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17.05.2013 05:16
why the teacher alone antworten

> Two can be the scourge of the world of the fairies in my bed roll, touch touch, ah, was bustling. www,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, quaNBen com move Guanren, Lin, is alone and lonely lying in bed tilted his legs, already late in the night, but a little sleepy. He moment thinking about a ring on the finger in the end will bring their own? Wealth? Luck? Woman? Disaster? Bad luck? Lin why action can not think of a stop sigh. He seemed bored open the computer to see if friends are online, of course the forest move Guanren favorite is to see the forest Beckham. Unfortunately, even a shadow of the forest Beckham are gone, so I'm moving just off the assembly line,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, his thinking about how to catch up with the forest Beckham? The General nothing really accomplished? This forest Beckham is a bones proud people to conquer this fairy more assertive before as long as more than her pride, at least in her heart that she left some impression, in the first tube is good or bad. He thought that is not a hero to save the United States say? Called a few bullies take liberties with what Lin Beckham, and his hero fell from the sky, and finally Lin Beckham holding his hand moved and excited. Like a Yishenxiangxu. The forest moving mouth smile is evil, but the idea is just it, he may not be so stupid to go personally to the director of the game in the belly? He is now the most desired is a super hacker ring and then he can enter the forest Beckham computer to read her diary. At half past six forest automatically wake up on time, he wore a vest to go around the park after lap. Had wanted breakfast the aunt and Han Yudie, buy half way, or hands for them to eat. This is also a favorable image of the appreciation. Lin move in a 24-hour supermarket store to buy a la carte home. Busy in the kitchen for more than twenty minutes so that everything is buttoned up. Lin moving to the aunt's front door: "the aunt, Yudie sister breakfast I've cooked on the table that you get up and eat, I go to school." Yang Ye back soon. Forest move downstairs launched a bicycle to school. "Lin move." Lin came to the school to put the car on the move Jiang Ling stopped. Jiang Ling came to the front of the forest action, said: "Tomorrow is the last mock exam, you do not forget we said convention." Lin move almost forgot this, smiled, it seems that this time simulation results Chiang the spiritual high aspirations, said: "That I know what to do." Jiang Ling, embarrassed and said: "This is a one time thing." make a proud look, "I will make the river look at my micro will not lose her. "Lin automatically secretly Hsin Tao, a girl's mind I do pondering. Jiang Ling did not forget to the forest reminded: "You owe me a movie ticket and go ice-skating rink. Forest action said:" Well, Saturday we there or be square. "Jiang Ling to see him so readily,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, laugh laugh, he seems a little too to the belly of the sinister heart of a gentleman: "Are you going to obtain which university?" Lin action said: "University Pingjin." Jiang Ling some strange asked: "Are you going in the city University? "Lin automatically make very nostalgic and sad look:" I like to stay in an old place and then looked at a group of more familiar faces for the new place, I have some fear. How about you? according to your academic performance if it does not the accident is at least the Shanghai Fudan Jiang Ling Shanghai, a bustling international metropolis still has a very strong sense of curiosity, the family also agreed when she volunteers to fill the Shanghai Fudan is the first choice: "Well, maybe I will apply for this school, time to say it. "move Lin and Jiang Ling before and after walked into the classroom. After the third class in the morning and Chen Lin move called the office. Move in the office Lin wondered this beautiful teacher told him to come to the office to do? The most recent seemingly normal performance, be regarded as i is a good student in class taking notes after class to go home on time. Chen Ran quietly aim of the one standing on his desk in front of forest animals and a smile, approachable attitude: "I find you to just look at the recent situation only communication between teachers and students in order to maintain good a tacit understanding. "Lin dynamic heard this, smiled, Chen Ran as a teacher in the class is still quite prestige, not because of a beautiful teacher is weak. Chen Ran said: "fast college entrance examination, would like to apply for college?" Lin dynamic heart wondering why the teacher alone to find their own understanding of the situation? He is not top class honors. Lin dynamic Seriously said: teacher, I need to discuss and family to discuss. "Chen Ran said:" I would like to apply for your grades Tsinghua and Peking University is more than enough. These two highest institution is not interested in? schools have five years no one test Tsinghua or Peking? perhaps you are one of this year. "forest move flattered said:" The teacher you too see me on my results last is a three- the school Guards said is on University Pingjin. "Chen Ran caught a bit of information:" You want to be on University of Pingjin? "University of Pingjin not bad, Tsinghua University Beijing is still a little gap, after all, the two schools qualifications and teachers out there. Each year the college entrance examination do not know how many students want to be admitted to the two universities? Especially those more remote places in the city, once admitted to one of them will become the star of the year. Lin action said: "It should be like this I would like to try some." Dayton the next, revealing a sly wink, "Maybe I long examination when to play it." Chen Ran do not quite understand why the forest do not do to go uphill it was the view of the pyramid is not a more beautiful you? Stand the higher see more. Said: "I still hope that you admitted to Tsinghua or Peking University is better." Lin move: "Well, I go back and talk talk." Chen Ran changed the subject: "You old boy bar when the singer of the things your family know? Lin looked at Chen Ran a regarded as a bright face, smiled Does the teacher Been old boy bars to drink? If not, how do you know him as a singer on the inside? "Oh, I see." "Free tonight?" Lin dynamic kind of bad feeling. Chen Ran really to the sentence: "lessons this afternoon, when you and I go back to see your parents a trip, by the way, if I remember correctly your guardian is your aunt?" "Yes." Chen Ran Road: it into a woman and woman to speak a little more convenient. "in order to prevent forest movement resorted to underhand, the vaccination Road," Your aunt's phone number and ask me. "<

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