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17.05.2013 09:00
but a kind of put all into are antworten

Shu Yu this is the first time to see innett appearance. Any one can see,Nike Jordan Superfly, he is really the first father, and the father and son are very similar. Both of them are the gold s è s è hair,Nike Jordan 6 Shoes, blue eyes. Only the first eyes are blue s è, like the sun shining on the sea Yan s è, glittering, deep in the occasional warm. But winning unique a pair of frozen as ice s è eyes, blond slightly red, scattered over the head, like a flame burning in the head. He gazed at the scene look calm bordered on arrogance, that's not cool, but a kind of put all into are not placed on the eyes disdain! Super S level evolution that is "spider call"? Chen Wansheng emerge like Shu Yu's head, the old farmers face gully, every wrinkle in written all the vicissitudes of the years, far less innett looks so young and handsome. But he is like a mountain, just quietly there, without introducing attention, but always let feel very reliable. Shu Yu and the lens of the innett eye, it's only a photo, not even the video image, let him feel the pressure. This pressure did not let him fear, but heart felt a familiar. That is -- and! This is innett. Deep? He thought. This is my next period of time, the biggest enemy? He narrowed his eyes, staring at the innett. Faust, although contacts soon, to face relatively less time,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, but we still be friends? I'm not your father left hand oh...... I think so, he seemed to see a shadow stood beside him, and he stood side by side, looking defiantly to the opposite side of the! "*************************** Hory into." A voice suddenly rang out in the Shu Yu side, he lowers his head to look, there is a small flame blade patterns it into the shoulder, he remembered having seen in the information, this is a sign of evil twin core organization of flame cutter. Flames knife do the arms business, is also the largest arms dealer in the Milky Way Galaxy black. Shu Yu nodded toward each other, he thought the two dog had said to him, flames knife and Yao Yi Meng, the poor relationship with lens. The enemy into the mirror can not be said to his friends, but at least it may be allies. His gentle, but let others be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. This is laughing to say: "I is the flame knife cella hall, where the can call our army tiger. What is more near to the people than I imagined......" Previous Shu Yu, who do not say a refined and cultured to like mu ch ū n wind, after being cruel three beast, extremely violent, came to the evil twin is even under the ruthless hands, to sin ", be subject to changing moods Gemini to brutal biting" impression. Now his control power is stronger, negative x ì ng beast was neutralized, X ì ng lattice slightly recovered, but let the sin the Gemini into some does not adapt. Shu Yu a smile, said: "the army chief of what can I do for you?" Army tiger back look, said: "we live thousands of so is not smooth, with the little relationship?" Shu Yu glanced at him: "what I wish you love, I have not come.

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