get out of here! "before you enter here, I made a detailed investigation, the ability to know my , have the ability to shape the animals you say that the shape of animals, combined with your approach here can be made into a place of monks of the world have come to trial, and pass too, you can get the reward, through However, you will pay with their lives, and I can absorb those losers capacity, regain strength, my strength, once restored, I'll naturally be able to get out of here! "you convince me, I used a decade shape of animals, to open up checkpoints, to dig underground Spirit gangue minerals, as the level awards, and to make a test of the system, now successfully Eleven years ago, the plan ink evil piece of stone on the specific position, so that people outside you find, and as a surface find the entrance, so here trials checkpoints spread out! "Oriental Yong Wang black unicorn, the Black King seems to know the doubts of Oriental Yong, said:" ink evil is my the blood jīng the record, is not subject to imprisonment, can wander in and out! "Oriental Yong nodded. Come to mind checkpoints, killing, Depot these words, I suddenly felt how so familiar, how things like online games? Perhaps it was the former is that a set of online games, told the Black King, Black King and then let the online game to be made to the supernatural powers these realistic levels! Oriental Yong some admire predecessor, five years old, has been able to found the Black King so many things, even his ability can be found. And from the tone of the Black King, which shape the ability of animals, but even he himself did not attach importance to the side door technology, but the former was able to line of sight on the the heterodoxy technology and use it in the real office! Perhaps the former Earth is an online game fans, did not play the game here, all day thinking about how to re-play the game, so to see the Black King of heterodoxy technology, talent like! Oriental Yong surprised, the original stone is a black unicorn let out, rather than the Sanjiang Palace stumbled on cloud flow murder looting treasure! That being said, the existence of the the black imperial tombs of the tomb is a rumor, deliberately appealing to come here! But the cloud stream Purple King said, the the black imperial tombs tomb when the in Jin Zhong Yang chūn city,Air Jordan UK, red, mysterious wounded, and red allegiance to escape city of Shenyang chūn, the off years do not dare near Yang chūn, City, is that really and rumors? A show of hands, "I would like to ask, the so-called open black imperial tombs of the tomb, to the treasures are rumors deliberately spread out you just want to attract people to come here?" The black unicorn At this time raised his head, answer Oriental Oriental Yong Yong said: "Yes, but these are what you do on the outside!" "red Zhong injured in Yang chūn City, that a few years ago, and since after the the black imperial tombs of the tomb to spread the message, but also the real news?" asked Oriental Yong. At this time, the Black King replied: "wounding is what we do, the message is just out the fact spread out. Said, near here a few years ago, I felt a surge of hate and familiar taste is so evil to kill him, did not think he has not long as there is a bit self-protection ability, so let him escape! "hate and familiar? do you five thousand years ago an acquaintance? "Oriental Yong asked. "Enemies." Black King's Road. Oriental Yong slightly hesitated and Black King is the first person of the prohibition of God, this red Zhong how his enemy which? But now, this is not an easy question to ask. Oriental Yong asked again: "I would like to ask you just say that you are responsible for the inside, I was responsible for the outside, then I was only five years old, but where's the ability to do these things?" "You do not Naturally, I will! "Black King's Road. <

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