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behind him a youth has to come antworten

> 155 document (s): the Palace Banquet storm start small eunuch invited they holing table, in the second table on the right from the middle of the table. www. qUanbEN. Theme of the COM table stood a high-backed armchair, other chairs are back stool, apparently unassailable prepared! Oriental Yong see the Oriental home the whole family can sit down at a table on stage, a little bit of a surprise, seems Oriental's status really do not! Oriental Yong looked at the middle of the table, Thematic is a Golden Throne, the left is a Feng-chair on the right is two high-back chairs are stool. After ectopic Proudly officials with their families come in, some of them, and others greeted by a ahave seen the unassailable sitting here, come to the table to him salute! All military attache has come to salute, but God sè respectful! Another part of the civil service, some respectful, some curry favor. Those who do not come to salute the civil service. Oriental Yong looked a civilian to salute, almost all of them in a corner of the left. Knew that partisan officials system is very obvious ah! After a while, the palace gates to pass a burst of noise, and then they saw a browed Bairan of, sort of figure who trained,Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, gave Oriental Yong uncomfortable feeling old man, came in with a five or six men and women, before sitting in the left corner of the civil service are all sitting around in the past, a warm salute! Oriental Yong hear their calls Taishi, to understand this person, Taishi Chu Chu Yuan's grandfather. Heart smile, Come find me bicker, I provoke angry Hurry fighting character, my heart still simmering breath did not put out which! At this time, to salute to curry favor with officials is also very clear, a military attache in the past, the civil service in addition to the left corner of that group, in addition to other civil service, but not all. Chu home on the table, the Chu home in addition to Chu Taishi, a middle-aged couple with a small eunuch, another three-year-old man, another seventh of eight women. Palace feast this kind of thing, and more to participate in a more thick, qualifications, the Chu family how without the second generation, but with so many third-generation, this seems to be Oriental Warrior yokel guess, the Chu family want to cut their face in the palace feast! Oriental Yong excited, wait a minute films to play! Chu's house to play even Oriental Warrior yokel yīn seek guess, Oriental Yong feeling than they own has a very big sense of superiority on the IQ! They came to power, the sight of fierce staring at the Oriental home look neat,Air Jordan 2 UK, consistent action, if it is ordinary people really can not stand the pressure on them! The Oriental martial big eyes staring bells the mouth with a Xiexiao, hey laugh or two, obvious meaning they disdain, breaking Chu cold as the gas field! Unassailable body Chu family of human eyes slightly panic, Chu Taishitun but it is very tough, squint stare Oriental Wu a, and then look to the old gods comfortable, but his eyes aim at the Oriental Yong, coldly: "Oriental old every man, you have a good grandson. "old ordinary man? This curse, the Oriental Mu, Oriental Warrior, Yue Ya face is angry, it seems that there are two volcanic necessary to outbreaks, why not three, has been an outbreak of a volcano because the Oriental Warrior, like a locomotive spitting smoke, if not the Oriental Mu according to him, he would have jumped up. The unassailable did not the speaker, they can only be endured! Oriental Yong pondering looked at home BOSS, looked Chu an old loan, you say a few hard words and then let your grandchildren play, PK! Unassailable not rash, the old gods comfortable, the Chu Taishitun Ma Wan, waiting for him to criticize their own back, however, first-class, second class, third class, and my heart strange, this old fool is deaf, can not hear to? Not only Chu Taishitun patience no the Chu family party also some sāo move, Oriental Yong attention focused on unassailable body, the audience from near all know what happened, but also look to the stage, the distance found that this place was very quiet, are immediately smell the smell of gunpowder, all quiet down, afar off! If not a word xìng inappropriate, with thousands of pet set a poem to describe unassailable at this time, then it is terrific! Old unassailable credit seems to vanity was satisfied, the focal point enough as his old eyelid lift with disdain, aiming Chu Taishitun a heavy hum: "Chu old dog, my grandson a bird, your grandson birds,Air Jordan 7, my grandson naturally stronger than you! "Chu Yuan bird Oriental Yong step, this is the Chu family's pain, but not unassailable phrase point in their pain at Chu Home together like eating flies, his voice is stuck, sè face livid! Mr Chu Taishitun curse, only two people heard almost no attention to other people, but now everyone quietly looked unassailable, curse out if all heard Chu Taishi school face sè livid the Oriental home a fan of well-coordinated laugh! Chu Grand Preceptor body trembled with anger, but his teeth no longer say anything, behind him a youth has to come out, the face sè reddened, pointing a finger at The East is Red, scold: "You old fool, Who are you, dare to criticize my grandfather, my brother not to harm you ... "come out to see Chu, a third generation, Oriental Yong happy. When he noticed the Oriental Mu had to hold down the Oriental martial hand release, have not seen what action Oriental Warrior, a the gold sè with fire palm shadow fly off the fan that jumped out to the Chu family Youth face! Taishi Chu and Chu middle-aged man heard a junior in the accident to foolishly jump out, you know potential gas off the Xia Cheng, and my heart just from the mind of preparedness Oriental home, Oriental Warrior attack has to watched junior fan and a slap in the face, flying out of the two front teeth, then backward and flew and together knocked down another two young men Chu! Chu Ka middle-aged woman uttered a scream, and then jumped off the stage, propped three young men. Chu Bo Ren, middle-aged man, is Chu Taishitun large children to see the three junior by a small wound, would like to take the opportunity to launch an attack, did not want to Oriental Mu lightly sound first rang! Chuxiong, adults speak, even the parts that we have not interrupted, Does this person really is the Chu people do, how so tutor, Chuxiong, but lax discipline of the crime! "Oriental scholar appearance MU talked a good match, are pedantic, without a dirty word, but a third of the assault into the heart, but not trauma are internal injuries! Chu Bo Ren is not fuel-efficient lights to avoid giving birth to words poison curse Oriental old man regarding shot played junior bad behavior, but only for the East Wu Hair Is: "Oriental brother, even if the children slightly not have my Chu family to manage Lingdi but in this Proudly Palace shot hurt three junior, you have to do what explanation you Oriental home can not put my Chu Ka looked down, but here is the palace Do you not put the emperor in the eye? "Oriental Yong his eyes, looked the Oriental Chu Bo Ren to a flatter, I'm looking forward to how to respond to their own adult! <

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