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17.05.2013 05:45
Fang Guan language also can not antworten

Fighting began, the fat man suddenly lightning as expansion up. He was soil s è, bigger, the moment becomes with the arena as large! The fat body quickly pushed to the youth. When he begins to expand, the youth became a gorgeous tiger, flapping make threatening gestures to fat, sharp claws scratched bite in the fat body, bending under a lot of soil and dust. But the next moment, fat has become larger, the tiger's claw in the fat body, he soil s è belly high top! Fatty change very quickly, just a short while, have the tiger high at the top of the sky, all the way to the top. Young variable tiger trying to move on, but his head to place also becomes higher, the tiger is at the top of a high fat platform. Less than two seconds, the fat man turned into a mountain, the tiger caught between the stomach and the head of his shield. The tiger was jammed, attached to the shroud almost become a tiger. Hum hum gas from fat into mountain upload voice: "the manual bullets may, reciprocal." After two seconds, the electronic girl beautiful and start the countdown! In the knockout stage, there is no real judgment, unless the appeal, decision rules for all computer machines. Nowadays electronic girls start the countdown, that fat rule has been approved by computer, the youth into a tiger caught in the fat into the mountains of the earth could not move, equivalent to the ground can not act! Count to ten, electronic voice announced fat victory. The fat man hum hum gas laughing, voice loud resonance in the stomach. He suddenly turned back to the original. The youth into a tiger,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, a sound fell on the ground, old a long time just return to God, turn back half tiger half man shouted: "this is a cheat! Don't count! I want to complain!" The fat man smiled,cheap jordan shoes, touched his belly turned away. The youth suddenly rushed to keep him. A wall instant uplift, between youth and he. Youth claw grasp to go to, still only scratching the soil and dust, but not all wall. Fat Shi Shi however left the arena, the audience can not believe ground to whisper to one another: "this would work?" Even a cheering people don't. This would work. At the same time, Fang Guan language also can not believe ground cried. Shu Yu was also shocked, but immediately laughed: "the fat man though ugly, but very interesting!" Fang Guan language loudly: "what is interesting!" His heart still haunt. Sound and rapid back, "this is a foul......" Shu Yu to not take it seriously: "on the contrary, it is the reasonable application of the rules. The computer also recognized his application, so the judge his victory." Chinese language: ". However,UK Nike Air Jordan, he is a eight level evolution, adversary capability is not strong, when he can win more work in just ways way......" Shu Yu: "this is not more interesting? Without effort, each other did not hurt. Everybody 's happy. Youth is the ring roar. Electronic J its ng Wei politely ask out. Square off the soundtrack: "not to the satisfaction of all okay......" Shu Yu ignored, take the controller and changed the channel.

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