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17.05.2013 08:55
the normal society somewhat be misfits antworten

At this point, internal organs behemoths, such a big space, in a wonderful state of be in full swing. The God's favored one who simply forget their own identity, this time they, where is that in their respective fields with great achievements, and therefore take the nostrils, like all over the world on their own the most amazing person. They are like the reply to the initial himself, like a silly child,Air Jordan Flight 9, with learning seriously behind the teacher,, starting from zero, every little bit to learn knowledge, thinking. The magic figure around them, like the best of teachers, patience is meticulous,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, opened up a new world to them! Of course, the English are these J ī ng came to the party,Air Jordan Superfly UK Sale, born with some unruly J ī ng god. None of them are criminals, but not against evil twin, but some admire here Z ì y ó u debauchery, remain free. This condition is good, the atmosphere Z ì y ó u, come here, don't think about what the moral, legal problems "excess". Like these people, in the normal society somewhat be misfits, especially easy for breaking rules and troubled. But the advantage is, they will not stick in the mud, rarely think that "it is on, so you shouldn't do it like that." They tend to be utilitarian, want "that seems more J ī ng color more interesting, more conducive to our development, to have a try!" So, in the society as a whole tends to ability, it tends to evolve, they did not hesitate to settle on a path, and began to try to learn! Shu Yu doppelganger dozens of, can C ā o longitudinal every incarnation make a different response to the action, has been very not easy, of course, cannot with these "students" communication. But, fortunately, the game is performed to the team, not to ask the teacher, can also group discussion! They learn while watching, encounter, doubts began to discuss, to form a better not good study atmosphere. Some of the problems they cannot draw a conclusion. Write it down, "asked the teacher preparation time". As time passed, the invisible influence character by environment, they have put Shu Yu to myself with different positions. Now they, not even find this point! Now. For them. Occupy the king seat, win become secondary, the most important is to enrich themselves! Most people are clearly in mind, the reward is always objects. The most important, or their own strong. As long as their powerful, resources, information of what, will follow up! However, most of the so-called "". Is that not all "". From the beginning, to the party mercenary J ī ng miles, then mixed with some special people. They come from different places, ready to wait, for their own home gain more benefits. In the crowd into a frenzy of learning state, but they also keep a calm. That is not okay. In this way, will only let the kid got benefits, you can only kill the feather and return! Especially from somewhere in the Centaur, dumbfounded over more anxious. They yanzhuyizhuan, glance at the scoreboard, immediately called up >

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