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17.05.2013 08:41
her lonely palace life has been antworten

> 140 document (s): the Royal Emperor surgery affection red Cher see Yang E line Hail to the Emperor, she remembered that just came in time, Yang E told her audience with the emperor at the time,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, to learn to do her action ! Chek Cher quickly two tender hands stacked at the waist, slightly lower my eyes, crisp channel: "Cher ...... seen the emperor!" Heroine graceful shape, line Edmond Lai her curves perfectly demonstrate , it is very elegant and beautiful! Lolita red Cher was a kid, on the circumference and waist about the same size, the phrase should be "chest no chest to waist not waist, and her movements are not only soft but also with clumsy, Hail ceremony, Yang E, it is very funny and cute! And Yang E became obvious contrast, Tianrang cloud of mud! "Ha ha ha ......" Emperor Chek Cher amused, laughing up! Red Cher clumsiness, but yet her childlike vividly imprinted in the emperor's eyes, and my heart could not help more in love with this little girl! Heroine looking at Chek Cher chuckle! "Come on, Cher, uncle give you candy to eat!" Emperor waved and said. Www. QuAnBeN. com Chek Cher eyes lit up, but hesitated, still did not go past, but to look pathetic Yang E! Yang E points to her head, she immediately pleased to trot on the dragon emperor that a higher level table, took the emperor fed to the good-looking candy! Brothers and sisters, do not stand, sit down and talk! "Emperor Yang E pointed to the following chair, said. Heroine hear The emperor even called her "brothers and sisters", and my heart hesitated, though know that the emperor is red Cher and deliberately to please her, but she still can not help but be moved! Heroine in virtually touched by the emperor, before stiff elimination. Her elegant slightly blessing, said: "thank the emperor!" Emperor side deficit Douzhuo Cher, he found red Cher strength is terrible, but the mind is just a kid, so I decided to coax children to please her! His side and Heroine greeting, and asked her all these years how they are doing, being, filling the gentle side of the emperor! After a long time, Yang E Speaking of the purpose of this trip: "The emperor, Yang E heard from the Square, a tragedy occurred because borrowing a lot of heartache, hate those unscrupulous loan sharks businessman, Yang E, but confused at how can we help those difficult people! now one to Heroine out of a magic bullet, Yang E very agree with, want to please the emperor to ratify, Yang E can help to those difficult people! "" Oh, you listen to to the tragedy, but Chu Yuan, Oriental Yong? "The Emperor asked, Is Heroine to intercede to Oriental Yong, Does she not know that the emperor has no blaming Oriental Yong body. Heroine surprised a moment, "the emperor, that tragedy with the Chu family is some relationship, I heard that pawn shop is one of the Chu family is driven out the old housekeeper opened! But it is Oriental Yong told me how, but the case Oriental Yong? "ah? Oriental kid told you? he someday tell you?" two days ago! "Heroine number finger, said. "Oh ..." "The emperor why you laughing?" Brothers and sisters, your message expired! "Emperor laughed," the case in the past two days' time Oriental Yong passes right by and see the farmers beaten, pawn shops robbed , he told you that? But the next day the merits and development, Chu Yuan with killed farmers, farmers insulted his wife and daughter, these are not what you find out? but you do not know, yesterday afternoon , Chu Yuan with people to find the robber chieftain, Oriental Yong one familiar with this person, was at his home, so he put a group of people of Chu Yuan played injured, bullying farmers wife and daughter, are subject to special injury, can be described as heavy hurt! yesterday the Chu Taishitun has palace to find I do not know the brothers and sisters is not to plead to the Oriental kid? "Heroine was surprised, she did not think things would be so, Oriental Yong even know robber chieftain, also wounded Chu Taishitun Sun, Chu Taishitun how to let go of Oriental Yong? Heroine quickly plead: "The emperor, Chu Yuan cause farmers tragedy, went to check the robber chieftain, showing that this pawn shop is a great relationship with the house of Chu, is not as simple as a Chu cast out the old housekeeper! Heroine dare say, This pawn shop is open, the Chu family has is a violation of the law of the land! Oriental Yong is no reason to be involved, Chu Yuan Perhaps it was at the scene of the East Yong woman cooked intentions, Oriental Yong was forced to get involved, please the emperor not to believe Chu Taishi side of the story, also Oriental Yong justice! "" Oh, brothers and sisters first Do not get excited, things yesterday has developed toward the direction you wish you may know, was the presence of another person? " The Emperor smiled and waved! Another person? Emperor who? "Heroine hear Oriental Yong nothing was relieved, and then asked. The "Liner!" Liner? ...... Ah? Emperor, you mean Liner, Lin returned with the princess? "Heroine surprise. Yang E marry into the Royal is not a month, Zhu Yonglin was born, it can be said they both came to the Royal! In those years, eight-year-old Zhu Yonglin, Yang E watched her grow up, but also let her lonely palace life has been Jisi sè color! Later, Zhu Yonglin-year-old fleeing forced marriages, so she was sad for a long time, but also very miss her, hear her back, and my heart is very happy and surprise! "Well, she is yesterday came back, and her robber precisely Lin'er the savior of the children of soldiers, so when she went to see them,Air Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, and also know what the original phase,Air Jordan Big Ups, and later also Chu Yuan locked up in a jail Lane originally Chu Taishitun, palace, I still angry looking condemn Orient Yong, Liner just then come back and handle the evidence showed I, to Oriental Yong plea! I naturally want to stand Lin'er aside, huh, huh! "Emperor smiled and said," brothers and sisters, wait a minute side of things, to ** go and see, you will want to Liner! ", Xie emperor!" "You just said a give you a magic bullet, that person is this kid Oriental Yong, Well, what's going to make me make a decision? "Emperor Yang E, then just inside, then outside are Oriental Yong, naturally guessed she said the man is the East Yong, so asked. But he was slightly puzzled, this cheap and readily discarded son-in-law how come so close and Yang E? Wise emperor is the Oriental Yong. Oriental Yong is a good child, he saw that the city was a lot of farmers have no money Shimoda, some starved to death, some by forced the pawnshop silver Zhuang oppression, so he proposed the establishment of a bank, one advantage to suppress the elimination of the buried poor pawn shop silver Zhuang, ultra-low interest rates to help needy farmers to resume production! "Heroine say is The Bank of East Yong bank Imagination, naturally not buried away, wait a minute to let the emperor know, so now the emperor first guessed, Yang E also no accident. Bank?? "The Emperor hear the banks and pawnshops silver Zhuang similar, but he did not mind the banks are classified into a pawnshop suck human blood as the presence of can not! <

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