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17.05.2013 06:04
Like its name antworten

Hear the words of his father, Wang imprinting smiled, asked: "the father is to support, or not?" Wang and said coldly: "you want to say, I don't support or not, you have made up your mind is now 1,!" He put the cup to the desktop with a heavy meal, said: "this is what I want to say to you! Whatever you do, don't forget, I also once was the Changchun brought Lord, are you Wang Mingyin!" Wang Mingyin was surprised to open his mouth, Wang is willing to "pa" sound, throw something into his arms. Wang Mingyin took one look, is a vintage metal key, carved with embossed pattern beautiful, raised area had been rubbed shiny. Wang Mingyin stared at it, asked: "this is what?" Wang would like to say: "in your room, there is a box,jordan online sale, together for you. After that, I wouldn't care, and you enjoy......" He paused for a moment, and waved his hand, did not speak. Wang imprinting stood up, ready to turn out, Wang may suddenly exclaimed: "the small print." Wang Mingyin turned to. Wang may face hesitation, silent for a long time, suddenly asked: "your grandfather,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, you know?" Wang Mingyin's whole person suddenly living. He did not see his father, maintained the original look froze in situ, eyes fell on the unknown place 1,. Silent flow in the room, for a long time, Wang imprint just slowly says: "is not very clear, but I imagine." His calm words with great chill. The chill do not know from when to appear, has been stored for a long time in his heart. That's a little bit exposed, already with a lethal dangers. Wang would like again silent, after a moment, he said: "I know, I know......" He waved, this did not prevent the son leave. He stared at his son leave. I do not know when, my son has grown up. His back was completely belong to an adult, firmly resolutely, contains an unshakable faith. Wang may have been the son. Abandoned in the room. Large tracts of light from the window Sajin my study, shone bright and transparent, but Wang is willing to sitting position. Like abandoned by time, gray green. ************************************ somewhere in the east of the Milky way, have a Gemini is around each other,Air Jordan UK, turning slowly, like jumping a non-stop dance. The entire galaxy, stars beyond count that two teeth, this is one of the most famous one of. The two planet looks beautiful, but with a less beautiful name -- the evil twin! Like its name, it is the den of iniquity, gathered in the dark. In the above. Full of liars, thieves, rapists, murderers...... The evil twin of citizens, if in other places, as long as the real name to tell others, immediately wins to prison or death 1,. But here, people are all the same...... There is nothing here. Only the most! This is two very barren planet, no resources, barren. But now, they have is to the east of the Milky way out of the bustling >

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