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17.05.2013 08:37
Shu Yu appeared not to care one way antworten

Yousong star in a frenzy. Learning, learning, learning; training, training, training hard,Jordan 6 Sale, hard, hard. This work not only students, some teachers also with great care to Pei Zhongqiu test. According to legend, flare stars brought 100% evolution not only to minors, so they want to ask, like their adults, can also participate in the competition? Pei Zhongqiu, pass it on to Shu Yu, Shu Yu appeared not to care one way or another, simply said: "what I want, you should be very clear." Pei Zhongqiu think, indeed! Although the Shu Yu has not said, but he actually had expressed through various means. He and Pei Jia is more of an exchange relationship, he doesn't care about Pei Jia take his things to use, as long as can reach his request, and to keep the secret. Think not long ago, Shu Yu asked them to cooperate with things to do, Pei Zhongqiu could not help heart is hot. The thing itself to Pei Jia is a tremendous opportunity, such a big thing, no wonder to sign power contract! He knew the meaning of Shu Yu, quickly convey it down. Pei Jia ability now isn't enough! Only stronger,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, to adult help. To help adults busy at the same time, Pei home and become stronger! Hear his response, Yousong star atmosphere more on a floor. Yes, even if is a teacher too, as long as the loyal to Jai, on adult enough, and have the potential to learn, 100% evolution method, the ability to further enhance! Serious person is the most horrible, second students quickly talent showing itself. This part of the staff, including more than a dozen of the teacher. However, they did not get the adult to teach, give them guidance is the first period. The first phase of students and second students formed a group, the latter guidance and education by the former. If there are any guide, then summarize out to adults, by his discretion.) Think of this kind of Education held up their own learning and training. Soon, they found, this guide is beneficial to their own! They review previously learned during the process of. Further clarifies the thoughts, processes discussed in different with the idea of people also broke out of the new spark...... They learn more and more is a surprise. This seemingly simple power law is so broad J ī ng deep, research in. Not only can vaguely see the road ahead, can see more now also don't understand! Intermediate Yousong star student and teacher's objection is less and less, only three days, the middle and the opposition will completely disappear, all the people of Shu Yu hell-bent, very admire Pei Zhongqiu the master of the house. Now, in their eyes, that is not the problem of the contract. Do not sign that contract, people with what this set of exercises that teach you? To be honest, with this set of skills, even large family must scramble for. Wish into why adults affiliated family! Zhong Qiujia is really too wise! Each summed up the problem,Nike Air Jordan 2 Sale, is by Pei Zhongqiu directly to Shu Yu. He began to think that 100% of evolution is not much use to you, listen when some pay no heed to, listen to a few words, his >

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