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> 220: Ray beast beast uncomfortable "uh, sir, this is the last one!" Red Meier said sheepishly. www. QUanbeN. Com Oriental Yong Master can emit a deep breath, and said: "Well, you have to say." "Master Your contract is different, I believe you have the ability to lock me you, you can also unlock! give me a working life of 10 years,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale, fifty years, or a hundred years, I have worked for these life, sir to zìyóu I? "this fifth All roads primary, red Meier is not directly say it, but with discuss the tone! This condition even the red Meier feel it is too much, a red Meier said she did not want to own forever not zìyóu the! But the conditions for the Oriental Yong, is an opportunity to see the look of the red Meier seems to say this condition is a disgrace the way, then promised her, her heart will be grateful, and then say the red Cher thing, that red Meier should not be how? ! Oriental Yong heart with care, and nodded, and generous when he said: "Then you say life." Deficit Daorang Meier surprised a moment, hesitated for a moment, Oriental Yong thought she was going to say one year, or 15 days, but she reached out a green onions that said: "... a hundred years!" one hundred years? When they are dead or not! Oriental Yong somewhat surprised to see her! Chek Meier feel Oriental Yong strange eyes, quickly out of four green onions, said: "Five hundred years!" For red Meier, human monk repair is successful, also be able to live for thousands of years, hundred years is too small for them. Oriental Yong Yu gold dragon characters,UK Nike Air Jordan, how is which of the little people, so her eyes before Oriental Yong, wrong, and then immediately reported her bottom line price! Five hundred years? Oriental Yong strange look to her, see she did not dare themselves as the Oriental Yong discuss the tone and she said: "Well, I promise you! But I'll give you a decrease of two hundred years, I told you one thing , do not you promise me not angry, not impulsive, not Sapo! "Red Meier looked strangely at him, dignified in her heart, but she promised. Oriental Yong coughed: "The thing about the red Cher, in fact, this is the day in the mountains ..." Oriental Yong encounter red after Cher told Chek Meier! Red Meier hear her daughter's whereabouts, began to surprise, then heard her daughter was contracted, very angry to hear his daughter was transferred to a lady, red Meier looked at him strangely, and finally knew her daughter a few days will come here, was re-smile on her face! Oriental Yong to see her happy, she said: "Well, the thing is said and done, I'm going to bed, you go to that you put the fire off to sleep!" Then, Oriental Yong walked into the room in! The happy red Meier surprised a moment, gritted his teeth, before they put the fire out! The wind empty and Sou Fox, the old man the next morning, when it has to move around, but the thunder beast beast is out of the question, lying on the bed to get up! Oriental Yong very worried the wind saw two empty Ray secretly beast beast blinked, then turned away laughing, Oriental Yong asked her how, she quickly said nothing, and then went to prepare Breakfast! To noon, Ray beast beast lying in bed very unnatural, turn to turn to, to see the eyes of the Oriental Yong strange, seems reluctant to look! Oriental Yong asked her, she said nothing, just a little uncomfortable. When the wind empty incoming, she quickly pulled her sister whispered a few words, the wind empty Puchi laughed, thunder beast beast failing to kick the two out of bed, and finally the two sisters do not know what agreement was reached, the two talent apart! Wind empty Yanzhuyizhuan, went to've been taking care of her sister's Oriental Yong side, said: "Brother,cheap jordan shoes, you have not felt this morning, the old man's face sè weird?" Oriental Yong morning, has been taken care of in the room Ray beast beast, and no more contact with others, hear the wind empty say, frowned and asked: "do, how weird?" "I can not tell, seems to be very frightened, it would seem it was leaving? "wind of the air-to-air channel, and then she seems to think of what, a cry and said:" Could it be that he met with her brother's last night dragon afraid of what? But do not say to him, even I curious brother turned out there was a dragon last night and it would rein in his arm and rabbit demon cents, the ability to really Oh! I think the old man is a reclusive expert, suddenly saw the rabbit demon cents, only to find the golden dragon, it will certainly low self-esteem, and he had kept from the owner, must also afraid of the master get him! "" However, I see this old man still have the ability, it is best to stay in his brother's side for the brother, and usually do not need to use rabbit demon cents and that powerful dragon thing, let the old man to finish on it, so we do not let the old man go, brother, we'd better go to convince him, or he would come too late! "strange Oriental Yong Wind empty and speak for themselves, thunder beast beast how anxious to blink, but did not think about, hear the wind empty finished, Oriental Yong said: "I would also like to take care of the beast beast which old man here lived so many years, want to come and the old man is friendship, do not worry about these, but you say, let him come here, he and I speak! "Ray beast beast heard this, his face white, wind make empty almost laughing out! Ray beast beast anxiously said: "My brother, you go, I want to sleep, maybe sleep together body like, do not you stay here, you go!" "Really?" Oriental Yong asked . "Well, really, my sister fast you go with my brother!" Thunder Road beast beast reminder. Wind empty face simmering laugh, pulled The Oriental Yong went out. Oriental Yong walking commanded thunder beast beast a few, and then wind empty out the door. Such as the door was shut, thunder beast beast immediately jumped up from the bed, where it looks like the inability to look like the body, simply jump higher than a monkey. The thunder beast beast out of bed and immediately ran to the pre-placed in a toilet in the room, the toilet, a pair of hand and said something to the waist belt, pants fell down, her hurry to immediately squatted down! Such as flash floods in general, one fills the force of the water column spray out, playing in the toilet, hissing hissing sound sharp sound! Ray beast beast face a red, shame looking to seam drilling, but then release the flood of pleasure made her body feel very comfortable, a bit smug! <

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