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17.05.2013 07:47
never at this speed after the meeting antworten

Screen closed instantly, Shi Ruolin just a notification is completed, immediately end the call, no continue to communicate with Chen Minglei. Hear the impeachment of the two words, Chen Minglei froze for a moment,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, immediately great anger, grabbed the hand cup, smashed the walls under light screen rage, his negligence, not here in his Feiyun federal mansion, but own luxury ship to safety, but also to show, the empty boat on the defensive measures do very good...... A protective wall lilacinus s è moment on the wall front generation, the glass hit the defensive wall, immediately rebound back, heavy on Chen Minglei's forehead Chen Minglei hit heavy, bounce back strength is more important,Air Jordan Outlet, he saw stars, give birth to a large forehead. At this time, only one thought -- all his mind, who in the cabin wall,Air Jordan Store, also arranged for the protective cover the very next day afternoon, Feiyun federal thunder star shortage, federal government affairs hall. The federal Congress never at this speed convened, never at this speed after the meeting. The federal representatives have gradually dispersed, Shi Ruolin still sitting in her seat, looked at the positive zh ō ngy ā ng wooden seat, a fully satisfied or contented smile. Before, he had been sitting in that position, superior, in all eyes gaze. Results the historian defeat in the election, let him leave the position. Although the seat from where there is only one step away, but this step. It is during unexpectedly, Chen was so unlucky, the less than two months, then abruptly by impeachment by a thirty-something man hurried over to him, smiled and said: "congratulations to the adults to re-board the speaker" history Wang Lin stood up, walked slowly to the positive zh ō ngy ā ng speaker seat, solemnly sat down. The deep breath. He narrowed his eyes, smile more happily: "good luck and, this time even God is on our side" history and is the nephew of Shi Ruolin. His secretary, then smiled and took a few up, some worried that said: "Mr. speaker. Ascends the throne, at this time is a good thing, but there are not good place." Shi Ruolin for him at this time pour of is not too happy, cold face, nose with one voice, he continued. Shi Chenghe said: "the long ch ū n brought forward very harsh conditions, we and they must have a round of negotiations. Before this, Chen Minglei, now became the president of your." It is not nice, say is the truth. Shi Ruolin was not angry, and said: "and the history of. Just Chen Minglei at the meeting said that, Mr. speaker do? "Shi Ruolin squinted his little eyes J ī ng four sh è, also recall that Chen Minglei did...... Feiyun federal though but a level three forces, in the Milky Way galaxy is not on the row number, but the remote. Never eat so badly. See the data, the government affairs hall immediately all exploded, delegates are noisy, put all the blame on to Chen Minglei, as if the whole assembly, only one speaker can decide things. Feiyun associated >

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