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17.05.2013 09:14
he can not have that ability antworten

In the car, he felt any sense of security, although he had to escape Shu, but only the soil to escape, the iron belongs to the metal, he can not have that ability, in a car accident can jump into the road. Soon, back home, Wang Hao very helpless to find his uncle, let him find the trailer car scrap iron to pull back, and swim with great care to home, seems not knock on the door,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, finally, he finally came to mind, knocked on the door two. "Well, go and open the door." The door came the familiar sound of his mother. A brisk pace after the uproar, door swunog open, the door stood a little girl wearing a white skirt, wearing two cupola braid, looks very cute. The little girl looked at the tour, and then touched the back of the head to a long time, loss of face finally smiled, quickly ran into the room, "grandma, grandma, uncle is back." Watched Yiyi lovely appearance, the tour on the face can not help but smile, hurried into the nearly a year did not go home, everything is so strange and familiar. The living room, with is own to a certificate only high school from primary school,UK Nike Air Jordan, he remembered that time do not know why, in the language test, he is possessed of a test 95 points, get a certificate, when his mother was holding a certificate, from door to door in the house in this building, showing that a certificate of his. "Mom, I'm back." Come into the kitchen, saw the mother still busy, the old face, let the tour had a nose acid, the quivering voice says. "Little man, you also know to come back ah, why don't you died in a car accident on the outside." Fang You mother side dumplings, while not polite response. "Grandma, don't cry, we give you candy." Stay in the old man next to love to see the parent, the tears on her face, very cute close to mother side, wiping away the tears, aside from his pocket and pulled out the children as if life. "Mom, I'm sorry, I let you worry." Fang Youmeng knelt to the ground, in addition to this, he does not want to except the other way can let oneself feel a little better. Mother gently pulled the reluctant to part, and pointed to the tour, seems to want her to tour a candy, but we went to the party to swim in front, with a finger in the face rubbing,Nike Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, not to cut sugar out of consciousness, "uncle, uncle, so big also cry, we now don't cry, shame shame shame." "Uncle, don't shy away, give, Yiyi, what's this." The tour from the trunk and took out a small doll, in front of you shook. "Uncle, I want to, I, we give you candy." See the doll, Yiyi soon will give away candy. Holding the hands of candy, saw Yiyi it appears you take advantage of the expression, the tour can not help but laugh, this with their kid popsicles for comic books when people look so like. "All right, quickly put the things in your room, wash your face, quickly wrapped dumplings." See you and run that happy appearance, square mother gently.'. "Don't get up, is it right? Waiting for my mother to help you out." Parent some angry and said. Parent voice just fell, see the tour very hemp >

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