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17.05.2013 08:29
Oriental Yong patted antworten

> 111: one for farmers revenge "uh" more than twenty retainers already afraid that eight strange guy, do not walk to look at the road, everyone's body is stepped on again. Www! QUAnBen! Com eight strange guy's body weight to death, stepped on the hands and feet fracture Gusui the stepped body injuries! Just for a little while, they retainers annihilated, they think about the fate of their own to wait on some chills! But this time, the East Pass but just to bully farmers a say in the morning, you can let him go, those who do not bully farmers retainers, mind live Los up! However, the Chu family family rules for the following people, it is extremely severe, the hearts of those who still hesitate! Oriental Yong see the Chu family retainers who face sè divided into two kinds, one is pale and scared, one is hesitant, his heart smile, walked the retainers in front of a face sè hesitate: "You, you If you do not say, A C I crush his head! "A C is the Heavenly soldiers fought C. Who was named retainers startled, looked like he's smiling to the Oriental Yong face death, there is a strange guy slowly he approached, he immediately exclaimed: "I say, I say ... "early death is better late death! He thought to myself. Oriental Yong listening to the retainers, then, and then he uttered the retainers, Heavenly soldiers dragged out. Watching the ten face pale sè, retainers, Oriental Yong walked slowly past, shouted: "who hands killed farmers, who insulted his wife and daughter in his house?" Yu-hung Suddenly a brisk walk Oriental Yong side, the mouth, then took a deep breath, and loudly: "Oriental ... Oriental Big Brother, you let my knife to cut it, so that I a revenge for the farmers!" Yu Xiong before Oriental Yong want to bully his sister's dandy, so they did not give him good face sè, heart he did a good impression, just the Oriental Yong also smoked a few whip, is to let the fear of the male heart to hate him . But just to see the people of the Chu family, he knew own mischief, afraid I worry about my sister will be adversely affected, and this moment some regret yesterday should not try to steal a pawn shop! No one thought that Chu Yuan Yong turned and Oriental know, but does not seem to and. Yu-hung or to know Chu Taishitun, the, difficult and Chu Taishitun home are not and very much alive, Yu the male have guessed the identity of the Oriental Yong extraordinary. But Yu Xiong think of a certain thing from that time, he will understand those big family like to play things secretly, on the surface will not show it. Not even to offend another family a few people have no value. Yu Xiong Oriental Yong-come, first with her sister to leave, but the Chu home to, he would withdraw aside. But the next fact, however, he unexpectedly. Oriental Yong for their sake or white for my sister, and because the people of the Chu family, he was admired and respected him. Wait until Eastern Yong summon eight heavenly stems soldiers, retainers trounced the black kid punch Chu Yuan knocked to the ground, Yu Xiong admire from the power of Oriental Yong! Each juvenile worship blood, like blood! Oriental Yong overthrown retainers, the first thing is to find out the scourge of the farmers a murderer, Oriental Yong sinking heart of justice, is to let the fear of male heartfelt respect! Before dandy curse Oriental Yong, Yu Xiong was called his eldest brother, showing his psychological changes! One he thought to help farmers, even they scourge, I found myself angry, want to cut their heads! But, Oriental Yong turned to bayan took Yu-hung head about, snapped loud, then shouted: "You stupid head, you do not know the consequences of murder, beating cities and towns,Nike Jordan Superfly, killing is necessary official hunt, official beheaded, nothing can be done, is not murder, you know? "" can ... The farmer died Haocan, his wife and two daughters at home ...... "Yu Xiong puzzled Road . "Your side of the first standing." Oriental Yong do not want to explain him, waved, then turned his head to look to the retainers are, "Who will give me ......" Jia Ding to see Oriental Yong Yu Xiong dialogue, awareness to the front of this good-hearted enough to kill, face sè are much better. Know their life will keep retainers are answered truthfully Oriental Yong. Yu Xiong thought Oriental Yong just ask it, then we would let them anxious and said: "East Brother, can not let them!" Oriental Yong looked back Yu-hung one, and then said nothing, went to a self- said first insulted in front of the farmers wife, smiled and said: "voluntarily surrendered themselves insufficient to reduce the sentence!" retainers surprised a moment, looked at the Oriental Yong smile, a kind of feeling of death! Oriental Yong suddenly lifted his foot, mercilessly step in the middle of the retainers crotch, heard the faint sound Egg broken! The retainers upon her neck, screaming like a cock! Oriental Yong ignore him, continue to the next retainers around that a bullying farmers daughter retainers, is still heavily step one foot! Stepped series of nearly a pair of balls, Oriental Yong patted shoes, Heavenly soldiers said: "Those who kill farmers gave me crush their hands!" For a time,Nike Air Jordan, the danger of going round the door like a slaughter of field! Yu twists begin to see the Chu family retainers, very hatred, now see them like chickens and ducks abuse, Yu the twists scared face sè pale, carried away afraid to look at them. Every time she heard the sound of a broken egg, wrinkled eyebrows! Yu Xiong feel is so happy, just kill them on the cheap them! Then he loudly applauded! Ice Queen can not see the past, so too cruel to say anything to stop: "Hey, you sent them to the rulers do not like, how can ..." This is the first time she take the initiative to speak Oriental Yong. But Oriental Yong stare back at her, ignore her and continue to depress the a pair of balls! The Ice Queen angry red in the face, the more complex eyes looking at the Oriental Yong. At this time, the East Yong went to the front of Chu Yuan, he stepped on his foot. This Chu Yuan did not make insulting the farmer, his wife and daughter, his dandy, not the farmer's wife and daughter look in the eyes, you want to what a woman can be bought with money, his wife and daughter the home maid posture sè of Geng Shibi farmers more naturally not fancy farmers' wives and daughters! But just now the retainers 'words, is this bastard command retainers bullying farmers' wives and daughters,Air Jordan Store, and he was still sit and watch music! Over, Oriental Yong turned his head, the danger of going round and said: "Well, you want to leave here, go to my house, they not dare these bastards I catch you, and Chu Taishi did not dare to open his home pawn shops do publicity! you quickly packed his things! "when the Ice Queen took a step forward, hum:" them which, so throw in here? "" What do you want? give you to the hospital Hall? "Oriental Yong funny. "Send official prison!" Ice Queen stare at him, said. <

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