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17.05.2013 05:14
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> Lin move went away, asked Wang Yan Ran a question: "kill Zhou silent,jordan online cheap, results will be how?" Wang Yan Ran the answer given is wanted by the National Huaxia Guo year Regal dead a few nothing come to reason, but to bring it, regardless of whether these reasons are black or white, as long as you control a country's media then you black also can be said to white. www. qUanbEN. com confound right and wrong things can not happen. In order to move Zhou must have a lot of conditions, of course, if the consent of the front of the case then the best. If not, only from this commercial the invisible battlefield enemies killed, the Zhou people drink the north-west, and so more enjoyable than murder. Lin move'd want to come to a ten steps to kill a kill Zhou silent, relying on their own strength should be able to unilaterally massacre Zhou, hear the words of Wang Yan Ran but he still felt really need from the business battlefield week family torn apart by the most right way. Of course, if Zhou dare to send someone to assassinate Song devastated, he will personally take a trip. Monday is a good day, especially for Song devastated, because the day she stood like a real chairman of the general meeting of the conference room is proud to announce that the hotel's owner. Meiyan the full support of even those who hold a number of shares of shareholders against the Song devastated or 50% of the absolute superiority sitting in the position of chairman of the Song devastated the next thing that needs to be cleaned "betrayal" of the shareholders of the family, although they hold a lot of shares, but she did not care. Monday is also the forest move a very important day, because today officially released his first solo hit album "I era. The test of a singer is really with the rule of force and the popularity of it is to see the popularity of single-week album sales, as well as the first day of the title song downloads on the network as well as the major list. The forest action issued by the arrival of my day "album title song" My era is passed for the first time,Jordan 6 Shoes, just over an hour on the network, network downloads has reached one million people, forwarding comments three million people, and unparalleled momentum swept the major online music list. It's all in the oath of a forest dynamic strong personal rock singer official foray into pop music. Before the album was released by brilliant entertainment company has been moving Lam rally a culmination to spend a huge cost to broadcast 20 television stations in the country at the same time the time of the release the album, and there's advertising costs a staggering two billion, as long as you turn on the television, Internet, newspapers, whether you like it or hate forest move back carrying a guitar walking under blue sky can be seen. Two billion to build such overwhelming publicity unheard, which also shows the the brilliant entertainment companies vigor-break. Chen Wenjie was decided that the cost of the move on the forest If you record single-week record more than one million, my company would be heavily in debt. Lin automatically smiled and said I hope the sales of two million. The album was released by press conference, a reporter asked why the title track, the song "My arrival times? The forest dynamic dull answer because it is my time will come. Domineering exposed to the extreme. The same time major entertainment mainstream media is the forest moving words and his images do some reports. In mainland China, the singer's genuine record sales over 100,000 is good news, more than 300,000 is great news, as hackberry as sales of more than 600,000, is considered a miracle. This is still a few years before, now a singer all know that the record industry is shrinking, the market downturn, and the underground piracy is so rampant, to sell hundreds of thousands of Guards With the internet, very few people go to the video store to buy a CD, the forest move that this weekly two million sales a lot of people seems to be fantasy, quite a number of people waiting to see the forest moving joke. Hong Kong, released album in 2004, only a few more than 50,000 sales, which Jacky Cheung introduced in April LifeisLikeaDream "(a dream is like life) sales reached 100,000, which became the best-selling album. (Heyday 300,000) in Taiwan, Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai Lin, sales in 2003 were 333,000 and 330,000, to become Taiwan's championship ---- Note, this is the annual sales; after year after year LP depression. Record companies to reduce year by year, showing genuine record sold so little. Course, there are also to believe Lin finished moving a great miracle. Lin move really be able to complete this one-week sales of over two million, will be results an extremely Guards. To know Nora? Jones album "home feeling / FeelsLikeHome, 2004 February 10, 2011 issued overseas exceeded 1 million in the first week of sales, becoming the last 10 years the only breakthrough in the first week of the million-selling record album . At present, still the world's best-selling album. Week sales of more than 200 absolutely can not imagine the amazing results of the entire Chinese region Phonographic Industry is also shocking figures on the global. For recent years increasingly sluggish audiovisual market is undoubtedly a super strong heart white rap superstar Eminem (Eminem) new album "Recovery" in the United States after sales gratifying, according to statistics show NielsenSoundScan, Recovery "listed first in the United States The week's total sales volume reached a total of 740,001 thousand, to be listed on the first week of this year's highest-selling album. Of which 740,001 thousand sales results not only is the 2010 album of the highest single-week sales record, or throughout the U.S. music market since October 2008 single-week sales of the bests. At that time,Air Jordan Flight The Power Sale, the heavy metal regiment in Australia AC / DC 's new album "BlackIce" had a record 780,004 thousand the first week sales results. Rely on such a high sales volume, Eminem "Recovery" this will no doubt become the new week Billboard200 album chart champion, this is the Eminem album chart in Billboard200 sixth ZHANG Guan album. People in Hip-Hop music, only the number of Jay-Z's album title more than Eminem, a total of as many as 11. Lin kinetic energy to complete the Guards extremely task? The entire record industry in view, the whole entertainment business in attention. Whether or not the entertainment people are waiting to see the sales in the week after the end how? "You look a little do not worry." Chen Wenjie action is the front of the forest, the surface, he looked shocked, but the heart has long been frantically scruples own boss image can only pretend calm, he now suddenly some regret, What took two billion to hit the forest on the body? He separated by five minutes on the phone to ask the sales of the questions asked were some brain turn, but came. "Are you afraid?" Lin move easier said than done, at the moment, holding a cup of coffee standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ants coming and going below the crowd and traffic, you can not find any point of worry on his face and tension, to the realm of the stays. Chen Wenjie this time honest and said: "I'm afraid, I'm afraid I have no money over the life of debauchery I'm afraid to be poor in my life opened such a company, you can not hang out." "No, I believe your eyes not wrong. "Lin move without leaving any traces took an ass. "Lin move, President Chen the Yuanqing Xing Fen rushed in, shouted. Chen Wenjie pretend said: "very calm, very calm, what's going on." Yuan Qing passionate red face: "Good news, news of record sales statistics from all over the country three hours, you guess?" Lin automatically with a smile. , turned to look at Kid Chan: "President Chen or you to guess." Kid Chan said: "one hundred thousand." In fact, my heart to the best over, preferably more than ah. Yuan Qing loudly: "three hundred thousand to three hours sold three hundred thousand albums, especially Guangzhou three hours sold 100,000 copies, and if this situation continues, twenty hours we can buy five hundred thousand single day five hundred thousand genuine CD, God, this is what kind of miracle. "can not be alien to a number of words. <

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