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17.05.2013 05:40
more than five evolution is more antworten

Shu Yu shrugged, said: "I am not the internal personnel,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK, this news has not revealed, I still do not know what is the specific way of testing. But this result has very obvious, this test must be very difficult, perhaps, to become more than five evolution is more difficult than you!" He stared at Wu, forced asked: "even so, you still have to take the test?" Wu nodded without hesitation: "I want to participate in the! I want to become the champion of the galaxy!" Shu Yu's gaze locked on him, slowly, his lips to smile more and more. He stood up, patted the shoulder forced Wu, said: "you are good! Really funny, don't think about the evolution of things, let us start from the special test -- "" Wu, I will help you through the special test, you are the two hundred years of the third men!" One day, the three of them go to the government affairs hall name. But did not participate in the test, the registration is cancelled. And today, there are two days away from the end of the application. Two days time, Shu Yu can do,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, Wu itch for a try, look at him. "To know yourself as well as the enemy......" Shu Yu murmured two, placed a good warrior, out the door. He is holding a forged identity, again to government affairs hall name. He did not do more to camouflage, only slightly distorted body side light, now no matter who he is, will see him as another person. He waited for the level detection, naturally or half unconsciously to side with the person next to chat. Most of the people are their friends. In groups of three and four to come, very few such as Shu Yu alone. But Shu Yu sought to join someone, few people can resist. Not long after, he told several people about ripe. These people are from the rainbow star, Shu Yu also listened to this planet. It is known to travel, the water resource is very rich, in two the sun. The rainbow everywhere, beautiful. They are all taking pride in her ability, not the slightest conceal. From their lips. Shu Yu know,Jordan 2 Sale, the rainbow star about seventy or eighty individual entry. One of them named Luo and wind, they are the rainbow star a genius. There have been nine. The conversation, they on the LOS and hyacinth full heart, convinced that he will be able to through the sea, into the division series. This ability to several people at level six or seven, there is a level eight, it seems the overall level of rainbow star is not bad. Shu Yu has done a survey, official statistics the Changchun collar, a class S no, nine for a 40 people, a star is absolutely not a. The cup of fighting age limit no limit. The limit is thirty-five years old. This shows, Luo and wind of less than thirty-five years old is nine level evolution, indeed proud rainbow star players to. A group of people excited and chatted for a while, finally remember asked Shu Yu: "you how much ah?" Shu Yu feel shy to say: "I haven't to level five......" A huge eyes youth surprised to say: "you are to come to Longmen for the test?" But no contempt expression. Special test low-level participants did, and no official title. But the participants are called it "Longmen test." Contain.

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