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17.05.2013 05:57
most people suffering can only antworten

Luoying star as its name, is an extremely beautiful planet. Planet around the cherry trees,Air Jordan UK, but not the cherry, cherry tree. When the first settlers arrived, in the late spring, a large soft white. However, such as the mist, like clouds, let the whole planet dreamlike, hence the name. Later, the planet immigration suit one's measures to local conditions, large-scale development of tourism resources, and produce various cherry products,Air Jordan 12 Sale, has gradually become one of the most prosperous Changchun collar planet developed. Lei Yanghao spoke of his hometown, serious face showed the joy of light, apparently to this beautiful planet proud. Soon, this joy becomes gloomy, he said: "it is precisely because of this, Luoying star wealth is not balanced, the number of orphans is far more than other places." Luoying star features too obvious, so in the follow-up development, ruler of Pei home -- particularly valued it management in this regard. First of all, because it is a tourist planet, so travel, must be orderly development, can not damage the environment. The starting point of this course is good, but for the inhabitants, only developed, they can obtain the tourism resources, they can eat! For them, a good environment is never as good as their food and clothing important. In addition, in order to better keep the planet characteristics, Pei Jia limited by most of the planet. Can only maintain the original cherry tree, not planting other crops. Luoying star although the cherry tree is famous, but does not represent the planet in addition to this, the other nothing. In this regard, Pei Jia even supplement planting! Although the beautiful cherry, cherry though delicious, but no way to wear when the dress, there is no way a full stomach. So, good interpersonal relationships, there are geographical convenience place have more resources, people life is superior, and some remote areas, residents even eat dressing is difficult. At the same time, the development of tourism resources brought another consequence of long-term high one one floating population. So from petty theft to flee to kill, Luoying star this beautiful planet never safe living environment. Even a girl many self-proclaimed romantic tourists and local brief relationship, thus leave the seeds here. Weak or no Yan foster home had the children away...... Luoying star and the emergence of a large number of orphans. Shu Yu listened to frown: "it is clear the management bad ah? The stars are not people protest against?" Lei Yanghao reluctantly said: "have the right to speak, have the ability to always don't need that a group of opposition to the most people suffering can only swallow insult and humiliation silently, for, as long as life was possible, there is no resistance to the necessary." Shu Yu pondered a knock knock chair armrest. He certainly didn't help. The day is always a man himself, he is not the Messiah, can output only their own side of the population of this thing, when in school, he would have thought about...... However. At this time, his mind light over a girl. He used to sit in the boundless grassland, listen to the girl. Finally, two people chose their own path, but the sorrow and pain,Air Jordan 12 UK, girl, but in his heart at the moment.

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