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17.05.2013 07:54
almost crying in the side arms antworten

Walk past, Feiyun federal a pedestrian walked three hours. Tree city is the largest city of Changchun collar, their hotel in the east of the city, and a large square blocks in the northwest corner of the city. Three hours to go to, is already quite fast feet. Cui Qian is the wind power, he gave his feet with a little power, go up very light. The team also some of the idle rich fat, then go sweating,Air Jordan 2 UK, pant for breath. But go tired,nike air jordan, they dare not stop...... On both sides of the street, all the residents of Changchun Ling, on their way to watch Feiyun federal lawmakers, satire, rowdy. A member in the team and whispered: "Changchun collar must be intentionally!" Asked another Senator impatiently: "what do you mean? Hotel arrangements diagonally in the city, or let us go? What they have not deliberate?" Some people quietly from behind Shi Ruolin's back and stared, brisk walking an hour later, some people began to miss the stink to high heaven big truck. If not Shi Ruolin flatly refused, even though they endured the smelly, can also easily to large square blocks. Shi Ruolin noodles have no facial expression, as if not feel behind her. He was of medium build, in these members is relatively healthy, after such a long walk, a drop of sweat had No. So while Chen Minglei, on both sides of the two old friends at the team, is two people most attracts the heap of hatred. Cursing and insulting mostly directed at them, but the senator this creature. The thick skin is,Air Jordan 8 UK, the two one is a former speaker of the house, one is the current speaker, is one of the most. From a to Z, a little red means they face are not. After a while, Chen Minglei and I went to Shi Ruolin's side, asked: "do you think they now time delay. Is to do what?" Shi Ruolin taunt ground to see his one eye: "no matter what they do, we can only by. Do you have any other ideas?" Chen Minglei frowned, did not speak. Shi Ruolin sneered twice. To speed up the pace. "Brother!" A call came from the crowd came, was almost completely obliterated in the residents's curse. Shi Ruolin body is one Jiang, footsteps gently. Turned to. A somewhat similar with his face appears in the crowd back, looked at him earnestly. The next moment, he turned, with vigorous strides forward to walk, don't look over there. Shi Ruohua face, almost crying in the side arms, she will say: "small print this is what to do? This is his uncle!" Wang would like some not bear said: "you have seen, hurry back." Shi Ruohua said: "no.! I want to go to the small print, he can't do this to him!" Wang may be not high, he said: "you calm down! You're not Feiyun federal. You are the Lord's mother Changchun! Note that your identity!" This time, the couple relations eased, Shi Ruohua has been a long time did not hear the husband so impatient tone to speak to her. She was biting her lip, his face tears, said: "but. They are my family!" Wang may cold face: "Changchun collar and >

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