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17.05.2013 07:40
perceived not as imagined powerful since antworten

This is how the four personal thing Feiyun federal will be assigned to this kind of situation, have demonstrated their strength is not weak. Not only is not weak, among them there is a s level evolution, the other three are eight to nine. These four people usually put in what place are strong groups attract people's attention, but now the long ch ū n collar is unusual, even SS level evolution has three, so they this squad has some nabuchushou. They appear this kind of no self control state, immediately surprised, suddenly from Zephyranthes Candida set song fans break free. Four people tried to use their own strength, struggling, trying to regain control of the autologous. But now even the s level evolution among them, also don't know this power source. Some of his feeling of gravity control, but the control come from? He can see clearly the different network existence,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, but can't see this power to. He even had a kind of feeling, the world is against him, is the planet does not want them, want to put that out into the surface of the own ridicule the idea in his mind one Shan but die, let him more anxiety. For a time, the sky fire and water blending, various miracles power flying everywhere. But no matter what you do, they have no way to let your body down. An evolutionary heart read a to move, began to attack distance of Zephyranthes candida. He is also the nine level of evolution, ability strong, experienced. Soon he found, his ability as long as a touch of Zephyranthes Candida around ten meters of space, will all disappear, as if it had never existed. Don't Zephyranthes Candida has so powerful? What on earth she grade at. Zephyranthes Candida song becomes smooth and fresh,Nike Air Jordan Womens, after the battle of ecstasy has been transformed into continuous flow like water joy, light leap symbol of long happy life. Accompanied by lively songs,Women's Nike Jordan, the four men seemed to control line puppet dance with joy in the sky, when nowadays. By the hundreds of thousands of spectators watching, this shoe level strong and advanced evolution Xiufen y ù dead, but there is no way. Their body is not belong to you. Even if the cast ability, also can put in the blank, what then not Zephyranthes Candida the emotion of the audience was Zephyranthes Candida affect. At the same time become relaxed and happy. They watched the Feiyun federal four personal move, laughing, happy. Often white also happy to laugh loud and clap one's hands. Didn't give them face. Cheng Xiaodong is the face of s è dignified, frown slightly. Even if is the SS level evolution, the ability to have the tendency of. In these people, the sensitivity of control force, and the strength of perception, Bai Bing and often white horse to also and not on him. But even he, when Zephyranthes Candida without scruple to use their own strength, feeling for her even as before -- do not know if not have enough self-confidence, and even Cheng Xiaodong will have doubts, I perceived not as imagined powerful since it is not their problem? That is, Zephyranthes Candida sake. The girl...... What is the matter? Does she really not evolution. Her strength is not the ability so, what power? This kind of power is? Let a s level evolution. "

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