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17.05.2013 08:49
or to record the dream antworten

Haven't officially entered the evil twin, Shu Yu frequently heard Tao Qionglin's name, for the status of the master in the evil twin, had a very profound understanding. Listen to Liu Changqing words, even he was staring, surprised and asked: "Tao Qionglin's husband is the boss's grandmother mirror, that is not to say, they are a into?" Liu Changqing hesitated for a moment, finally nodded and said: "it can be said is, it can be said is not." Tao masters capable, the course is very popular with female X ì ng welcome. He is said to be at a young age, life is not rigorous, is a romantic in the name of. Unfortunately, he met is more than his romantic dream Ji. According to legend, Ji and dream is a country s è Yao Hong, anatomia female, of beauty, almost no energy ratio. Tao Qionglin and Ji dream one male, one female looks, can be said to be Yao as the. In fact, they also love each other dearly, sweet. But Tao Qionglin's love is not always the women. He can have such success in mechanical engineering, also seems to be a part of the soul of the input. Not long after, he had the inspiration suddenly, vowed to do the same stunning full custom gift to discipline the dream, he threw himself into the work. Ji Yemeng is so beautiful women is certainly unwilling to remain out of the limelight, she also never know lonely is. Tao Qionglin give birth to "star snake" this child, Ji dream also gave birth to a child -- of course not Tao Qionglin. Say, she is pregnant in October, stomach change from a young age, Tao Qionglin was not found, the extent of addiction that he at work...... Tao Qionglin took the complete drawings star snake, and female into the treasure - to love this was also prepared a gift for her. Results at the age,Air Jordan Spizike Sale, the dream child in her arms, his whole into all frightened. Liu Changqing said to draw sound drawing s è, Shu Yu heard very speechless. He was silent for a moment, asked: "but Tao Qionglin made a star snake,Air Jordan 2 Sale, or to record the dream...... And her offspring?" Liu Changqing mysteriously said: "there are rumors, do not know whether it is a blessing or a curse, Ji home into the open star snake, use its powers, must pay some price. But what is the cost, in addition to Tao Qionglin and Ji family patriarch, no one knows." Shu Yu knocked on the handrail, asked: "then I to remove the lens the words, he will stand in the way?" Liu Changqing face difficult s è: "Tao master of psychological, I cannot judge......" Shu Yu laughed, and said: "you know already very much. I'm afraid you in mercenary network, not just a little work." Liu Changqing laugh out of court, did not continue to say. Shu Yu remembered something, asked: "we just in the star diagram very dangerous snakes, a crisis is Chuxing Wei Chu he saved us......" Liu Changqing was surprised, then behoove nodded: "yes, now Lotus Island's influence is he squeezed badly,Women's Jordan Sale, Chuxing weft another thought also is very normal. However, the relationship between these two closely around, even if there are differences, actually become what it is hard to say. I suggest keeping in touch, be careful with." Shu Yu nodded, this advice and he >

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