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17.05.2013 05:51
more than one thousand people antworten

The host feel a burst of coolness, smiled and looked at his bare arm, said: "my clothes are not cheap,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, Teng yuan Bai, I hope you give me a chance." Teng yuan white pick the corners of the mouth, said: "there will be." He was thirty years old, looks quite handsome, physique is more robust,Women's Nike Jordan, with masculinity. His smile, that the following women to a scream, more people cried out: "Tang Yuan Bai, I love you, you want to win!" Teng yuan white toward the audience raised an eyebrow, power, screaming louder. "Toy boy." A voice clearly spread to all ears, shriek a, Teng yuan white look to the opposite side of the Pang Lixing, cold hum 1: "good, you also white one." All people are one Leng first, and then is a burst of laughter. Compared with the Tang Yuan white handsome, Pang Lixing "ugly in one's appearance" to describe,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, is exaggerated. He was thin and ugly, the whole face is uneven, affects the eyes nose all out of shape, twisted like a nightmare. Fortunately this is on the black market Ligesai, here person the ability to accept a high. If he went out, I'm afraid scares many people. Pang D. deadpan -- in fact, he has the expression also nobody can see, flash of cold light eyes. He said: "to hit, but also waste anything." His voice and appearance is quite match, hoarse, rough, someone gooseflesh all over. The host stiff for a while, hurriedly said: "the first time to participate in the Ligesai Pang d.. There is no record in the body!" "See. Put so big, turned out to be a white board!" "Whiteboard, whiteboard!" Yu Chengan knew Shu Yu and another two people come here for the first time, explained in a low voice said: "Ligesai a rating, the rating is accumulated. The first time to participate in the games, the number of knocks the opponent in 10 below, are called whiteboard, equivalent to the novice. Down the opponent in more than ten, below twenty people, is the black level players; twenty to fifty is the bronze level. Fifty to five hundred silver, five hundred to one thousand is gold, more than one thousand people, is a diamond!" Shu Yu in the heart of calculating the. Surprised way: "a Ciligesai three months time, even every day to play, also can beat ninety...... How many times Ligesai held?" Yu Chengan said: "the ninety-five!" The ninety-five session! That said, the cup began not two, Ligesai will begin. But the key is not here...... "According to the calculated in this way, a diamond - class players, playing every day, to participate in the eleven games in a row, also make up less than one thousand people!" Boy. Next to a bearded middle-aged people turned to look at him, saying. "The first time you come to? You got the wrong point, there are ten games every night, if you wish, you can participate in all ten games!" Yu Chengan hurriedly said: "no, we just came to see the game, and did not intend to participate in the!" The beard with a sneer, headed back, ignored them. In Chengan lowered his voice, said: "this is, can participate in the competition. And I heard Ligesai and a dead star player...... Only one person. Reportedly beat opponents in five thousand to >

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