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the young people wearing antworten

> 231: the old man Yu slave character (thanks to "Lingling" the evaluation of the students vote!) "Master, old lady let you control the servant!" The old man on stage in the point of the camp north of the city, Oriental Yong said. Www! QUaNBEN! COM {} Oriental Yong was going to talk to the wind so that the air-to-air, listening to this, and asked: "Control servant?" The old man said flatly: "Yes, I like control." Who heard this will be stunned! Oriental Yong Daileng the brain up and running, the old man this is not normal behavior, there must be his purpose! Straightforward and the old man said: "Master, after the old lady decided to follow the master, as long as the young master to learn control and methods, you can rest assured that with me!" Oriental Yong understand the idea of ​​the old man, a slight hesitation, I agreed the old man's wishes. Before him afraid of the boss at home and the feelings of the old man relationship is good, so it did not hear the wind so empty, rein in the old man, old man, after the old boss to find their own trouble, it can also be turned down responsibility! "What is your control?" Oriental Yong asked. The old man face sè of slightly relaxed, said: "Naturally, I am on the road to see Master Sword Master can play a few character, my character is a bit complex, but the mysterious gas does not have much,Jordan Big Ups Sale, sir can easily grasp!" The old man spoke, while painting a black character in the hands of painting slowly, Oriental Yong clearly seen! And the mouth of the symbol decision gave Oriental Yong said it again! Oriental Yong naturally a bit defensive heart, consciously stepped back after the old man, the Oriental Yong find red Meier and Sou Fox asked a black character understanding! The results turned out that Fu Road is very famous in this world! This symbol is called the slave character, can not control the evil, but it can be controlled! Regardless of how much repair, as long as people marked the character after the life and death by the people that control the final say. However, there is one condition is controlled by the operator, it is necessary to be willing to be effective, this Fu Road! Even confused minds, and it is. Although this character is very Guards, but it is very difficult to use! Verify this black-character, Oriental Yong put down the heart, but also a better understanding of the idea of ​​the old man, in the respect of the world in order to force the old man encounters a red Meier, Oriental Yong body one is more powerful dragon, his strong fear of being swallowed up, it is necessary to volunteers the strong assimilation Oriental Yong is an intermediary! The old man walked up to the front of the Oriental Yong, relax the mind, let go of all the defense,Nike Jordan Take Flight Shoes, without fortification, standing in front of the Oriental Yong! Ten steps away, the old man fox and red Meier creators pay attention to the side! Oriental Yong black character like in accordance with the old man's hand pen, ink gas, painted a similar character in the air, but it is not black character, but white mist! Although Yan sè different, but the Oriental Yong know the same effect! He hand of a Young, white mist character to fly old man, shè, into the heart of the old man's brow! The old man body shocked, and then, like chaff sieve over two breathing time, the old man had calmed down! Oriental Yong felt between himself and the old man has been on some kind of mind, this link Oriental Yong old man thing rests in the palm of the hand feeling, Oriental Yong as long as the pinch this thing, the old man xìng life there was a danger, he will listen to your own words! (Do not think of evil to go, or I will let you stand in the corner!) Oriental Yong Qin terracotta, but also with the mind, but all of the terracotta figures, Oriental Yong can feel it, you can completely control, but the old man's contact terracotta figures, as previously said, the Oriental Yong just linked to the part of his control on his part, this part is like a major blood vessels in the heart, as long as the pinch, the old man xìng life give off ! Oriental Yong, a nod to the old man, he is now one of us. And then turn around and let mine over the beast beast, a pedestrian then go in the direction of the air-to-air wind. Bed, Oriental Yong know the wind so that the air-to-air doubts, but now is not the time to explain this, Oriental Yong eye browed old man, just listen to the red Meier said this browed old man strength less than a day cases, but it is experienced The people jīng, if not red Meier strength he too will be he ran up! Browed old man know that people come inside, there must be an important friend in the "Road", or not even the wind and thunder two make this kind, but also to follow around them, browed old man looked carefully at the coming of a few people, including three months even let him see through repair! First red Meier played before, she weight of the wearer, this is nothing to be surprised, the other two was the old man with the East Yong, the old man repair taller than him, do not see is real, and the Oriental Yong is a man, he does not believe that is fitted out! Wind between empty and Oriental Yong eye sè of browed old man also noted that he at once guessed that an important friend, is the East Yong, the young people wearing luxurious clothes, is probably the most important component of their people! Orient Yong few people come in off the rich family, the wind went empty before the Oriental Yong, said: "My brother, this is the 'Road' predecessors!" She introduced,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK, and then just say it again, together with tributaries Yang chūn City plot things that out! Browed old man did not jump out angrily scold wind empty confidential, but very quietly on the side, the eyes looked Oriental Yong braved jīng light! Oriental Yong after listening to browed old man looked up, politely asked: "I want to know is what things you would say?" Browed old man shook his head, said: "It depends on what kind of identity, to what kind of information from me! "Oriental Yong Shou slightly, smiled and said:" We do not guess to guess, you guess my identity, it should be about the same! "Oriental Yong rotor of the wind the empty point, the wind empty knowing, a token is removed from the sleeve, handed the front of the white-browed old man, not to him, but let him see! Browed old man too surprised a moment, looked excited about, but after a while, his eyes, but with a hint of hesitation, the wind so empty with a hint of mysterious gas is injected into the token, I saw the token float an ancient beast India, into Guanghua, two laps around the token, implicitly after the token! This time, browed old man's hesitation God sè, plop slamming, kneeling in front of the Oriental Yong. "Cloud flow, purple View seen the master!" Browed old man and bowed respectfully call out. Browed old man's name is called Purple King, "Road" cloud flow, so the only way to introduce myself! Oriental Yong first heard puzzled and muttered: "cloud flow Purple King? Surname cloud stream?" Wind empty went over to whisper, "My brother, cloud flow is mysterious small group of us is responsible for treasure hunters and tracking the unknown the older generation is called Purple King! "

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