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17.05.2013 05:11
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> In bed half Stern half sultry attitude Yang Ye Qing said: "breast augmentation? Your girl eat a brace. WWW quANBen COM your chest is not small little man does not seem like the kind of immediately after the big breasted woman. big chest no brains of women is not without "Han Yudie hee hee smile, seems to be made that remark the Feixianguan National Cheng Kung University God,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, and turned to go back to the bath, while wearing a pieces clairvoyant outfit bathrobes emerged from the bathroom, the enchanting style eyes front of Yang Ye Qing, Yang Ye Qing quiet moment lying in bed watching the "Unbearable Lightness" novel. Korea Yudie slipped into the quilt and crisp on the body clairvoyant outfit bathrobes to take off, she always has a luo sleep habits, deliberately took the chest dawdle the Yang Ye Qing arm molested tone Road: lady, you can be really obedient, so quiet waiting for me. "Yang Ye Qing helpless on this the funny Han Yudie, said, want to kick her Tixia Qu can Han Yudie of your hands holding her neck, as well as the following pair of soapy feet in his lap, quite hijacking the trend, Yang Ye Qing, a last resort only to the novel into the desk, and some can not afford her molested for mercy with a trace of the Road: "Stop it girl, a good sleep." Korean Yudie do not wet hair, the taste of one shampoo dispersed in space, said: "Yeh sister, the hair did not do it." she said eyeball a turn sitting up, ah, the monk sit cross-legged. Quite powerful for the own Jiaoqu is very satisfied. "Yeh sister, we still talk about the topic Lin move the kid, right?" The heart of her gossip burning ah. Yang Ye Qing, without her so cattle fork to the light Jiaoqu sitting in bed, looking at the dots of this fairy Everest, she suddenly some evil to reach out and gently pinched. Han Yu Die loudly: "even dare to take liberties with his aging mother, Yeh sister, watching recruit" powerful Korea Yudie a squaring the circle, hand directly from below into his of Yang Ye Qing forecast below the thigh. "Really slippery ah." Han Yudie issued satyr Mo Yang, hee hee smile, she said, with the other hand to rub his thigh, "seems almost Yeh sister Ye Qing sister." The Yang Ye Qing thigh is her tangible some body some of the reactions, this fairy fingers on her thighs painted circle, nauseating to the extreme. "Well, well, I was wrong not to." The Korean Yudie said: "Frankly leniency, Lin move that kid is not for you non-cent?" Did not wait for the the Yang Ye Qing answer himself the said "If it was me, I will you such a great beauty ideas." Yang Ye Qing Korea Yudie question that is a wise choice skillfully deflected the practices Tai Chi: "You say that with?" more and more bright the Han Yudie, dark eyeball, shrugged his rounded shoulders, smiled, and when she smiled and took the hand rubbing his chin, extremely enchanting. "So I guessed right." Soon the Korean Yudie self-praise, "I really was a genius, but your identity? Aunt and nephew? Ah, very gimmick, ah, can play a TV series." Yang Ye know this fairy say anything more chances to mess words to say it, deliberately playing a yawn, deeply lazy lumbar Road: "tired, sleep.", then falling to lay down. Han Yudie, so do not intend to let Yang Ye Qing, also followed to lie down, the thief smiled and said: "Ye Qing sister, talk about your story, at the moment I am in good spirits." Yang Ye Qing, there is no way to get him to throw a word: "You want to go to." closed eyes. Han Yu Die doubled under the body, the hands dragged his chin looked at his eyes, Yang Ye Qing: "Yeh sister, your eyelashes long and very curved, look, Chou Chou is an impeccable face. I a little blood boil. "she was not honest hands rubbing on Yang Ye Qing tall chest. Yang Ye Qing stare at her: "Do not touch." Korean Yudie recovered hand, asked: "Ye Qing sister, but you remain single so many years, I was wondering Is it not a man get to your heart?" Yang Ye silence under , then smiled: "There may be a." Han Yudie anxious to ride the Yang Ye Qing, body holding a whip to whip her ass, questioning and said "Who? is not a leaf suppliers?" Yang Ye Qing is nodding and shaking his head, with a total The answer is very vague. Han Yu Die is suddenly Zhengjingbabai said: "Yeh sister, Lin move now grown up, you can let him go to find their own life you are not also fight for your life?" Yang Ye understand what she meant, said: satisfied my life now. "" I mean you need a man, you need to nourish a relationship, and needs a home. remaining woman hat you do not fit the set. Though always say rather lack suddenly abuse, Sometimes it becomes pleasing to the eye looked flat light of love is really. "" this girl you talk about the truth of things by the book, as a teacher you can go. "" Yeh sister, and you really you but 10-something woman, sister, I do not want to watch you'll never die alone. "Yang Ye Qing said:" not "look so firm, so really tone attitude so clear. Could you already have a sweetheart?" Han Yu Die front of Yang Ye Qing, a breathing, such as blue, nibble the Yang Ye Qing rounded earlobe lend a scarlet soft tongue, "Tell me, who?" the Yang Ye Qing Oh smile: "This girl is not the whole I you not sleep? ", Yeh sister who told of great beauty of the country the name a I looked jealous, jealous." "so what's jealous, I have 31-year-old old woman, The wrinkles have it all, see? "Yang Ye Qing, pointing to the corner of the eye. "What kind of wrinkles, is simply not worth mentioning." "How about you? Your feelings?" Yang Ye asked. Also never quite makes it to talk to people. "" That is, there generally love to talk to people? "So to speak," the United States or the country? "Domestic." Married ? "" Fuck you, I was improper small, dare I is a small three. see I am not a good toss you. "Han Yudie stand up to the of an oppressed sexual pressure on the body of Yang Ye Qing, this next two The man the chest squeeze each other, with a perfect tempting radians. "Do not play,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, I give up ... Do not touch the following, the dead girl ....... Stop ah." "Yeh sister, and feel more healthy feel good Oh,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, no wonder the man is so fond touched a woman's thigh." <

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