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> 129 document (s): first met the black inferno fangs injured As more in-depth village, Oriental Yong they encounter more and more, and Oriental Yong naturally not as a decoration, he also began as an assistant treatment villagers! Segment of fish means of treatment is actually very simple, only put and hemostasis character and back to the chūn character! Oriental Yong is not the same, fracture tied up with a wooden sub-bleeding first simple dressing. the WWW, QUanbEN, COM segment fish see slightly surprised a moment, said: "This helpful?" useful "the Oriental Yong Touyebutai of, continue to villagers dressing! Segment fish closer look, and found a simple dressing, blood does not flow very fierce, and even with hemostatic character, wound or exposed after dressing without dreaded by the second injury, she also studied oriental Yong villagers dressing! At this time, I heard the same as the rockets sound pass over, a few people surprised a moment, coming from the east of the village, so it seems flight feathers, a team encountered black inferno! "Relax, we continue to treat the villagers, the Fox Master drive past, the flight feathers and sisters'll be fine!", Said fish. But no more than half stick of incense, and I heard the sound of rockets sounded, a few people are looking to the East Village, went twice then sounded! Continue Three Times! Oriental Yong and segment fish on the visual one, and then quickly end the hands bandaged work fast, we Master is coming! "Of fish on injured villagers Road:" You entered the room to go back protect yourself! "Then she ran in front,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, the East Yong Five people in the Village away. Have not approached, there came fighting gas, there are each sè flash and brilliance lights up! "Of the fish, the squad leader, you have not encountered it?" Then came a voice behind. Oriental Yong Looking back, it is another squad rushed to the scene. Know from his words, they did not encounter the black inferno, now is only encountered in flight feathers, a team of black inferno, it can be said only a black inferno! "Blue Friends, we do not, Which of you!" Of the fish asked. "No, we would go quickly to help Master!" Said the man known as the Blue Friends. Oriental Yong saw purple purple fox turned a broken house, flight feathers, fragrant night light, Simon four people being laid siege to a monster! Monster height of two meters and a half, muscular upper body is inverted triangle, the body only crotch around an animal skins,Air Jordan 14 Sale, bare. His skin is dark green sè, large teeth, like a game of Warcraft Orcs! He should be the mission to destroy the black inferno! The black inferno hand holding a bone as a weapon, that the bones should be the thigh bone of some giant beast. Master four siege, release the various Yan sè the defense the operator surgery and hand supernatural powers, weapons, majestic! Fox purple purple body weeks surrounded by a layer of flame, like her body in flames, but flames did not burn her, but to protect her. This is her fire spirit A array of defensive character surgery from the outside can see flames the flashing red sè Rune! She is holding a sword, body with flame cloud red, the blade glowed yellow sè Rune! The defensive character of the flight feathers surgery of the eight lotus petals, a lotus units under their feet, the flight feathers looks like a Lotus Fairy! Zhang Jingying her hand holding the silver bow. Fragrant night defensive character surgery out of a wind dragon, swimming around the body of the fragrant night, once the attack to his side, the bird wind dragon will be the first time in the attack the position, blocking the attack. His hands is a black dagger sè of. An inch short inch insurance, his black dagger can be excited to go out to play in the the black inferno body and then fly back, very much! Simon light hanging around a simple silver shield, holding a huge hammer, hammer hammer one meter high, is nearly a meter under the length and width of a rectangular, two-meter-long hammer handle mighty , and on the surface of the hammer numerous silver wire Rune, looks very occult, the overall looks like a literate rogue! Simon light Defensive Shield worse than the previous three more, they are a full range of defense, and the light only one side of Simon. Simon light this shield on the back, waving in front of a huge hammer, airtight, do not have the defensive front shield,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, but affected his play! Oriental Yong to see Fox violet purple and Simon light two stand in front of the flight feathers archers stand farther, the fragrant night walk in the Fox violet purple and Simon light before and after, he agility, speed flash out the attack, and retreated behind. Fox purple violet flame cloud sword power is very large, see people made frightened, the black inferno who Jidao charred Jianhen her injured. But black inferno Litaiwuqiong, and the bones of his hand does not know what in terms of material, could block the fox purple violet flame cloud sword. The stalemate when Fox violet purple and black inferno, light hammer Simon such a huge mountain pressed against the black inferno, but the light Simon and fox purple purple two forces, only black inferno took a step back, Simon light back again and again seven or eight steps, fox purple purple force shook the back two steps! Flight feathers, the Yu Zhi crystal bow on a pull, a mysterious gas cemented covered the Silver Arrow fills the forces shè out tadpoles Rune flow, but black inferno The skin is very thick, strong defense force, the flight feathers of the arrow just shock him, but can not hurt him! Night fragrant black dagger is very sharp, each time leaving a hole in the blood will be close to the black inferno the black inferno already know the hazards of night fragrant, so anti him, he once close, The stick Zhentui! Black inferno not only mighty, and he also emitting a blanket of darkness, that blanket of darkness sprayed onto the leaves, or two, leaves to become a smoke. But Fox purple purple high agility, will not be sprayed into! Oriental Yong them to Fox violet purple and black inferno has been deadlocked live. The purple purple fox to see their students, said: "Liu years, Simon Light withstood with him, others planted trapped magic array!" At this point, segment fish they are inspired defensive character surgery, five light tenth sè of ! Hear the words of the fox purple purple, they should quickly, the defensive character of Liu Years surgery is ten the mysterious Heijian, hanging in his around, when he resorted to a wide-bladed Sword, like a door , with a whirring sound of the wind rushed past, helped Simon light blocking black inferno blow! Above fish floating around a white silk cloth, soft dough, but there is such as living creatures, and cloth body shining mysterious gas luster, people can not be overlooked! The paragraph four fish turn around and around Oriental Yong and said: "Both of you guarding the Oriental Yong, the other two we care array" array care, is to protect their planted matrix method is not black inferno interference, or is he destroyed out . Oriental Partly four generation disciple of the Orient home crowd can be flue pull into the round classes, naturally excels! Oriental Partly looked the other three one, said: "A help and I leave you two retaining array!" <

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