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17.05.2013 08:32
Shu Yu punched him in the face when antworten

> but tolerance, and years precipitate formed leisureliness. Shu Yu knew, in his best shape, even faster compared with him, not a bit less depth. However, at this time, Shu Yu punched him in the face when, can not take into account his appearance! Often white are sealed ability, has not been adapted to the new capacity, the blow was solid, the moment had been knocked off the ground, fly backwards! He wants to control the body in the air, stand straight down. But Shu Yu the punch force is too large, often white was the shock dizzy, black eyes, rare in all one's born days lost control of the body, back with half a day, can not stand up! He fell on the ground, in the mind the anything that vanishes flashed just look like Shu Yu -- white all over the red blood, the whole face is full of harshness, completely not his usual! No, this is not the usual Shu Yu, he what appear to be in control, must be careful! Often white after all have great experience, combat experience is extremely rich, the mind has just turned this idea before, feel Pumianerlai wind, immediately react,Air Jordan Outlet, forcibly twist body, fall off to the side. Sure enough, Shu Yu didn't take him down and accept a hand, unexpectedly immediately rushed in and gave him a boxing! Or not! Encounter unexpected surprise attack, often white head center reads flashback, rapid judgment. The punch than a fist momentum slightly many,Nike Air Jordan 9, when playing out obviously have some hesitation. Shu Yu is not completely controlled? Thought of here, he immediately voice call way: "brother. Brother...... He rui!" The last name is an alias Shu Yu, heard the name, Shu Yu tiny tiny one leng. Taking advantage of this moment of hesitation, often white back, squatting and kneeling on the ground. This position either flee or attack, than just convenient. At the same time, several strands of breeze began to wind. Between to two people. The wind is coming from far away, with cherry sweet breath mixed with water to dilute the taste, it is a bit of blood had. Shu Yu's action is a meal. Often in the heart bottom, asked softly: "brother, I is you brother often white...... The orphanage out some things. Luo's in there right now, I have to go -- do you want to go with me?" Last words, often white hesitated for a moment, finally said out. He felt a little worried, Shu Yu is now in a state of J ī ng God is not stable, if see inside the tragic scene, will increasingly become aggravated. But no matter how to say, Shu Yu singular state because the pursuit of the squad here,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, dog that fetches will carry., maybe starting from the source. You can return to Shu Yu clear consciousness! Shu Yu did not answer, often white slightly relieved, with great care to stood up. He has been staring at Shu Yu's actions, he completely stand up, Shu Yu jerked. Seems to want to attack. Often white forcibly suppress his impulse, without any reaction. Shu Yu once again calm down, often white took a step backwards, Shu Yu also took a step forward. So step by step, often white said softly: "after you go, Luo day took me in. The child is very >

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