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17.05.2013 09:08
next to him the only Hong turtle antworten

The empty boat named tortoise, is really a pirate ship. It is a battle ship, strong firepower, only to conceal the protection, generally to the civil air craft appearance as a disguise. They have only an empty boat, no Shanghai brigands, can only be called D ú L ì pirates. But more than ten members on board all have a unique skill, unite the strength is not weak, in the Milky Way Galaxy pirates crime on the ranking list of Gemini, probably between one hundred to one hundred and twenty. A pirate ship and a dozen pirates came to this position, the strength of strong. You know, the top ten are all large Pirate Group, the tens of thousands of, hundreds of thousands of have! The empty boat men fighting force, more powerful than the ordinary powers. Shu Yu is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, mention it, I remembered. He had seen the pirates in the message tree information in name, but was not too concerned about the related pirates intelligence, so just remember the name. The pirate's style while some special, but Bi Jing also do black living, natural have contact with evil twin. He Rui is now in the evil twin's reputation is unusual, of course, also reached the ears of their. Hong turtle would find cooked into about this specific information, see the two most famous evil twin related Hory video -- star snake first war and battle of the Rubik's cube. The first section is not how to, the second was startled into. Hong turtle look completely froze. Just on video,air jordan store, He Rui could not see his face,Jordan UK sale, and did not expect to see each other here before, so completely did not recognize it. But Hong turtle heart ratio is also high, will soon open. Anyway, you are up, have to pull relationship, but also to turn back the clock. Doesn't count? Cable x ì ng would like to open a little! Not to mention, his research also include the relationship between Shu Yu and Zephyranthes Candida, here they are but one ship Zephyranthes Candida fans! Hong turtle with in the paper to Wu, respectfully, with flattering to Shu Yu to sit down at the bridge, the younger brother pour tea to. Then, a large group of finalists, agreeably surprised and asked: "old Hong, you are to say, this is miss Zephyranthes brother? Hey, let me call you brother! Eldest brother. Tortoise pirate a female into nothing, several old man, arch around Shu Yu called him brother. These all is a s è as muscle man, surrounded close windtight in Shu Yu beside, from time to time there are thick stink drifting, the taste is not wonderful. Shu Yu almost suffocating, but Hong turtle this boss is not white when, first of all to see the face of Shu Yu s è, impatient to put the boys off, said loudly: "shout what shout what, don't crowd here, open the empty boat to you! I tell you, I'm here tickets are limited, do not behave, back will not bring you in!" His threat into a group, coax however, effects of strong, even Shu Yu terrified. The twinkling of an eye, next to him the only Hong turtle and Yu Wen Yu Wu three, Hong turtle head asked eagerly: "eldest brother,Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, want to eat what drink what, we have here......" He bombarded the newspaper out, don't feel it will look more than 40 years old.

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