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17.05.2013 08:49
Yong let warriors surrounded antworten

> (Thanks to the wing of the purple night? Sheng Hui students a reward, your support is my motivation!) (Anti-drug rì WWW, QUanbEN com {} Wu pen remembered one of the guys, grew up playing together growing up to the age of seventeen he went out to play two years of work, sticky poison mood after work, go home to take their parents' money suction Shu toxic, long the parents not to steal their parents, long the home money, to find a neighborhood by neighborhood after two or three times longer borrow, he stole the neighborhood, after stealing outside ...... two years, when I met him, he did not look up and I recognized ! poison Shu goods with a poison word glue ruined his life, we need self-discipline, and do not stick to this type of thing, but also to persuade friends and relatives around away from such things! Wu pen swear , who poison glue Shu products, advised not to listen to do not quit, not I Miss pen friends!) "Well, two Ai Qing, do not quarrel, Oriental Yong and non-compliance," Do not interfere with fighting breaks "Emperor waved his hand to stop them. "The emperor!" Chu Nan his eyes, watching the soldiers of Oriental Yong summoned six decades, it took a while, it said: "So you have this thing done by relying on, dare to challenge me, but boy, do you think reliable do such a thing, I'm just a mysterious gas played a pit, a character, a character he can break up! "Chu Nan, your house, then really!" Oriental Yong said. "You ... killed!" Chu Nan angry, finger dancing, a gold symbol slowly formed in front of him. Oriental Yong believes that the power of a character must be very large, because he was prepared for too long, and if this channel operator hit, then the outcome of the two men came out. Oriental Yong may give him this opportunity! His mind a move, the 50 streamer from the Oriental Yong eyebrows shè out, the streamer fall on the ground, into a 50 burly warriors, is all the six decades soldier holding a sword and shield! Summon warriors, Oriental Yong, people did not see how come when they can see it clearly, was not surprised. Make them more surprised Oriental Yong even can summon so many soldiers puppet can be seen, even if the Oriental Yong had severe mysterious gas, the strength can not be underestimated! To the general trend of the Orient home, how to make really useless grandson Which? This time, and soon began to reassess the strength of the Orient home also has its own stand. Oriental Yong paper symbol of the hands to the sky a Caesar, ordered: "two per person, gave me got it!" Hand to the sky to catch the paper breaks from Oriental Yong warriors, and then sent to the paper breaks other warriors, and soon all the warriors got two. Oriental Yong from arms connected to a bag of crystal powder, the command said: "hand over" two warriors held out his hand, Oriental Yong is divided into three parts, a bag of crystal powder and pour it in the palm of their hand, and then Oriental Yong then said: "Everyone points a little bit!" all the warriors did so this time, Chu Nan Jin Fu continues to absorb the mysterious air, he is a trick to defeat Oriental Yong To him life xìng best not want to xìng life, but also let him injured lying in bed for a few months! But he saw Oriental separators Yong-powder, could not help a little strange! The stage is also very strange, royalty table has been exposed to some eyes to see them smile, they obviously think that the Oriental Yong just doing a clown drama! Chu breeze bad things always worry about yīn ditch capsize, he is not from the East, Yong is a fool if he Oriental Yong is a fool, that he is stupid, he frowned hair, staring at the Oriental Yong, brain speed running, you want to know that he is doing? Suddenly, he stared, shouted: "Oh, stop!" Oriental Yong stop? Will not. Oriental Yong warriors have absolute control over any command do not need to shout out, as long as he had in mind, these warriors will be executed immediately! Their communication with the stream of consciousness, Oriental Yong just do not need to shout separators, shouting sub-crystal powder, but why he was shouting like a **? This naturally to people to hear, but listen to the object, not the warriors, but Chu Chu-South faction of people, making them think that Oriental Yong warriors commands are sound. Warriors are assigned to the the paper operators and powder, Chu South are waiting for the sound of the Oriental Yong, they can get synchronized sound the way they want to attack, to react in advance! Thus, Chu Nan in, such as the emperor in the other ministers in,Nike Jordan 3 Sale, and so on, the people of the Chu family waiting for ...... Oriental Yong command from his mouth come forth, all the warriors lifted up to the hands of the operator, and the other the index finger and thumb of one hand pinching a twist of crystal powder, crystal powder contains the mysterious gas is excited, splashing in the paper symbol! The paper character is just move, fifty warriors then raised his character together to Chu South threw it! Chu Nan stared by gold do not complete break, he can not play the character of the defense, could only watch as fifty character coming to him. Chu breeze, then when it reached the ears of Oriental Yong Chu Nan two, Oriental Yong rip laugh, or his deft! Stop it? The may issue go, and he not only will not stop, will command the warriors are in the hands of the second amulets to the shè out! Oriental Yong night out of the room from Wu pen, take the character mostly fireball character and Ray Fu, Chu Nan who, when they fell to the south of Chu who came a layer Emmanuel community, meet outside the fireball and lightning , banging huge success, Chu Nan Emmanuel sector did not adhere to one second, is broken! Fireball and lightning fell to ChuNa body when he shè two silver snake, blocking most of the next attack! Wait until the first wave of attacks in Oriental Yong's blocked, two silver snake dim light, seems to have been not stand much longer. The shameless Oriental Yong the second wave shè out! Large wave fireball lightning! Chu breeze on stage seen frightened, yelled: "Stop it! Is not how fast you stop? Emperor, fast Kekkaishi have to stop you!" The emperor did not expect Oriental Yong summoned soldiers puppet throw paper breaks gang fights Chu Nan to hear Chu breeze, shouted: "come ..." After the first wave of fireballs and lightning, enchantment already volatile badly broken at any time off! This time the second wave of attacks in Oriental Yong issue, this paper breaks will explode after, not the monks of the mysterious gas operator, can be controlled by the monks. Enchantment removed or broken, it seems some of the power of the blessing of the fireball lightning could not control, then the emperor, Queen, Prince, Princess princes, ministers, will hurt! How many people died hurt many people can not be said clearly, but the feast of the princess will be destroyed, and their dereliction of duty! So, this time they not only can not be removed and enchantment, but to strengthen the enchantment! Thus, the eight blessings enchantment of an older person say anything to the Emperor said: "The emperor, now can not open the enchantment, or PowerLeader Palace may be destroyed!" Emperor of the mouth, then closed his, in this , he will naturally Gu abandoned small. "The emperor, seeking you save Chu South a life!" Chu breeze anxiously seeking Road, followed by his own son Road: wave kernel, you also stunned with what rushed, as long as not to break the enchantment on the line! "Oriental weapons to a block in front of them, shouted: "the outcome has been out, you go useless!" At this point, all of the fireball lightning boom in the Chu Nan, just listen to Chu Nan ah screams number of sound, it is only the rest of the fireball explosion sound! Enchantment burst of unrest, some timid civil service have to mention gown urge to escape! All stunned, enchantment inside flash fire, smoke billowing have not know inside! Until which no explosion, a Kekkaishi front the enchantment which hit a wind break,Women's Nike Jordan Sale, another person opened a hole in the direction opposite the palace gates enchantment, so a strong wind enchantment concentration smoke blowing in the palace door, when the enchantment before people see clearly! All are surprised a moment, the enchantment only stood more than thirty Oriental Yong summoned soldiers puppet, the other two are gone. Everyone a closer look, Chu Nan original standing place, found a pit, a Kekkaishi shouted: "Chu Nan injured halo in the pit." Oriental Yong Which? Where did he go? His warriors even from the loss of more than twenty, did not he did not bombed? Oriental man of the house face surprised, Yue Ya quickly rose from his chair, ran to the enchantment and shouted: "courage children, where are you,Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, do you have something?" At this time from thirty warriors which came a voice: "Mother, I'm here, all right!" Then I hear crashed, Oriental Yong from the middle surrounded by warriors stood up, then all people understand, the original Oriental Yong let warriors surrounded a few times, and he shamelessly crouched among them, to protect themselves from them! Oriental Yong patted the sand, Yue Ya waved, jumped two scraps, which means that their limbs still, all right, then turned his head and was looking for Chu Nan, a look at the music, even he dug a The grave he slept! Oriental Yong clenched fist, swinging a punch KO! "Chu Bo Ren extremely indignant, even his dear son was beaten life and death unknown, let him have an impulse to kill Oriental Yong! His force to the enchantment rushing, has yet to shouted: "Enchantment open ......" Oriental Warrior look wrong, quickly rushed to the enchantment, he ran two steps to the edge of the table, kicking, burly body fly up high, such as a large eagle flying in the sky, a huge coercion pressure down! He saw Chu Bo Ren rushed into the settled community know a step slow, so a back straight, so that their whereabouts posture once again rushed forward. This time pediment is necessary to hit the enchantment on the Oriental martial hand to enchantment hit go! His hand hit or a normal hand, to halfway, has become a bronze inscription with flame hand, snapped, enchantment he beat shattered side, others taking advantage of the opportunity to wear into the sector! Chu Bo Ren into a settled community, put the palm of a character ready to shake off to the East Yong. The Oriental Yong feel dangerous atmosphere quickly to warriors Qudang, but do not want to, this is character into the substance of the Gold and Iron arrows, through the five warriors, Jin Yu disappeared to Oriental Yong shè of to! The With warriors barrier, Gold and Iron Arrow or slow down a little time, and this time is sufficient Oriental Wu rescue! Oriental Yong when you want to back and found their own in front of a tall figure, his one hand on the Gold and Iron Arrow Lianrong angry and ferocious eyes as if to the emission of sparks, it is Oriental Warrior, Oriental Yong di-tert. Oriental Wu angrily shouted: "killed!" <

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