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17.05.2013 05:07
it is time to find someone antworten

> "-" The Fan Siyao an eyes wide open looking at the forest move, move Lin more than she is direct and simple. WWW QUANben com such words come out not at all an element of ridicule, he was just a fact. She already is not pink fungus. But this is not necessarily the result of the black fungus powder fungus into it? There are still a lot of men like black fungus,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, because it looks more exotic and charm. The Fan Siyao knew he pressed his face to go up to the forest to move, but in return is a cold ass She looked very Yuannu forest dynamic one, snorted and said: 'You are not a good thing. "Lin automatically laugh a laugh, where they are not a good thing? Seemingly to brilliant for so long and which bitch did not take liberties with it? Offend a lot of people, but not into just never on the road, his current stage is ready to sing this side, so there is no time for these people to engage and intrigue. Fan Siyao sneered threw the forest after a back leaving the recording studio. The forest dynamic spent nearly three hours in the recording studio so from the inside out. He drank a glass of water, and then looked at the time, this time should be Jiang teacher fast class time. Move Lin and Yuan Qing said go pick someone up. The gate of the school, Lin move with a cap is installed thirteen poles against the other Chiang teacher out. Waited more than 10 minutes so Jiang Yue Lin moving car out of her car, shaking hand playing. Jiang Yue also surprised to see the forest move, this kid really elusive, in the most unexpected places she least expected time. Got into the car after the the forest move immediately to admit Jiang Yue, extremely sincere. A corner man is always hope to win the final vitality. This is life and death leave. Jiang Yue these days no less to worry about, if we do not speak comfortably and welcoming I'm afraid Jiang teacher interested in their own opinions. Automatically admit Jiang Yue waiting for Lin finished saying, laughed, and said: "If you write a review of more, I will every night watching. Remember to use a pen to write." Lin action said: "But I long time did not write a review, I'm afraid to write bad I write well you might be angry. "Jiang Yue shook his head, generous:" No me from a person's handwriting seen this person sincerity. "Lin move some believe, said:" so much? "Jiang Yue chuckled:" It was natural, I usually read a lot of books on surgery. "Lin action said:" Your sideline Man ? "Jiang Yue said:" a little. "Lin automatically sigh breath and said:" Well, I use a pen to write a thousand words review to you. "Jiang Yue start the car. In the vegetable market when Jiang Yue called Lin wait in the car, get off to buy some vegetables. Lin move a bit embarrassed and said: "Do you want me to follow you go." Chiang Yueh Road: "You've got the money?" The forest moving face on the red: "I did not." Jiang Yue heartless Road: "Then wait in the car. thinking well to review what is written." Lin action said: "That to me in the car waiting for you." ten minutes, Jiang Yue bought a fish, peppers, tomatoes, and seasonings The condiments come back. Forest action said: "steamed fish? I like to eat steamed fish." Yue Jiang to combat forest enthusiasm: "I just bought back to Jiang Ling. You write soups." The forest move the faint said: "Jiang Ling lunch? "Jiang Yue said:" she wants to eat steamed fish I do, and now she should be home. know some of you misunderstood, but still want to meet, is not it. "Lin automatically recognize that not escape this Kaner: "Yes." Jiang Ling was very happy to come to my aunt here to eat steamed fish, but saw more than a forest move,Nike Air Jordan, kind of happy face look into immediately depressed. Lin move this bird is not missing a few days? Now there? Jiang Ling Fixed missing a few days in the forest a little worried, after all, is the relationship between students. But there are more happy, the aunt finally can not move and forest meet. Time best forgotten. Lin moving to see Jiang Ling active greeting: "Good afternoon." Jiang Ling said: "Good afternoon." Jiang Yue took out the key to open the door after the Road: "I went to start doing the fish you well in the living room chatting." Jiang Yue in the kitchen in busy, moving Lin and Jiang Ling sitting on the sofa in the living room. Jiang Ling at the moment, pressing tone: "You do not leave my aunt? Why?" Move and said: "I can not say such a thing. I love the sun and the moon on your aunt can see this point." Jiang Yue laugh: "Do not pretend you and those female star of the things you think I do not know, my aunt does not believe you." Lin move shook his head, denied: "know your aunt,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, but she believed me because she is a smart woman. "Jiang Ling teeth:" If a woman in love IQ will decline. "Lin automatically laugh:" You're in your aunt? "Jiang Ling, earnestly:" Yes. "the forest moving old-fashioned Road: In fact, you Laodabuxiao, it is time to find someone good love, looking for me. "Jiang Ling sneer:" You like this? then I would rather lonely old life. "Lin move said:" words can not say too full. you need people like me to mediate you lonely hearts you say you do not want to fall in love? "Jiang Ling bow, she wanted to fall in love? Yes. Bit before high school is always the main academic. Graduated from high school, she suddenly want to talk about a great love. A person walking in the street when she saw those loving couple play show when they envy and frustration, love will be dead.? Of course not dead. But just a little lonely, a little lonely. The one when Luanxiang it. Jiang Ling once again rise, brave and said: "I do not love does not require you to manage my feelings, I call the shots." The forest move suddenly sat down on the side of Jiang Ling. "What are you doing?" See the forest moving so next, Jiang Ling said some increase volume. Does he want to bullying? "I want to see you wearing a face what kind of mask." Lin white face staring at Jiang Ling. Jiang Ling blush, stare, to stand up: "I do not say to you." Jiang Ling went into the kitchen to help. Jiang Yue Road: "Lin moving to speak up?" Jiang Ling Road: "He bullied me." Jiang Yue laugh a: "What a bully law?" Jiang Ling Road: "He said you want me to fall in love, he thought what he was , what command me. "Jiang Yue is actually moving and forest on the same front:" I would think that the forest move right Linger, 18 years old, and the need to fall in love. fact, love is not a bad thing you would change a lot. "Jiang Ling said:" Auntie, I read a lot of fiction, which regard the love that is sacred, but why reality is not it? "because this is the life. fiction love mostly virtualization and strength of the of Telmar sea oath love very few, very few. "moving love that aunt and forest belongs to?" free love. "" I do not know. "" with word who is missing, you can live down because there are many, many lives in addition to love invaluable to us. encountered when people want to know how to cherish, I will cherish, but I will not love as the only life. "

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