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17.05.2013 09:19
tour knocked yuan porcelain pieces antworten

"The yuan blue and white is perfect, just like for us these antiques collector tailored to the general, all blue and white features exist, without a flaw." Paused, tour knocked yuan porcelain pieces, said in a calm voice; "said of the white, it is like the blue and white porcelain in the yuan encyclopedia manufacturing out of the same,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, and my friend's blue and white porcelain in the yuan as perfect, perfect some people dare not believe, so, I just called to ask me the friends." "Although my friend's information, but they cannot be sure that this is a high Fangyuan blue-and-white, Chu old, you are not afraid of a joke, I also with broken broken jar fell to, anyway,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK, the yuan has already been broken, no matter how I bought, and then broken point seems to never mind, so, it fell." The tour stand stand hand, some helpless say. With a bit scared Liu Yuanshan's face, said: "some blame you, you this is too risky." "Oh, Xiao Liu, you are wrong, you simply not adventure, and even can be said to be accounted for cheap, is to lose, then broke a point what, so small you equal to throw oneself thing, and no word, but he is also going to pay thirty million, but fell out of the word, he will only take forty-nine before block enough, you said it was not an adventure." Chu Lao smiled and shook his head, now falls out of words, less pay thirty million, this is not to take advantage of it. Wu Lao also smiled, looked at the tour some respect, "Chu Lao said to Fang Xiaoyou, it might seem crazy, but this is the only way to win." "I understand that, if it was me, I'm afraid not to make such a move." Liu Yuanshan sighed, heart was shocked, I was an ordinary boy, has grown to such a point. Look at the willow hills, Chu old smile said: "it is you, small amusement character now I finally understand, to kill and decisive, do never hesitate, however, small amusement, blend in the antiques world, too assertive tend to suffer a great deal, sometimes we use value of a thing, repeated watching dozens of times,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, and then pondering for a long time but also in the bottom of my heart, can choose whether or not to buy." Wu and Liu Yuanshan deeply agree nodded, now more and more high level antiques fraud, they have to be careful, if too assertive, fancy something directly to buy down, I am afraid that will eventually dissipate one's fortune, only a pile of modern arts and crafts. Yuan blue and white pieces of Enron's stay at the table, exudes a faint light, and Jun color contrast, however, it was not even 1/1000, no history of precipitation, and beautiful things, only modern arts and crafts. In that the yuan is a fake, they have some panic, if all the counterfeiters levels are so high, so the antique world, and the world economy would collapse, dozens of experts repeatedly identified are unable to perceive, not every time the identification of porcelain, have broken watch it again, only let them relax is blue and white porcelain in the yuan existing in the world is very rare, even in the counterfeiters level to high, no >

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