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> 192 document (s): Empire Bank card "wonderful!" Oriental Yong Chan said. The www, QUANben com looked at the wind and thunder and sisters "and", "isolated" lung-chip a dyed his magic poison poison to clean out to restore lung slices meat sè Oriental Yong eyes big place light! Wind and thunder and sisters to see Eastern Yong happy as they look, but also feel very proud, the mouth Microbend, smiling! After a while, East Fang Yongping multiplexing mood, said: lung piece experiment was a success, we are not in the experiments on pigs? "The Wind empty nodded, Wei Taiwan is actively out: I'll go prepare the pigs! "After a quarter of an hour, all of the research laboratory of a cage trap around white pig looking foolish like white pig, Oriental Yong felt sorry for it, but ordered or Oriental Yong himself, he said: "Start!" this experiment, does not need to wind and thunder sisters themselves, with a Master to take a long iron clip tucked a piece of meat with a magic drug into his iron cage, White seems to feel to the dangerous escape the iron clip, but the cages space is limited, no matter how obvious to go hide, so in the case of some girls scream mask purpose, the meat paste it into the back of the white pig! Magic poison is very strong poison, as long as the villagers were stains that will be poisoning, serious point is magic, this poison meat attached to the white pig epidermis can! I saw the poison meat just a paste, white pig Aoao called for the pain, as the center of the skin on his back to poison the meat stretch out, all turned into Zihei sè,Jordan 13 Shoes, obviously in the magic poison! They looked Landrace, just after a few breathing time, Oriental Yong shouted: "Well, take them off, and threw the antidote!" Another Master immediately antidote potion spread to the back of the white pig, another Master White pigs various changes in the next record! Oriental Yong said: "and then lift one come in!" The other end of the white pig was carried in, and then they carried out the same experiment, only the head of the experimental time is stretched over a quarter of an hour before Caesar antidote! Head up "come in!" Oriental Yong shouted. The third head of white pigs experimental poisoning half an hour, experimental antidote effective solution magic poison, and save the pigs! "Fourth head ......" fourth head an hour poisoning ...... fifth head ...... "fifth head of poisonous meat into the mouth of the white pig, let him eat into the stomach ... and then another five or six heads White pigs continuously carried in experimental poisoning the length of time and other issues! Oriental Yong is not finished observing a white pig experiments completely after the experiment the other end, but saw the beginning of an experiment, let others recorded observation, he other end of the experiment with others! Etc. All experiments were arranged, passed just before the small half hour! Oriental Yong beckoned to the wind and thunder and sisters,Jordan 9 Sale, we must go home. Here each pig Research division record, have not his thing, so take it does not matter! Today the Binger and Oriental Yu still their female Master stay subsidiary course, Oriental Yong Research delay time, just come and they go back together. Heroine Oriental Yong think about him, let the hundred valleys carriage drove up to the Suzaku Street Qin palace on the carriage! Into the Qin palace, only to find charming mature Yang E, Eastern Yong eyes become bright green thief! But soon Oriental Yong, some regret with four lamp with vinegar, because they had no chance to eat Yang E tofu, red Cher little bulb to absorb himself Xian Qi breath, saw that he flew to him, let him hold for half an hour, only to miss the East Yong! Yang E gracefully Please Oriental Yong into his chambers, irrespective of guest and host casual sitting posture, Yang E-tea personally, this says: "courage, Reichsbank floor shop has been renovated completed, now to raise cash, all in high speed,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, I hear you said before that we are now ready almost to use the fastest speed to spread the Imperial Bank is officially opened tomorrow? "Yang E holds Wong suppliers, hand resources on the very rich, so bring about such a speed, almost less than three days to put a building renovation is completed, the bank funded! Oriental Yong shook her head and said: "not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we will be the day after tomorrow, we have to prepare the details of the opening ceremony, first of all our stakeholders should appear at the opening ceremony ......" Yang E Lianlu difficult sè, said: "The Emperor is also a major shareholder, but also please?" "Please be sure to ask, even if not to the deity, but also on behalf of his son to the best edicts what!" Oriental Yong said. Oriental Yong then removed from the body with a drawing on the table, Yang E, who see the graphics on the drawing, rectangle, rectangle in the middle of another small rectangle marked with three little words "display", in rectangular the lower right corner, there is an oval-shaped, just above the rectangle, Empire bank "words. The rectangle marked next to the word "positive". Drawing another rectangle marked "negative", just above marked with the word "matter"! The two rectangles whole painted some beautiful atmospheric patterns, so that the rectangle looks very extraordinary! However, these two figures are hand-painted, and the draft! Heroine looked strange, heart to think of something, but still look to the East Yong solving. Binger, who also look to the East Yong. Oriental Yong Hey smile, said: "This is a the Imperial Bank bank card, bank card is divided into Gold, Silver and copper card to borrow money and to save money and how much to allocate three card the middle of the display can display the holder's name and the amount of money there, following small oval inserts a first deposit holders mysterious gas or blood, after the holder's identity spar ! "" Description matters as simple as possible, but to show the benefits of the bank, as well as violations of interests! ...... Oriental Yong Road, "The question now is three card manufacturer, do not know my sister can it be done? "The Heroine listening to Oriental Yong, Meimou shine, nodded and said:" I will as soon as possible of these three cards handed in your hand! "Well!" Oriental Yong Road. Then he added a few other details, including bank instructions finished, has passed a hour, Oriental Yong et al leave, on the carriage to go to the White Tiger Street see Reichsbank floor shop decoration, such as envisaged, this home! Night, Oriental Yong or into the space pass through the body of the soul, the past two days, he received a lot of men, nearly one thousand, whose names are associated with the Book of Changes, like the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the stars, the five elements gossip ...... Oriental Yong because they are too many people do not bother to distinguish between them! Night Oriental Yong rush ahead with a mighty force, the kind of ride in battle let him feel special blood! <

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