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17.05.2013 08:44
and then one by one and then push it over antworten

Shu Yu word, denied the God Au intelligence work. Yun Feipeng want to befriend Shu Yu, this time also some discontent, he frowned and asked: "do you think other information is useless?" Shu Yu simply said: "is of no use!" He stood up, looking cloud Feipeng, sneer at a way: "I'm here, not to mirror the dilly-dallying the, for a supply of sth.!" He is at the end of R ì has been doomed, I just need to know where, and then one by one and then push it over!" The legend of He Rui is so arrogant person? Yun Feipeng sat in his chair, looking at the Shu Yu, wonder. Shu Yu's eyes dark abyss very, like, all bright all attracted. Abyss, faint a bit red, as if any beast lurking in there, ready to pounce on it, all the goals in front of all devoured. And Shu Yu's eyes, Yun Feipeng town centering x ì ng, can not help but lift a chill in the air from the bottom of my heart. As the divine union leader, yunfeipeng is not so easily frightened, he paused, said: "since it is so, we have good news waiting for any adult...... However,Jordan 3 Sale, there is one thing, I think I have to remind you." He take the matter seriously said: "he is one of the oldest family evil twin, they master the sin the Gemini's secrets. The construction of the Gemini man, was master Tao Qionglin!" He points to namely stops, say very briefly. But this is only a word, let Shu Yu eyes twinkle, moments of silence. Tao Qionglin. He nodded his head, lips into a rare smile: "thank you for your. The works of masters, I has been known for a long time... I very much look forward to!" His body, suddenly very game. He has decided to destroy the mirror, nothing can stop him, Tao Qionglin's work is no exception! The story basically finished, Shu Yu is ready to call Los days back away together. Yun Feipeng suddenly said: "wait a moment." After a moment,UK Nike Air Jordan, a slender woman holding a box, flower Tuan Liu came. She had already changed into a close-fitting dress, looks slim waist, not a. This woman is just told Shu Yu to bet against the dealer blue bird. Shu Yu looked at her hand on the box, do not speak. Blue bird that is not a small wooden box placed on the table in front of him, turning away. In full to the brim to filled with large area of star card, card one hundred million yuan a piece, put the box packed a gap no! Yun Feipeng said: "what Xionggang was alarming momentum, to gamble,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, I this rich gold most likely." So I had to be face a disadvantage, please what's ahead. This is just what you win money, as well as some compensation...... T he smiled arch arch hand, "a total of one hundred billion star, please show mercy what brother." After the auction of Star Cloud Dan, Shu Yu is the Milky Way's top rich people, with more than four hundred billion of the assets. But even he doesn't readily took one hundred billion cash to. His four hundred billion, contains several collar, contains many conversion out of materials. Yun Feipeng, take out, is one hundred billion of the cash card on the Milky way.

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