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heart this bank as a money-losing antworten

> 181: My brother is a decent person (thanks to "Nether Blade students a reward!)" Well, son, I'll wait for you to ah! "Green butterfly pleased to be heard, and then let her groom driving back the. WwW, QunabEN, coM {} Yong Oriental watching green butterfly Xiangche disappeared, and only then head back out. Thinking about things in his mind and did not notice the two Xiao Nizi discontented face inside the car. Oriental Yu waited for a moment, the Oriental Yong did not see her, his face is dissatisfied, gently snorted. Oriental Yong Mother looked, only to find Oriental Yu the mouth stick up so high, almost can hang oiler, while the Binger very sad head down, do not people find her expression. Yong Oriental surprised a moment, asked: "What 's the matter with you?" No one thought of the East Yong locked out, they do not respond to the Oriental Yong, which makes him very depressed! But this time of the Oriental Yong also know, they feel very good in green butterflies, green butterfly came after it becomes so, then it should and green butterfly. Oriental Yong rolled his eyes, to curry favor with a smile and said: "good sister, a good Binger, I tell you a good story? ... Singing is good?" Bad "is not good!" Oriental Yu they answered once. They also did not expect to be so understanding, as a phase, Puchi laugh out. The laugh broke them before brewing deep,Air Jordan 12 UK, seeing no atmosphere, Oriental Yu-hum: "We do not, as long as the brother promised us not to go to that woman!" Sure enough! The Oriental Yong Lian Lu difficult sè,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, said: "But I have promised the people, ah, can not go, oh!" "But ... but there is not good!" When Binger raised his head and said softly . "Well, I'm not going." Oriental Yong said decisively. If the Oriental Yong insisted to go, and find other excuses to convince the two women, two women with tenderness slowly bubble Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong decisively decided not to go, the two women momentary feeling fault. Oriental Yong do not, Binger two naturally pleased. However, they when they want to Oriental Yong promised the people, if they do not, it is not to be said to lose the trust of the people, and tonight the woman invited not only Oriental Yong, others to Oriental Yong did not go, then others went to the sure will laugh Eastern Yong, people know that tomorrow will pass over the Bauhinia city, as not to hurt the self-esteem of the Oriental Yong? Oriental Yu face the difficult sè, light and furans asked: "... brother is not promised people do?" Not care Oriental Yong said: "I wait till 100 Valley to resign." Binger lips move finally courage, said: "That if she invited others to go, young master do not,Jordan UK sale, the other person is not to say gossip?" "But there is not good, so do not go well, we not talk about that, go home! hundred valleys, fast car! "Oriental Yong said indifferently, and then shouted outside the Valley of the car. "Oh, I see the young master!" Oriental Yu and Binger that place as the one, through the exchange of ideas in a short line of sight, the last two women reached a compromise to speak, by the representative of the Oriental Yu said: "My brother, you better go. good, but we believe that the brother is a decent man will not do bad things go bad, we are assured, but do not say gossip, but to ensure that the next brother promised her not! " some funny watching Oriental Oriental Yong Yu, but he knew that this time can not be proud, or will offend these two sister-in-law nǎinǎi. Deliberately push and pull a few times before reluctantly agreed. Oriental home House door, the carriage soon stopped down, Oriental Yong Jin looking in the home after unassailable, no one thought unassailable when not at home, it seems that in the military. But wanted to come too, are now fighting a war, unassailable natural busy with something. Oriental Yong If you see an unassailable back soon to inform this servant. Wait until before going to dinner, a servant unassailable back, and heard tonight eat away from home, so time will not stay too long. Orient Yong quickly to chase blocked to go out of the door of the study in an unassailable unassailable, shouted: "Grandpa, I have something to discuss with you!" The unassailable looked a Oriental Yong, before Swordsman would say go to your mother on the line, but now his heart had some different views of the Oriental Yong, said: "Come." Yong went Oriental, Yang Ngor Kill the issue say a, then the body of the Bank into equity in took out, said: "Although she is very sincere, and I say this to thank my, but I believe she would have guessed, you know it, and my heart will be her plus more some chips. unassailable looked equity in the contract an emperor his heart this bank as a money-losing firm, who has more of the shares lose money more, but credit for, who lost money , who credit, Yang E lose money, gave credit to send their own home, this ceremony is not light ah! Kill the issue, The East is Red nodded his head. "You go tell Yang E, clots of blood guard of the emperor can not, but Zhijinwu is sure to leave 500 people from the flame cavalry deployed 2,000 over to her by her own people, and another 500 people, it is necessary to arrange into , she can go to tune the prime minister of the government of the home, can also recruit their own. "unassailable said. Oriental Yong surprised a moment, asked: "If the emperor clots of blood Methodist inserted into executive Kingo what?" The East is Red looked up at him, plain said: "insert is Zhijinwu." Oriental Yong seems to understand some of his mean, and unassailable rush back to the military, said the past few days will Kill arrangement continues, there will be a Little General to the Heroine report, walked out, destined for the military. Evening, Oriental Yong did not intend to dress up, just wearing a general's son loading in Binger complex eyes out of the yard, go Hung Fung House, temperature and charge. Hung Fung House, located in the middle of the white tiger Street, is a lively place, 100 Valley carriage to the front of Hung Fung House, saw brightly Raise, brightly lit as bright as day. Light, obesity luxury businessman, the pursuit of romantic genius, arrogant dandy, the show off wind sāo the trick people coming and going, into the! Oriental Yong carriage, immediately a few heavy makeup thick powder, scantily clad woman over, grabbed the Oriental Yong sweetly: "Oriental son, you ah!" Son of the Orient, but for a long time not to take care of me Oh ...... "son of the Orient, comfortable with it ......" a woman with her chest full facing the Oriental Yong arm rub rub, asked Diasheng. Oriental Yong were struggling to cope, and good green butterfly appeared. She came, looked at the woman beside Oriental Yong one, and see Oriental Yong, embarrassed, I feel a little funny, and then said: "Dear sister, I Miss Oriental son!" <

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