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17.05.2013 08:25
at the top of the interests antworten

For a moment, he knew the man and the beast shape where alike. Look, look! Unable to hold oneself back that greedy, passionate...... This is the interests of the beast, represents a human interest! At that moment,Jordan 2 Shoes, fully understood, zoomorphic every cent in his heart, he was completely deconstruction. At the same time, little world open, the projection deconstruction zoomorphic received. The whole world with a touch of bright red, but Shu Yu spirits. He knew what to do! When Chen Wansheng let his deconstruction of human, he only do this, can Chen Wansheng or other people into their own world, to know that "not say". But every person is different, each have their own personality, each have their own emotions, how to deconstruct the human? Analysis of each one? It is certainly not possible. What should I do? To this day, he finally came to understand this method! What is called the "potential" mean? It is by strengthening the human emotions! Humans are naturally gregarious creature, will influence each other. So, strong emotions a person can drive other people, is the so-called "inciting". So, if more people have the same strong emotions at the same time? A lot of people of the same emotion accumulate, influence each other, will form a "potential". This is a very strong emotional fragment, key, this mood piece is Shu Yu of deconstruction! He went to his own world look, was light red light. A as like as two peas and the interests of the beast beast shape quietly volts on one side, it is just the "interests of deconstruction". This is a one-sided part,air jordan outlet, if put it all together, should be able to deconstruct the human, thus completing the master requirements. He looked up, smiled, felt relieved. Although it is only a start. But it is to find the direction! At this time, the forty-first Star Cloud Dan is on the stage of the auction. Already sold forty, but the bidders emotions do not weaken. But more expensive. That is,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, Hoshi Oonni is not certainly want to obtain consumables. Beat to also want to get more. So, at the top of the interests of the beast is more obvious, overlooking the below, a silent smile. "War's collar!" The new offer is thrown out, even have great experience host also surprised. He quickly sent out this field data -- "west five galactic level under the collar, star 214, 81600000000 of the population......" Shu Yu surprised and asked: "a force can also be used as the object of transaction?" Often the white shining eyes, but still cool. He nodded and said: "the five collar attached to a force respect wolf collar, they are before the invasion. Because the distance is not too far away, so take down. Not directly into your wolf collar, as the subsidiary power use. The auxiliary forces is a colonial power, to the Lord the unconditional output of all resources...... Nature also can be used as the object of transaction change things." Shu Yu exclaiming: "this collar is bigger than the Changchun collar......" Often white ha ha smiled two, seems to be accustomed to. Because inside the atmosphere has been guaranteed.

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